Xperia XZ2 – All four colours revealed in official renders

by XB on 24th February 2018

in Rumours

If you like what you see with the upcoming Sony Xperia XZ2 flagship, then you’ll probably want to start thinking about which colour you’ll go for. Well Evan Blass and Roland Quandt‏ have your back, they have leaked more pictures of the Xperia XZ2, showing all of the colour choices on offer. There will be four colours to choose from overall, including Green, Black, Silver and Pink.

The Green variant in particular looks stunning, and we’re sure it will be one of the most desirable colours for the handset. We can’t wait to see what it looks like in the flesh, there’s only a couple of days to wait now. The full reveal will happen on Monday 26 February at the MWC 2018 tradeshow.

One quick observation. You’ll notice from these pictures that there is no SIM card slot on either side of the phone, and nor on the bottom. This means the SIM card slot will sit at the top of the phone, as seen in the FCC documents, and pretty much confirms that the Xperia XZ2 will not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Melvin22

    Definitely not my style I’ll stay with my Xperia XZS for now

  • krishna

    Sorry sony…back looks like a Chinese phone….

  • foxy

    Well. I am going to buy a xzp

  • Alvin

    I think the XZ2 looks amazing. Despite the odd-looking back, I like how it looks. Not too rounded and sleek, especially that green (which looks like blue) one.

  • Furkan Ege Öztürk
  • Alvin

    I don’t see that much similarities except for the back cover shape, that’s all.

  • KzX

    XZ2 looks stunning.

  • Furkan Ege Öztürk

    this is what “same design” word used for. what did you expect? a duplicate?

  • Eshrak Kader

    so it seems they stick to the human and plate concept….. i think its lovely…. there no point in copying competition rather design something unique…. exactly why i love Sony !!! …. i just hope the pricing is reasonable and it tops sells figures…

  • Alvin

    Yes. Be more specific next time. The front looks totally different.

    or maybe it is me who should know the definition of the word “design” better.

  • Still no shot from the top. Jack or no jack?

  • Flo Tickle


  • jonathan

    not ugly but not interesting either it’s just a phone i look at and go oh this looks ok, but nothing i will ever want to buy, it’s just a phone.

  • Michaux-O

    Very disappointed. Sure, the green color is spectacular, and I’m sure there will be people that love the elongated screen, but this isn’t a Sony phone. Every design feature that made Sony Sony is gone. Curved corners & fat back. It’s like a HTC & Apple had an ugly baby. Fingerprint on the back. No thanks. Antenna lines. Ugh. Asymmetrical front speakers. WTH? NFC bunched together with the camera lens. Dude. Cheap plastic power button. Come on.

    I fell in love with the Sony brand for their premium materials, their monolothic aesthetic, and classy hardware designs across all their products. This effort is just chasing trends in a race to the bottom.

    The lack of 3.5 jack is a straight up deal breaker. For a company that has a long, proud history making premium audio headsets, this makes absolutely no sense from a business or a consumer perspective. It’s insanity.

    Looks like I’ll be riding my XZP into the sunset. I’m going to learn to love its big forhead and chin.

    One more thing.This phone makes me despise Apple products even more. We have the iPhone and its cult of sameness to thank for these terrible design decisions.

  • Love the use of 3D glass

  • Eugénio Costa

    What a terrible disappointment. This is the end. Xperia never again.

  • vprmn

    no jack and fingerprint on the rear side :( dissapointing.

  • vprmn

    it looks like a phone, what new desing do you want? and samsung and lg and other 18:9 crap looks the same….

  • DBS

    The SIM card on top isn’t indication of anything. The Nokia phones from where Sony ripped off this design all had the SIM trays on top and they are had a headphone jack.

    But yeah, it probably won’t have it. After all Sony is in “Apple-copy” mode.

  • Island In The Sky

    The lack of 3.5 jack is a straight up deal breaker. For a company that has a long, proud history making premium audio headsets, this makes absolutely no sense from a business or a consumer perspective. It’s insanity.

    I could not agree with this more. 1000% spot on correct. No jack = no sale.

  • Heeyeon Ahn

    The green is very tempting! Made the mistake of getting the black XZ over the forest blue and regretted it ever since. Phone looks very good to me.

  • Alessio Torres

    Are they giving these out for free? And if not guess I’m not coming back to Sony this year unfortunately these designs have left me uninspired.

  • Geralt

    that blue is ooooooohhh

  • Rizky Maulana

    Xperia X + diabetes

  • Dineth Perera

    Jack or no jack, that’s a sexy phone!!

  • Geralt

    They said you removed lanyard hole, Goodbye Sony
    They said you removed TrackID, Goodbye Sony
    They said you stripped down the Xperia Ui, Goodbye Sony
    They said you removed Play Memories, Goodbye Sony
    They said you have not changed the design, Goodbye Sony
    They said you have bezels, Goodbye Sony
    They said you have new design, Goodbye Sony
    They said you removed headphone Jack, Goodbye Sony.

    To those I say, you go wherever you want to go. But I m staying. Keep your shit thoughts with you.

    I m Sony.Forever.

  • Alvin

    A well-made comment there. Oh, and I’m staying for Sony with you and every loyal fans out there, too.

  • Alvin

    I don’t know diabetes could make a phone sexier.

  • Looks good.. Lets see what all software and camera improvements they have made

  • Richard Brutski

    What was this a picture of? I looked perfect.. It looks like a sony.

