Celebrate Australia Day with this Sydney Xperia Theme

by XB on 26th January 2018

in Applications

For those that don’t know 26 January is Australia Day. So what better way to celebrate our friends down under then getting a shrimp on the barbie, and cracking open a cold one. If you’re in one of the freezing Northern Hemisphere countries where that kind of activity would get you sent to the asylum, then Sony have a Sydney Cityscape Xperia Theme for you to download instead, which is nearly as good anyway. Hit the Google Play Store for that little piece of the Sydney skyline.

  • mUSICA

    meanwhile this is S8+ And S8 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DUedA6zWkAAYerd.jpg looks Cool I Just Hope Sony Wakes Up And Get Something Better That This

  • dragonsneeze


  • Phat-t

    Ugly and looks like a Chinese phone. So much bezels for a so-called bezelless phone too

  • Night Guy

    Bezeless is nice but that corner bezels looks ugly.

  • Violet

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  • Kuze
  • Phil Gym

    I like S9’s design to be honest.way much better than Xperia’s boxy chunky dated design

  • Barricade

    I feel like a phone with loop surface AND bezelles/bezel-light could look even better.

  • Phil Gym

    I really don’t like loop surface. It reminds me of old Nokia phones.

  • Barricade

    That’s because the render doesn’t show the curved edge display. Expect it to look more like the s8 and S8+ in reality.

    I actually like the Samsung design. It’s just that I don’t like their software at all, I want as near-stock as possible, preferably just stock Android even. That’s why an Android One Xperia sounds so good to me. Too bad that won’t happen.

  • Phat-t

    For me, the Note 7 design the best from Samsung because it was more sharp on the corners like Xperias but damn that software tho and I don’t care for the camera.

    I just don’t get the people who complain about the design of Xperias when every other phones out there right now looks the same. If Xperias looked like the rest then I dunno which phone to get anymore

  • Barricade

    Damn, I think the XZ Premium is one sexy looking phone. Especially in person.

  • azzido

    Unfortunately bad news are coming from Sony at MWC, looks like design is the same witj just trimmed bezels… If you will add lack of headphones jack and FM Radio I will be skipping it. Especialky I hoped for new design… :


  • azzido

    I hate stock Android, it’s ugly.

  • azzido

    Check the schemas, dual camera with dual led and same design as before…

  • Barricade

    That’s the beauty of Android though, download a launcher and make it your own.

    Also, it being ugly is subjective af, I think it looks way cleaner than Samsung, Sony, Huawei etc. versions of Android.

  • Thirukumaran

    Create the themes that was compatible with x series… Want I meant was keyboard themed….

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