Sony Mobile statement on ‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’ CPU vulnerabilities

by XB on 10th January 2018

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You are probably aware of the ‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’ security flaws that has been widely publicised recently. The vulnerabilities affect a wide range of CPU processors, which could allow hackers to steal sensitive data . This is an issue that affects all kinds of devices beyond smartphones, including laptops, desktops and even cloud computing.

Companies are rolling out patches to make devices safe, and Sony Mobile has released its statement on these vulnerabilities. It says that it will provide the necessary patches as part of its normal security update programme, and phones with the upcoming 5 January 2018 Android security update will be patched. See the full statement below.

Sony Mobile statement on ‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’ CPU vulnerabilities

Sony Mobile treats the security and privacy of customer data with the utmost seriousness. We are aware of “Spectre” and “Meltdown” and would like to reassure our users that protective patches have been provided as part of our ongoing Security Update Programme – patched devices will have Android Security Patch dated 2018-01-05 or later.

In addition to keeping device software up to date, users can also take extra steps to protect themselves by only downloading trusted applications from reputable stores and by keeping all apps updated to the latest versions.

  • Farhan Ansari

    Fake Sony is not taking interest in Z5 series z3 plus didn’t get 7.1.1 still in India all bullshit

  • Actman

    Its already 11th and there is no sign of OREO for Xperia X yet!

  • Flash different region. Sometimes some regions don’t get updates. It may be Sony’s fault or some government/law problems.

  • I believe they will. It’s 3 months after last one, which was 3 months after previous one. But don’t think there will be any more updates.

  • pberruti

    My XZ1 Compact based in HK haven’t received 47.1.A.8.49 after 3 week of release!
    Intermediate 47.1.A.5.51 never arrived.
    It is stuck in 47.1.A.2.374.

  • Quentin Grs

    X and Xc are waiting, at least we receive all monthly security patchs.

  • Moisés

    Last update was security of september.
    I have no idea if we will have more patches.

    My 7.1.1 OTA came in february, but I updated later.

  • MoYeung

    Which carrier?

  • pberruti

    It is unlocked.

  • Jacky

    Same for xz1. Even Taiwan released the December patch..hopefully we’ll get it in a week or two

  • Khillo81

    How to spot a Trump supporter :)

  • Farhan Ansari

    You have Z3 plus? N in which country are you living?

  • hardik jadeja

    You don’t need to unlock the bootloader to flash different ftf. Just download ftf and flash it.

  • Farhan Ansari

    Do you know how to do?

  • Use Flashtool and XperiFirm.

  • Roberval Silva

    Z3 never !

  • pberruti

    Sony emailed me: “Please wait patiently. Thank you!”

  • Moisés


  • Moisés

    I believe you can find tutorials on youtube.
    Ppl say is simple and fast process.

  • betatesterz

    Everyone is so concerned about receiving the patch. But which models are affected anyways? As understand, not all ARM processors are affected by this vulnerability. Sony also didn’t exactly did a good job at listing out the affected models.

  • Farhan Ansari

    Can I download ftf by mob n flash it?

  • Farhan Ansari

    Okay I watch then let you know

  • TombStone

    Got the patch on my XA1 G3125

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    I want to know what impact on the performance this will have

  • Jacky

    i have been getting that too, i wonder if they are running into issues with the carriers…

  • pberruti

    My phone have no carrier, it is unlocked.

  • andyy

    Um no we’re still on December patch

  • Jacky

    Oh mine too, but sometimes if they run into issues with certain carriers during testing they need to debug it

  • Martin Deschambault

    My X Performance stopped recognizing my sim card. I wonder if there’s a possible software fix or if it’s truly a hardware issue. Anyone else ever heard of a sim card just becoming unrecognizable all of a sudden? My warranty ran out and I have no choice but to use an older phone until my contract expires in July. This may be my last Sony mobile device. Too much competition on the Android side make other devices much more attractive i.e. Google Pixel 2.

  • They won’t be.

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Thanks for the reply on such an old post mate

  • It was linker in the latest post

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