  • Richard Brutski
  • Alvin

    I think that was just an XA2 Ultra with intentionally-hidden features for no reason.

  • Richard Brutski

    1000% agree. Exactly what I was thinking.

  • el_sur

    Side bezels seem to be similar to xz1, Al they really did was reduce the top and bottom. Might as well have done the same with a 16:9 phone

  • Richard Brutski

    I hate apple for this. Greedy cunts.

  • Jo Kenzo

    The bezels are still here and they ditched the headphone jack. Goodbye Sony.

  • ViNiTh Gatty


  • DBS

    I don’t blame Apple on this one. For them it makes sense. They don’t make money from the sale of headphones since they don’t own the 3.5 jack. They do make money now on any adaptor for the lightning port.

    I blame Android OEMs for being stupid. THEY don’t earn shit by removing the jack. Because they don’t own Bluetooth tech nor do they own USB-c. They’re removing for the sake of copy and all they achieve is delivering worse phones to their consumers.

  • Juan Carlos

    Good bye Jo!

  • Richard Brutski

    Yeah, apple and thier infinite greed. And they can do whatever they want because the sheep in their cult do whatever they say. Android oems are also stupid, I thought sony wouldn’t be one of them, but I was wrong.

    Next up: no charger in iPhones. Dead battery? (with an iphone thats like 3 hours into the day) , buy a new phone, idiot.

  • Jo Kenzo

    Do you work for Sony?

  • Eduardo Otero

    I’m also staying here with you! Sony forever!!

  • Eduardo Otero

    Please tell me what is the real problem about the headphone jack?
    I’m sure they will release new H.ear on with USB C connector
    And why not use LDAC? since the most people don’t have Hi-Res music files if it gets 500kbps from the 1000kbps they promised it should be enough to play music.

  • BosM

    I am thinking same as you, love old design.. They could just cut bezels and thats it. But most of People hate Sony just becouse design, so they need to change it completly. And New design is not that bad

  • Skipper

    I’ll skip XZ2 series – too ugly. Maybe 2019 will be with more luck. In the mean time XZ1C is ok

  • KarFar

    That was an amazing color!

  • Juan Carlos

    Hope to see an updated User Interface! At least the wallpaper and clock are new!

  • Alex ”MiG”

    Waiting the new XZ Premium 2

  • Antero Masonen


  • Antero Masonen

    Good bye Jo!

  • Antero Masonen

    Sony forever!!!

  • Ryan

    Yea …..lets just give a mid range phone like the XA2 Ultra more battery than a flagship and expect to sell phones …..seems like a good idea ….

  • Ryan

    Im using the XZ …. the forest blue colour is really unique

  • Tann

    Im staying a fan, of prior Xperias.
    But good luck, hope this gets some new fans for Sony Mobile, as I many more fans so far, obviously will not be fans of jack less Xperias.
    Hope Sony gets enough new fans of this, to keep them in buissness somehow.

  • ZoubIWah

    guess what. every time one of these things happen a bunch of ppl buy another phone.
    same thing happened with vaio laptops. eventually sony stopped making laptops

    personally i was looking forward this phone but im going to get an older xz or a galaxy s9 instead. they fucked up too many things. being a die hard fanboy doesn’t make a phone better and definitely doesnt make you sound very smart

  • Tann

    There is no any. Simple as that.
    Dont appreciate dongling, blutoothing, charging wireless headphones, paying quite more for basic wireless phones, or usb wired ones.
    I would consider if there was an extra usb there somewhere for headphones. But there is not.
    Not one fan, or even internet troll, asked for no headphone jack.
    I dont like their decision.
    And what I do not appreciate, I dont buy. Even if it is from Sony, and Iam a Sony mobile fan, I will not support this removal in any way.

  • Bennder

    Are you traying to compare efficiency of snapdragon 845 (10nm) and 630 (14nm) on two phones with diferent screen sizes? It’s not how it works and bigger battery doesn’t mean better battery life throu day of use

  • Ryan

    Im just saying its not the flagship specs u would expect from a top tier model

  • usersparadise

    The real problem is that most consumers don´t have a clue about good industrial design. The masses have a form of vulgar taste. Most of them also like all-inclusive-holidays with beach, blue sky and burning sun. Instead of saving for a better choice they need their all-inclusive-s*** every 6 months.

    But Sony also lost users due pure and simple laziness over the years. Competition like Samsung still have terrible design, but they improved f.e. their cameras very much. Sony used the same module for how many years? Now they switch to f/1.8, but it seems there´s still no OIS.

    But to be honest: I could live with this design and maybe they also improved their algorithms.

  • Кирилл Колотилин

    I think this is the end of SONY…

  • Aiden Pearce

    Every one has own preferences, they will buy what they want, you can stay with Sony.
    No offense. But think for a while, Why do companies shove these stupid decisions down consumers throat because we buy anything they sell.
    Why not make them feel, we have choice? Choice not to buy if they don’t give what we want. I agree there is no perfect smartphone, like this not a single part will be left.
    Someday crApple will remove display bcz they have courage and others will follow.
    already Headphone removal and iNotch are being adopted by others.
    i don’t understand what is with them.

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    YEAHHH!!! I’m gonna stay with Sony until they stop making phones, just as I stayed with Sony until they stopped to make Laptops (writing in a VAIO Z flip).

