Xperia E5 gets new update out of the blue (37.0.A.2.248)

by XB on 11th January 2018

in Firmware, Xperia E5

It has been a while since Sony’s 2016 budget phone, the Xperia E5 has received a firmware update, but one is now rolling in the form of build number 37.0.A.2.248. There is no change from the Android 6.0 Marshmallow software, so we’re not sure what Sony has added, but it’s likely small bug fixes. The update is only live on the F3311 variant as of writing, but it may also appear for the F3313 variant in the coming days. If you’ve updated, let us know any changes you’ve noticed in the comments below.

Update: The screenshot below confirms that the Android security patch has been moved to 5 July 2017.

DOWNLOAD FTF Firmware File: Xperia E5 (F3311) 37.0.A.2.248 Global Generic (Android 6.0)

Thanks Eduardo, Moisés and Nikola!

  • Eduardo Otero
  • Emil Oskarsson

    That’s a good sign that maybe the z3+, Z4 and z5 series might still receive security updates for a while more :)

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • deekbee

    Maybe; but wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

  • I think more believable are the rumors that there will be XZ1 Premium, XZ1 Plus and XZ1s on the MWC.

  • Is it safe? Global one (at least one downloaded 3 time using XperiFirm) is missing kernel… WTF?

  • Believe that this month. Not sure if sooner or later…

  • Commercial and Journalists, only other region for F3311 with .248, doesn’t include kernel.sin as well…
    However this one I downloaded only once. Didn’t see a need to redownload it…

  • cicababa

    Why the hell add they a half year old security patch?

  • Not sure, but it’s not important device for Sony. So it may be just: “here is something, be happy with it”.
    And at least it’s here. It seems that it looks better than 2nd gen and (coz of security updates) 3rd gen Android One devices. It is something, very good something!

  • Melissa

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  • Hazel

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  • cicababa

    Well, my E5, unlocked, so far didn’t got the update. I was even thinking of using it with the fresh security level instead of my Z3 /s

  • Seems that updates stopped rolling for more regions. You would need to flash it manually (if You want check anything below Wipe in Flashtool, than it will be like an update – no data should be lost).

  • cicababa

    Well, the fact is, that I don’t have a computer. I’m using phone and tablet only. Anyway, Sony is loosing another customer.

  • It will came, but not right away. None manufacturer will give an update to all devices at the same time. Servers wouldn’t keep with demand…

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