New Xperia Loops wallpaper from Xperia XA2 available to download

by XB on 13th January 2018

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Sony Mobile has created a new variant of its Xperia Loops wallpaper for its new 2018 handsets, including the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra. If you’re looking to try this new wallpaper for yourself, then you’ll be glad to hear that the APK has been extracted and modified to work on your stock Xperia handset. There are six ‘liquid’ wallpapers to choose from (Liquid black, Liquid silver, Liquid sky blue, Liquid blue, Liquid gold, Liquid pink) and you can download the APK from the link below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Xperia Loops (2.0.A.0.8.3)

Via XDA.

  • Liam Hethershaw
  • Pramod Dhanushka

    It’s Ugly :(

  • B.C.

    My Z3 says there’s a problem parsing the package. Can anyone help?

  • Great Dude

    This AWP will only be able to be installed under ALL of the circumstances listed below are fully fulfilled, as of now,

    *)Minimum Android API level 24, i.e. Nougat 7.0+
    *)A 64-bit android device (Z3+/Z4 onwards)
    *)Sony framework (IOW stock N Roms)

    Failed to pass any of the requirements will result in different kinds of installation error.

    See comment 61 (or post #61) in this thread :
    Or here is a direct link to that comment :

  • Why do modders keep resigning with publicly available keys? APK Mirror errors on this upload with: “This apk has been re-signed with a known testkey and we will not accept it.”

    This means anyone could create a malicious “update” later, sign with the same key, and distribute pretending it’s an update.

  • Great Dude

    I want to note that in the original thread , XDA- Mod (Art Vanderlay) closed the thread because:

    The site that hosts these files contains warez so it cannot be shared here. Thread closed until an alternate link is provided.


  • tristi lumina

    Ohh, i think the liquid particles also ‘moving’
    But not bad, thanks to XB for share the info (and devs)

  • Phat-t

    Probably the worst live wallpaper they made. The bubbles in the background is so blurry and cheap looking. That’s with the 4K mod on my XZP too. I uninstalled it right away after I seen it

  • iia3ezu

    There’s nothing wrong with using mega dot nz to share files.

    Some people are just too sensitive about ‘software piracy’.

  • Rahul Patil

    Hey, cool icons – may I know which ones?

  • Melissa

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  • Great Dude

    OK, I get what you say, I was felt something was wrong, but apparently nothing is really wrong but the developer should be more careful not to seem suspicious.

  • Night Guy

    Just noticed that loops moving downward when charging, thought it was a bug lol.

  • azzido

    I do not like this wallpaper because of this galaxy in the middle.
    I ike more the one from My XZ Premium.

    Hope this “update” will not be included in new flagships or there will be an option to select previous wallpaper as well.

  • azzido

    Hopefully they will refrest the gui of camera application which still remains in version 2.0 since years it’s almost same… really it’s the highest time to redesign it and provide some fresh look.

    For the wallpaper I will be happy if they will include the one from XZ Premium and not this bubble / galaxy “update” or something new and fancy.

  • عدنان ایوب

    Good styles. Sony lives apart.

  • Liam Hethershaw

    Theyre from the alan walker theme

  • Yesé

    I love them, they look nice on my Xperia XP ;) Thank you very much!

  • Jer

    Looks bad, the circles cut through the time and makes it look off.

  • Me

    2016 Xperia was the best for me.

  • razorg

    I’ve installed both this newest and the previous (XZs) version from on my Z5 Compact (on 7.1.1). They work like a charm, but I can’t change the colour of the theme. Any ideas about what’s wrong?

  • Hery Kusnindar

    XZ2 Pro.. The Future Bright

  • ZR

    Wow…. this is awesome. i hope this is reality, not a concept only.
    but looking the video created by a professional creator. maybe this is real

    sorry for my bad english

  • Hazel

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  • Khillo81

    Nah, not a bug. The old loop wallpaper did that as well. It also turns red when the battery is below 15% :)

  • Okarin Titor

    super super concept…. woww

  • Xperia NXT series

    I’m getting a parse error why?

  • theskig

    Two indications of battery percentage in the status bar are so useful…

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