    But for now I’ll buy a Xperia XZ Premium because this models of phones … I feel them wrong, they just took many of my favorite things from their phones and took them away, and the design (Oh my god, THE DESIGN!!!), just take the Sony and Xperia names off from the Phone and you could think its just another phone from HTC, Huawei or you name a Chinese brand.

    I wish Sony best of luck but my next phone will be must likely a XZP.

  • Suhail


  • Aiden Pearce

    they may as well remove the Display and say its courage!!
    and android oems will follow soon. and still we buy, in the end we are encouraging them.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Samsung galaxies all have sim-card or memory card slot at top, but still retain headphone jacks below the display. that’s a lame excuse to get rid of the jack. Sony known for music is removing one of the most important accessory for music listening just bcz crApple did it.

    Just look a the bottom bezel, it could certainly fit the jack.

  • Insane014

    You know you screwed up when Chinese Alcatel branded sub $200 device looks like this

    But their flagship looks like this all together with Sony omnibalance cut flat caps on top and bottom

  • SonyMan

    Objectively speaking the previous generations had more taste than this design… I agree with the fact that they’re going to look like HTC phones at best but being with Sony so many years I’ve never been disappointed of how they perform. And that’s what it matters most at the end of the day. Looks it’s just less than half the story of what makes a good smartphone. Nevertheless, I think it’s very stupid of a move to ditch the 3.5mm jack and leave it as it is since bezels didn’t go that slim after all…. I’m not the type that cries like a baby cuz of the 3.5mm removal, plus I’m using Sony Bluetooth headphones since 2014, but if you have the nerve to remove it at least be able to justify it by providing a free Bluetooth pair to convince us. I know I’m never going back to wired headphones and I don’t like unboxing a phone with no headphones inside so at least let’s find sth in the middle and God bless Sony to put even a descent Bluetooth pair of earspeakers with hires support inside. Even the cheapest one would be appreciated amd then no one will ever complain about no 3.5mm…. Just wishing!

  • Michaux-O

    I agree with your take & dig the optimism. We should probably wait until the official unveiling to write off these phones. The wireless charging & mysterious haptic feedback features are intriguing. I suppose I could learn to live with USB C dongles, as long as it still plays Hi-Res files & drives my headphones well.

    Sony has always been synonymous with clean industrial design. Some of my favorite Sony products are the most simple, like the SRS-X9 speaker, which is essentially a simple rectangle using black glass, aluminum, and plastic, but is so damn iconic looking.

    The early Z phones took that minimalistic approach, and while not particularly ergonomic, they did look sharp. Possibly my favorite Xperia design was the Z3C, which was quite a departure from the monolithic look, but damn didn’t it look cool & unique at the time. Unfortunately, the 3.5 mm jack busted on my little green machine, and I upgraded to the Z5. Currently, I’m very happy with the XZP, especially the deep sea black color, although I don’t love it being covered in fingerprint smudges all the time.

    I was hoping for something different in 2018. Still holding out hope for a XZ Pro, or something else to be announced.

  • Eduardo Otero

    So do you think it would be good idea to put an USB upside instead of headphone jack?

  • AllanKafka

    I know they’ll never do anything like this, but I for one would like it much better than no headphone jack.

  • dragonsneeze

    “We need side bezels for the fingerprint sensor.”
    And they removed it from there, keeping the side bezels. I can’t get over this. I feel like Nokia died again.

  • AllanKafka

    That feel exactly. It looks like some of us are bound to suffer (was a Nokia fan as well).

  • dragonsneeze

    Well, I hope it’s worth it for Sony.

  • Stormrider


  • Stormrider

    This phone is everything fans DIDN’T want in a new Sony phone. I wonder if they give a damn about what we want or if they check this website out every once in a while.

  • aldopucci

    most of the people hate the thick bezels on the design. So you’re right. They could of stayed with the omnibalance though cutting the bezels. I’m so dissapointed! And that crazy thick tummy… unbelievable

  • monoke

    Just ugly. They threw omnibalance and symmetry out the window. Speakers uneven, top/bottom bezel uneven, logo on bottom ugly, round back making phone thicker, fps to back fail, no headphone jack. Fail on so many levels. They screwed the pooch this year seems like.

  • Khalid Abdi

    It is the same design with slimmer bezel and with 18:9 aspect ratio and thinner form factor so from the beginning its a Sony design not a copy cat

  • Phil Gym

    The round back makes it look dated and ugly

  • Khalid Abdi

    Honestly I agree with but this design is not a copy paste. Go check xperia neo v and xperia V and xperia X10. This design came from them so Sony was and is staying true to themselves. Of course you will see a similarity between this with iPhone X and other phones because of the 18:9 aspect ratio display

  • Khalid Abdi

    Me too :)

  • Khalid Abdi

    This design isn’t a riff off of Nokia, HTC or Apple. Its from Xperia X10, Xperia SP and Xperia neo V but the similarity that your seeing and not only you but all of us is the 18:9 aspect ratio display.
    By the way Apple didn’t make that trend, It was Motorola Moto Z.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Well said bro and I’m also staying so LONG LIVE SONY!!!!!

  • DBS

    This looks nothing like the X10 and even less the Xperia Neo V. The SP is slightly similar indeed. But this “design” is pretty much what Nokia did before the SP with the Fabula Design language.

    This one looks like the bastard child of an orgy between Nokia, HTC and LG.

