CES 2018: Expect new Sony Xperia devices to be announced

by XB on 5th January 2018

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Mark your calendars folks, it looks like Sony Mobile will be announcing new Xperia devices at the CES 2018 tradeshow. The event held in Las Vegas will take place at 5PM PST on Monday 8 January 2018. Across other time zones, this is equivalent to 1am GMT / 2am CET / 6.30am IST / 10am JST on Tuesday 9 January.

There’s a very strong likelihood that Sony will announce new Xperia devices. Some of Sony Mobile’s official channels have been promoting CES, and for example like the tweet below, pointing users to the official Sony Mobile Blog on Monday for “exclusive news & updates”.

We have a good idea what to expect given a number of rumours and leaked pictures of the Xperia XA2 Ultra, Xperia XA2 and Xperia L2. Outside of these models, it will be interesting to see if Sony teases anything on its flagship range, or to see if Sony launches any new Smart Wear accessories. Whatever Sony announces, we’ll keep you posted as it happens. There will be a live stream at the following link.

What are you hoping for from Sony’s CES press conference? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Harry Rogerich Carnecer Relamp

    Yes waiting

  • Ther9reatSkull

    Although they always keep disappointing me over and over .. I still can’t put out my fire :D hope they will nail it <3 <3 <3

  • Little Man

    Yeah, same. I mean, hopes never die, right?

  • Alvin

    I’m much more excited about New Sony TVs though. I’m proud of their well-built, amazingly designed, amazing picture quality tv that is beyond compare. I’m waiting for their new OLED and X900 series successors.

  • Ther9reatSkull

    yes :)

  • SM

    Like each year, my hope still remains the same, to see a proper proced segmented phones in order to battle in marketplace & to regain the glorious era of SONY once it’s used to be.

  • Miss Sony wearable. Wish they could surprise us

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    New flagship smartphone design like this http://vortex.ge/siaxleebi/sony-2018-4k-xperia-arc-premium-114

    Tomorrow, I’ll put several randers

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    exclusive: XZ1 Premium, XZ1 Plus and XZ1s

  • Midnight

    I hope to see some new wearable…

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Barricade

    The Sony A1E is THE best looking TV unit I’ve ever seen. (Haven’t seen that LG 8K one yet, though)

  • Barricade

    So no fingerprint scanner AND ditching the dedicated camera button? Something sounds off.

    We’ll see soon enough, eithet at CES or later in February at the MWC.

  • Pascualon

    ENGLISH!!!! do you speak it?

  • Not true, according to Qualcomm device list to get the latest processor

  • Barricade

    Running Chrome OS preferably.

  • Santos

    They will probably only announce mid-range and version 2018 of the XZs, I think the flagship will be announced in the MWC

  • Thariq Mohammed

    It’s a panel, not a TV

  • Ashwin Nagarajan

    sony is using only lg panel only

  • (C):stem

    Sony will only announce devices that are already leaked. Don’t expect a a new flagship until the World Mobile Congress, perhaps.

  • Alvin


    As long as the picture quality is amazing, I don’t care about what brand made the panel but I only care about who made the tv lol

  • iia3ezu

    CES = TVs, household gadgets, DSLR cameras

    MWC = phones for Q1/Q2

    IFA = phones for Q3/Q4

  • azzido

    Completely not interested in low ends such as XA or L series.

    Interested in new tablet or wearables but sadly sony is not interested in producing new. Hence not excited about ces.

    Flagships to be revealed at MWC and delivered in June – as usually months after presentation.

  • azzido

    Sadly they no longer produce TVs with these exceptional front facing speakers like in 9005B and C models. So nothing to replace for me yet.

    Rumors says these speakers were too expensive :/

  • azzido

    No, ideally running windows 10, if not then Android.

  • azzido

    Link does not work.