  • Khalid Abdi

    NO because they showed the Xperia XA2 Ultra, XA and L2 in other poster and this in another post and both of them got deleted as xperia blog mentioned it
    I think if I’m not mistaken, its the Xperia XZ2 Pro/ Premium

  • Khalid Abdi

    Actually it does look more xperia x10 in look closely in design shape
    in the xperia neo v from the back it looks like this XZ2 compact and it does with the SP so LOL HAHAHAHAHAH why you cursing them honestly you made laugh :’D Bcause of the 18:9 dispay but it was 16:9 or 18:9.5 it would have changed the phone totally

  • DBS

    You need to see an optometrist, mate :P

    Also…I’m not cursing anyone. Sony already cursed itself the moment they decided to ruin the only thing they had going for them: the fingerprint scanner placement.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Your the one who need why? becasue you can;t even see that it mostly looks xperia x with 18:9 and slimmer bezel

    No Sony didn’t do that to themselves. The media and the people did.
    We are minority because we like and prefer the old design with its flaws but the majority don’t and for some patent the was forbidden from them to enter the side mounted finger print. So considering the situation they need money and at the end of the day they will do what is necessary from them to survive so stop complaining.
    For me I see that should succeed in any way possible and I won’t be selfish and even I be and say I want the side mounted finger print, they don’t know me and don’t even care about me. So understand their situation.

  • DBS

    It looks NOTHING like any other phone Sony has done. Just face the facts. This looks nothing like the Xperia X either. You are just trying to come up with phones to pretend Sony isn’t ripping off designs now as well.

    And yes, Sony did this to themselves. They changed the design for no good reason.
    And the fingerprint problem exists ONLY in the USA. Well, newsflash: America is ONE country out of 194 others where that problem doesn’t exist.
    It’s also a country that gives ZERO fucks about Sony phones. They only buy Samsung and Apple there. Sony has ZERO chances. So basically they ripped off some other phone design, they changed a good thing to a bad for the sake of ONE market while punishing everyone else.

    Maybe you should stop trying to come up with excuses for their stupidity. They’re sinking because they fail time and again to catch up with the competition and it’s not by making their phones WORSE that they’ll succeed. In fact, I will bet here and now that this line will fail even harder than the X line failed. It will be a flop and they will continue to sink. And they will deserve it.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Your delusional.
    in the front it looks from Xperia X
    your problem is you can’t accept thing. It already happened so why still talking about.
    Besides the US is important place for them and in the global market people are buying Apple, Samsung and Huawei so why they didn’t need to change ?? The media and the majority of the audience pressured Sony so that’s why they changed. If you don’t want to buy it. Then don’t but stop complaining about it in every comment

  • DBS

    In the front it looks like every phone.

    Your problem is that you keep coming up with bullshit excuses to defend Sony. You’re doing the job of the pathetic fanboy that one expects from Apple fans.
    Because it happened we criticise. So that it doesn’t happen again. Get it? That’s how Sony gets the message (or should get).

    No, the media and the majority of the audience did NOT pressure Sony to change the scanner. American tech blogs complained about it but that’s it.
    And judging by the reaction of Sony fans in this blog alone, you can already see that it is YOU who are in the minority, coming up with excuses for these flops of phones.
    Deal with it.

  • parsecus
  • Khalid Abdi

    write whatever you want because your a negative commentator
    you want Sony to have everything as if they work for you. If you don’t like or find in them what you were looking for just leave them
    I’m not defending them for their mistake but in this situation, they have been in put because of media and and audience and your right because of themselves too because if they made the previous gens of their omnibalance design, it would have been better but they didn’t and

    By the way go check the youtube how every reviewer was talking about
    few defended Sony but the majority did see as a disappointment like pocketnow and in Xperia blog and its only about Sony fans like us not the whole world

  • Khalid Abdi

    BTW these are renders and they did a disign change so lets not rush conclusions because the xz2 pro is missing from the renders so wait and calm down. I think Sony will present their Acoustic Surface Audio so what do you think about that

  • Nick

    nokia lumia 1520 back cover….

  • DBS

    1 – It’s “you’re”. Contraction of “you are”. Learn that. I’ve let it slide more than once but it’s becoming really annoying.

    2 – I don’t give a f*ck if you think calling things for what they are is “negative”. I’m just being realistic and not trying to come up with excuses.

    3 – Acoustic Surface Audio won’t make it to Xperias anytime soon. And it would still not make up for the stupid omission of a headphone jack. And if you are one of those annoying kids that listen to music or anything else on their phone’s speakers in public, you deserve someone to beat you up with your phone the next time since you apparently lack any consideration for the people around you.

    4 – These are renders. But the problems of the phone: the bad design, the rear fps and the lack of headphone jack will NOT be better just because you see the real thing.

    5 – Go see from WHERE those YouTube channels are. NO ONE outside the US ever complained about the fingerprint scanner. In fact, even the people from the US only complained that it came disabled (it was still there though).

  • Emilio Martinez

    this same design but with similar top and bottom bezels (i.e. the speaker placement) and the circular iconic xperia power button would have been acceptable and would have made all the difference. but those two tiny little things un-sony it for me.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Dude your funny and calm down because your in full of rage
    Look You have your opinnion and I respect it but know this whatever we say or do Sony made their decision and we can’t do nothing about it.
    By the way I’m a fan of 3.5 mm jack and I listen on them and i don’t like listening to music without a headphone but when surfing youtube sometimes and playing games actually its good without the headphone jack and i’m sad and mad about it but there is nothing i can’t do about it when the whole market is pushing and now Sony wants to do because it was a surprise for me because Always I used to myself and others that Sony won’t do it since they are the pioneers of the headphone jack and hold a music company :( For the finger print it is sad too but it is temporary because we all know that phones will have fingerprint under the glass from JDI, Snaptic, or Qualcomm in this year or the next so its not a problem.
    I know people liked the side mounted finger print as well I did and I wanted to buy with it this year with the 4K phone because I have Xperia Z and in 8 June this year it will be 5 years for me but I know things are changing so don’t rush because we all know that when they did the X line the messed up and they fixed it with XZ so lets wait and see and wait for the final design in Monday

  • DBS

    It’s not rage. It’s just tiresome to try to explain anything to someone who doesn’t want to listen.

    “Sony made their decision and we can’t do nothing about it. ”

    YES, WE CAN DO. We can not buy the phone and complain about what we don’t like. That’s how companies learn. Consumer feedback. If you don’t tell a company what you don’t like, they’re not gonna guess.
    For example, when Samsung released the S6, they decided to remove the microSD slot and the water-resistance. People complained about it. Samsung listened and reinstated both on the S7.

    When Sony released the Xperia X, Sony fans complained about it being a terrible deal with a weak processor. So they released the X Performance. And then the XZ.

    If we don’t buy and complain about all the bad things OEMs do, they will NOT listen. The only company that willfully ignores its users is Apple because Apple iSheep will buy the things anyway. But even Apple is already changing gears because Apple users have NOT been buying the phones as they used to.

    What I’m trying to make you understand is that coming up with excuses for their blunders helps no one. It won’t help Sony do better and it won’t help their fans to get what they want.

    Sony is already really stubborn and likes to ignore their users (which is why their sales have been falling for years now). If people start coming up with excuses for their behaviour, THEN they will never change.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Look I understand but I was only stating that the media and some of the audience played a big role.
    What you said is true and from the xperia x Sony presented one time the X, XA and X performance I was watch the MWC at that time and I was furious
    By the way the sales are falling because of them not marketing it because that makes difference a lot even if they ignore the fans because their phones were superp and didn’t have a flaw except in the pervious phone’s cameras like xperia Z and go on but XZP and XZ1 was great.

  • DBS

    They market the phones heavily in Europe. It doesn’t work. The phones are years behind the competition.
    I got a XZ1 Compact to replace a Z3 Compact (which I use exclusively to listen to music). The XZ1 Compact is exactly the same phone as the Z3C. The only difference is the presence of a fingerprint scanner. All the problems the Z3C had, the XZ1C still has. 3 years later. That’s the problem.

  • Khalid Abdi

    No they’re not behind in terms of competition. They’re pricey and don’t market enough besides the people are not buying because they’re blind and see only iPhone and Galaxy phones
    OK what about the iphone and their S version, didn’t had difference ?? No. So it is same at least it wouldn’t be strange for Sony because they’re in bad place but look at apple who is a market leader and till now can’t innovate
    By the way here in middle east they don’t market that much

  • DBS

    – No wireless charging
    – No AMOLED displays
    – No OIS
    – Terrible camera performance
    – Overpriced to no end

    This is why they’re behind everyone.

    The iPhone has less than 20% of marketshare worldwide. People aren’t buying Sony phones not because of the iPhone but because they’re a bad deal. Sony isn’t offering anything to the consumers to justify the prices. They cost too much and offer too little.

    So when other companies offer phones with the same things Sony offers but at half the price, obviously people will buy those phones instead of Xperias.

    Sony continues to believe that just because it says “Sony” it’s worth the money and people will pay them. That hasn’t been true since the 90’s.

  • Alvin

    Both of them got deleted because they spoiled something, which was that “three new phones” thing.

    Oh, and there’s no such thing as the Pro model. It might be premium, but not pro.

  • Khalid Abdi

    In the OIS I agree
    In OLED more or less
    In wireless I disagree since the tech isn’t at its full potential like charging in a radius of 5 meters
    In camera performance I last year they wear at their top performance and with low light you can see things but with a little noise but it was way better than previous phones
    Overpriced I agree

    Yeah but people buy it crazily and true Sony need to do higher specs with lower price and they will see how the market changes for them

  • Khalid Abdi

    Honestly I’m hoping to be Premium because it became an identity to them.
    And yeah that why I am optimistic

  • Khalid Abdi

    :) :D YAAY!!!

  • peyeumstein

    Once the oreo released for XZ, people were complaining a lot about problems such as battery drain, Bluetooth problem etc. Then I updated my XZ to oreo. None of those problems occurred. My XZ battery life got even better and performance was way faster. Then came this new XZ2. People complained it’s not OIS, it’s not according to Internet people demand such as why not the omni balance with less bezel, why not 6GB RAM. Well, I don’t care. I’m getting the new XZ2C anyway. On paper specs and internet people opinion don’t really matter to me anymore after I leaened about XZ oreo complains that weren’t really happened. So far I’ve used my XZ, my only complaints are the cropped video when you use the video stabilization and the so so battery life. For those who always complain without trying the Sony Phone, get a life or get Iphone. Source : Sony user since 2006.

  • mixedfish

    For every one of your comments, there’s an article to report Sony Mobile downward revising forecasts for sales.

    It’s the truth Sony Mobile is going down hill with nonsensical choices.

    I love Sony, but I may have to buy a XZ premium now because this round of phones is simply…not Sony.