  • pt020

    Sony,I need a new Smartwatch …
    my SW2 still works as new but it is getting old (4+)

  • Hans Peter
  • Jan

    -Sony Tablet P
    -Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
    -Sony PSP Go!
    -Sony Vaio Duo
    -Sony Vaio P
    -Sony Playstation VR
    -Sony Smart clock, Smart wear, Aibo

    These things i like to see.
    Hope to see some exciting products
    (xperia projector table counts in)

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Xperia XZ1 Premium photo-renders of real design. http://vortex.ge/siaxleebi/sony-xperia-xz1-premium-165

  • Vitali P

    These renders are not bad but I don’t believe that. Probably it is a fanmade concept

  • Keshav Burtony

    I don’t think there will be any smartwatch as Sony stopped making smartware since 2014 (SM3)

  • azzido

    I hope Sony will consider few things.

    1. First of all they neew sonething new and fresh, they need to cut off completely from the past in terms of the marketing. So they need new naming convention / new series. Perfect match is “Xperia Cyber-Shot”. They must use this brand for marketing to increase sales, of course most advanced camera to be integrated.

    2. They must improve their compact series. I would love to see the screen to be still 4.6″ but with smaller bezels, that woyld really mean compact phone. The thing is this 4.6 screen should be 1080p as 720p is really outdated nowadays.

    3. There are rumors new Galaxy to differentiate S9 from S9+ so that smaller version will not only have smaller screen and buttery but will also suffer from single camera instead of dual, worse aperture and less RAM. This will be shot in the foot from shotgun that Sony should use and show its customers: listen, we do not do such things, you can still have smaller screen with top specs.

    4. S9 rumored to come with F.1.6, S9+ rumored to come with F1.4! What are sony plans regarding this matter???

  • Alvin

    Oh please, would you stop making fake photos and fake infos? I’ve had enough of you.

  • Alvin

    Of course. Because it is made by him.

  • Alvin

    This year’s MWC will be big for Sony, though. They’ll announce something big there, believe me.

  • I am big fan of all Sony devices. Really very excited about sony’s new xperia device.

  • pt020

    Idiotic … they started it,still have the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 and 150 from 2007/8.

  • people here will tell that doesnt matter, xperia phones alreay have better camera.

  • عدنان ایوب

    Love to see new mobile devices in 2018. Good luck Xperia.

  • theskig

    What a great watch! I used it for 2 years, now it’s sleeping in a drawer. For some aspects is far better than Huawei Watch that I’m using now.

  • Rene Pedroso

    i am hoping for an Xperia similar to their TV’S. Sound comes from the screen therefor there would be no need for bezels

  • John ford

    creative TV

  • Vinicius Matos

    Just wanted a new Phablet like the Z Ultra. It could be the X Ultra

  • Warren Chang

    yes, front facing speakers were quite good (marginally better than speaker bar) , but nowhere as good as a home cinema amplifier and dedicated speakers and subwoofer

  • iia3ezu

    Very few people care about ‘compact’ phones. It’s a niche demand. Otherwise other manufacturers would have made a lot of them already.

    Also, it doesn’t matter how you market or spec your camera… if the postprocessing sucks the result will be unsatisfying. Apple, Samsung and Google’s Pixels have already established themselves as the kings of camera photography. Try beating Huawei and LG at a lower price point first before taking on bigger targets.

  • owl

    XZ1 Tablet Compact please…

  • kurakuradisco

    GSMarena just receive pre-production unit… ok XA2 really on my radar now..

  • I must say, the Xperia XA2 Ultra by Sony mobiles is going to be a great one.. And I am going to buy it for sure..

  • Moisés


    XA1 = 14,6 cm tall
    XA2 = 14,1 cm tall

    XA1 = 5″
    XA2 = 5.2″

    Screen is 4mm taller, phone is 3mm shorter.
    Both bezels have lost 7mm according to hands-on review.

    14,1 is the size of S7, but S7 had 5.1″ screen.

  • azzido

    Huawei and LG is shit, sony fans does not care abut chinese and korean garbage without support.

  • azzido

    თითის ანაბეჭდის ბიომეტრიული სკანერი უკანა პანელზე
    means I must skip it… awaiting new flagships at IFA Berlin 2018 or MWC 2019 :(

  • azzido

    თითის ანაბეჭდის ბიომეტრიული სკანერი უკანა პანელზე
    means I must skip it… awaiting new flagships at IFA Berlin 2018 or MWC 2019 :(

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