  • F Michael

    I’m on a Z5 premium and at a loss of what to upgrade to. Certainly not this crap. Compared to my phone it looks mid-range. Reminds me of my old Xperia sp. I guess if I do end up staying with Sony and upgrading, it will be the xz premium. Not much of an upgrade but better than this at least. The negative feedback is reassuring. As long as sales go down, they will have to reconsider their design. They only changed this for the US right? Why not just make two separate versions instead of killing it for the rest of us. I’m still gonna hold off until the xz pro gets released and hoping it looks better than this.

  • Denis Dardymov

    Uff uff uff..
    Dunno, dunno..

  • Dilipkumar

    All should wait please for MWC. SONY design will always be great and these are absolutely rumours

  • Daemon

    It looks like on a desperate move they hired some HTC/Alcatel designers… Hahaha.

    Anyway, still a fan of Sony (not totally loyal though since I’ve had Nexus, OnePlus, Huawei and Essential phones) but I’ll stick with my Xperia XA2, I have the feeling this and the Ultra are the last phones featuring omnibalance design, which was not perfect but it’s different from the rest. XA2 is just beautiful. In contrast, this new design is simply not outstanding, it just looks like any HTC, LG or Huawei phone. Let’s wait that performance is excellent at least.

    The biggest bummer: not 3.5mm port for headphones jack. Sorry Sony, see you in your next flagship at September, if any other brand doesn’t release a killer flagship that I’d want to get so bad!

  • Dexter Moregan

    I’m ok with this design. It looks futuristic like a phone that use in Star Trek

  • Genorok

    While I don’t mind the overall look of the phone, the complete dealbreaker is the fact that the fingerprint is on the back. I can see their point of view on trying to sell this to the US market, fine…but Sony owns a large portion of JDI who just created the in screen fingerprint scanner; why would they not implement this in their next phone? Perhaps it wasn’t out quite in time.

    The phones do look nice, a bit fat on the back for my taste, and I could deal with that weird camera location but that fingerprint location makes it seem cheap.

  • Alvin

    You called these rumours? These pics are leaks, which are 100% true to what Sony will unveil tomorrow.

  • Alvin

    Good bye Jo!

  • Juan Carlos

    I like this phone!!

  • Juan Carlos

    Looks good!

  • shenoy

    I can not believe that legendary SONY can come up with craps like this. I’m a Sony (Ericsson) user from 2006. And I loved their every single models. Now heart broken.
    1 design
    2. No Power button FP
    3. No 3.5mm jack….
    These doesn’t look like Japanese phones at all.
    Every yr Sony has global model n Japanese model. If US market was imp they could have come up with a different model specific to us. Like how they did in the past with Xperia Ion. Each n every Sony buyers r fond of unique FP scanner. Now no uniqueness left. Sad. Wrong decision by Sony.

  • Koi

    STFU! you don’t even own a Sony phone.

  • Geralt

    Fucked up? Like What? They gave you better design, that’s fucked up? They made FPS available globally, that’s fucked up? they are moving towards the quickly being adopted 18:9 future, that’s fucked up? They’re pushing wireless audio technology to evolve faster, that’s fucked up? They’re still giving you the option of listening on you’re headphones and charge the phone at same time, that’s fucked up? They’re giving us the wireless charging capability, that’s fucked up? They’re enable Super slo-mo capture in 1080p, that’s fucked up?


  • Geralt

    Xiaomi is India’s go to brand. It’s something even I suggest to everyone looking to invest in phones but are not too much into the super/power user stuff. Buying a Xiami under Rs.20,000 is a legit rational decision. Beyond 20,000 you either jump to the 44K mark and better buy an Xperia flagships, rather than investing on cheap Chinese flagships and whatever crippled stuff Samshit is selling. I mean WTF S8/S8+/Note completely dies once the touch 0% mark on battery, LG Bootloops, HTC is a joke, Oneplus have weird touch issues . Sony never had these kind of shitty issues.

  • Ren Jie

    When times come, things have to change, every company is the same so if you don’t like it then yeah that’s your opinion

  • (ror)

    In case you’re 10, there was Xperia ZL and ZL2, look them up, Sony doesn’t need to copy others, if that is what you and all the Sony-jealous are going to be saying now, sorry. If you need premium audio buy a Walkman, they’re most expensive than any phone and they’re worth it, Walkman is now the only famous premium audio brand, look it up too. This actually looks as premium and monolithic as always, like a precious stone, “cheap plastic power button” really? Is not, and if it was and that’s all you can point out then that’s just desperate. And btw Sony Ericsson phones didn’t have 3.5 jack and the were great, so i guess Sony did that first too, and it proves that you and all the Sony jealous haters are probably 10 years old.

  • Geralt

    most people know Sony from the Z era, hence they don’t remember that this design first appeared in Neo in 2011 and even before with previous Xperia phones

  • Frando 99

    yeah i doubt that too!

  • Frando 99

    youre blind!

  • Dineth Perera

    omg stop whining already!! LOL if you don’t like it,just DON’T BUY!!!

  • Frando 99

    Stop whining and be grateful, give them a break!

  • (ror)

    If people don’t like it then maybe they can start bitching for a phone with flat back and corners and then sure they’ll be happy ^_^
    Haters will always hate, and this looks beautiful like a 3d crystal. The ignorants are saying Sony copied others, maybe they forgot the ZL and ZL2 and the thousands designs Sony has on everything and Sony Ericsson phones didn’t have 3.5 jack, they should read before write.
    I love Sony but if someone doesn’t like it and wants excuses to not buy it then they can go and get crapple or samshit or the others 100 cheap brands, good luck with those “originals”.

  • Frando 99

    beautiful i’m definitely getting one of these for myself, i think green one is gorgeous!

  • coblaks

    umm okay

  • Alvin

    At least it is not “The Wallet. Reimagined.”

  • Surya Kardiana

    Ok this news make me sure to buy xz1 compact. That design doesnt look sony anymore

  • Dineth Perera

    neither one of us do :P But yeah, goodbye Jo!!

  • Ali Mir

    They just have to release that third phone exactly as it is shown in this render… with 845, fps on the side, headphone jack, omni-balance design (or loop) … and many will be happy for sure…

    *fingers crossed*

  • Chris Anderson

    The air bag design is pushing me away, although I’m lightly intigued by the tailored vibrations thing that’s been mentioned. Although I know I won’t be buying this either way, and it’s clear that quite a few are holding out for the new iteration of the XZ Premium. If Sony sabotage that then I’ll wait for Razer’s next model and decide then. Obviously, none of us are compelled to upgrade at the next opportunity , but the sense of disappointment is palpable, and for a company that prides itself on design, it’s unacceptable if people are making decisions before the reviews have even begun….

  • Ren Jie

    I’m hoping for better technologies if they were to remove headphone jack, if having a USB Dongle can change the experience of listening and improve battery life, im up for it

  • Tann

    Yup. At least that.
    But the best idea would have been to keep the damn jack.
    They may even announce the Pro phone tommorow also, but I suspect also without a dedicated headphone interface, and now…
    …I just find myself not interested even in that, whatever other feats it might have.
    Sorry, but I just write how I truely feel about this now.
    Not interested any more. Period.

  • Tann

    I dont believe this is the end, but expecting them to report serious reds in mobile profit this year, just like Htc and Lg.
    If they survive, maybe they bring back essential feats for next year, when their brains pick up the lost pieces.

  • Robertas Robkinz

    staying with xz premium 4 sure

  • Jdsv

    You have to understand they were losing money, their identity was not enough to hold business. They need to chase the competition or they will be slowly forced out of the market.

  • hmmm

    Me too,but I hope the 3rd phone will look like a Sony one!I think the worst decision is fps on the back,and way to…iphone,htc design! But we all just can skip these phones,and wait for September!

  • Alex Norris

    Apparently, stupid Sony marketers don’t see this great concepts

  • Jan Palm

    I agree with you!

  • SopNaw

    Sure it’s a completely different design..etc But I’m not blind at this point. For me, they did not really look like the phones you showed because Sony has the attention to detail of every phones they makes, if you look closely. And do not compare theses shitty brands of phones with Sony Xperia.

  • Okarin Titor

    Goodbye jo!!!

  • SopNaw

    Best comment which resume what I think. People get so mad for less than nothing.

  • Andys42

    What a daft design! The camera is right where you hold the phone during normal use, so its constantly going to get dirty.

  • Andys42

    I have the XZ Premium and its brilliant, beautiful design, practical, everything you need from 4K video to 4K screen and all the bits like fingerprint reader are in the right places. Looking at the XZ2 I think I will be moving away from Sony. I brought my first X1 to replace my Blackberry in 2008, when they did the same stupid thing and tried to follow the crowd. Now look at Blackberry! I can see Sony going the same way :-( After 10 years and 10 Sony phones I will be looking at the best option for the replacement. I just hope Sony come to their senses with the ZX2 Premium.
    Fingerprint reader and camera right where you hold the phone (gives a new meaning to dirty pictures) plus various other design flaws is really making the XZ2 a crowd chaser and no longer a unique leader. Ho hum.

  • Andys42

    Agreed, Look what happened to the Xperia tablet and smartwatch.

  • Andys42

    XZ Premium is brilliant.
    I can see the XZ2 going the same way as the Xperia tablet and Smartwatch….

  • Vincentius Phang

    I loved the design. Looks great. But moving finger print sensor to back and removing the 3.5mm jack makes me thinking to move away to Pixel phone.

  • Senior Deplorable

    The fingerprint reader on the back makes no sense. Put it back on the power button – only one touch to unlock your phone.

  • Balraj Singh

    I hate that FP on the back. Was really excited about the new design and had hope that this is just a rumour! but seems like this is it! :(
    But being a Sony fan I’ll stay.

  • Dexter Moregan

    They want to get more America’s customers but They get stuck from the patent about a fingerprint on the power button from some company that . So, They need to move fingerprint from the button to the back

  • Kim

    Yeah Pixel 2 position of FPS and lack of 3,5mm is much better…☺️

  • Omarion07

    The green is absolutely gorgeous! The black looks very plastiky and cheap although it’s made of glass and aluminium.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    in malaysia only 2 brand. samsung or xiaomi but xiaomi is scarced

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    i have been heard this shit since 2011 and sony still same as before

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    next gen they will use on screen.

  • akhilesh gupta

    It’s really beautiful
    Thank God they didn’t trim all the bazels

  • Juan Carlos

    Have you used a phone with the fingerprint scanner on the back? I’m using now Pixel 2 and it’s by far the best phone that a I have ever owned, just one touch at the sensor and the phone get unlocked instantly. Also I don’t miss the audio jack, I really like the new design of XZ2 hope they call it just X2, reminds me the Xperia X Performance, I’m planing to get the white one :)

  • Виталий

    Colours ara nice. And , in my opinion, delated jack is great step into the future.

  • jonoave

    I’m looking to upgrade from my Z3 this year. The loss of headphone jack, while not a complete dealbreaker, does make me reconsider. I don’t listen to music through my phone often, but occasionally will use it maybe for calls or when I don’t have my Walkman. It will be incredibly annoying to keep a BT earphone charged up all the time for moments like this.

  • Me

    The rear looks like an alien with one eye .. But gonna love the phone lol.

  • Me

    Yeah! Sony forever

  • iia3ezu

    Good, good. Sony Mobile needs loyal fanboys such as you. Props up the swindling market share. Don’t forget to pay the Sony brand premium tax while more features are being removed.

  • iia3ezu

    The fat rear bulge on the phone is a little troubling, but I’ll reserve judgement until the official specs and phone dimensions are released.

    For reference, the XA2 is 9.7mm thick, and that’s already quite thick.

    It’s 2018, but it seems like Sony is doubling down on big bezels, and now, thick phones. You might gain a bit of durability and battery capacity, but it becomes monstrous when you put on a case.

  • iia3ezu

    XZ2 will go the way of TrackID.

    There will be many who will refuse to buy it because there’s no more 3.5mm audio jack. So no one should complain when the quarterly/annual financial reports are abysmal.

  • Carl Key

    Make the phone thicker and still have lower battery capatity that a lot of the competitors is not what i call profit the space. The position of the camera in the Pro is the natural for a fingerprint sensor, so i can see people pushing the camera instead of the lower fingerprint sensor half of the times or more, dirting the camera or worse. The position of the fingerprint uncomfortable and the compact model looks like if it has a beer belly on the back. Tomorrow we’ll watch them.

  • Balraj Singh

    Thats great!

  • Harry Drake

    And yet Samsung, one of the leading smartphone companies who could afford to scrap the 3.5mm jack, have kept it for their latest model. There is literally no reason to buy Sony now.

  • Harry Drake

    Thank you for schooling that guy. Sometimes I wonder if these are legitimate fanboys or paid shills, such is their blind support to every ill-conceived decision made by the Japanese conglomerate.

  • Harry Drake

    Sony have a niche market in the smartphone industry. They’re never going to compete with the Samsungs and the Apples of this world. All they had to do was refine the design and improve the camera. Instead we get… this.

  • kurakuradisco

    people are really cool, they can justified everything just from the renders, even the quality of the camera or the functionalty of the shape that they haven’t touch it yet.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well said, Sony products always works better than the competitions in my experience :) I do look forward to the new Sony phone with 4K OLED though, which probably will come to IFA Berlin 2018 :)

  • Vincentius Phang

    what I mean, with this changes Xperia just lost their advantage to pixel for me. Price is more or less same, model more or less same, flaw more or less same (finger print location & 3.5 mm jack), niche more or less same (I dont like Samsung & Apple for being way too convenient choice), spec more or less the same. But Pixel have thinner bezel, made by google, absolute best camera.

  • EPGuest

    Daaamn. Honestly, I was a little skeptical when I first saw that leaked render, but I actually really like these.

  • Richard Brutski

    They removed all the features that made a Sony phone a Sony phone, including that down syndrome new design.

    I thought that I was a fanboy, but you went to the next level.

  • jonathan

    the original z is what made me like sony phones in the first place i stayed away from them before that because of the curves and that giant sony ericsson logo, i even sent an email to sony saying i wish they would make a phone like the v but flat back and bezels that blend in with the screen and they did thats when i fell in love with sony.

  • jonathan

    as a sony fan for years, i can say that theres i no reason any more to go with sony over samsung, samsung phones have superior screens and now frontfacing stereosound.

  • jonathan

    this obsession is getting a little weird

  • Antero Masonen

    Pixel 2 stb ratio is worse than xz1 and Pixel 2 xl is same as xa2 ultra

  • Ali Manai

    They don’t have front facing stereo speakers they are positioned like htc only sony has it and they are also adding the new heptic feedback sound

  • Khalid Abdi

    What if Sony bring Acoustic Surface Audio ???
    What would your reaction be ??

  • Vincentius Phang

    I’m hoping Pixel 3 will have Pixel 2 XL stb. otherwise I dont mind the XL

  • NarukoOtaku

    I know Sony gambled with the new design and not many like it but Sony had enough loses and they had to change the design and try new things so as a fan I will support them until they invent a better design.

    I hope Sony fans who doesn’t like the placement of the fingerprint scanner consider why Xperia had to put there on the back:
    – it will just hinder the designers creativity (applies to the headphone jack too?)
    – And will make the US customers not capable of using it (I know it can be unlocked but not everyone knows or would do that).

    I agree that it’s in lower place than some other smartphones but that’s probably for easier reach.
    And I don’t like that there’s no headphone jack too but I got me Sony Xperia XZ1 or premium or even the compat to go for.

  • jonoave

    Yup, the lack of a headphone jack is a damper, but not a dealbreaker. However, I will keep an eye out if there is another model with a headphone jack.

  • Déjà D’être

    I WAS SOOO LOOKING FORWARD to the XZ2 – for a new design change…for a revolution like the Xperia Z series line brought…and now I get a damn ugly phone that looks like some cheap maker’s plastic crap. DISGUSTING.

    Xperia Z5 will still remain to me the best design of all – heck I may use this phone for another 10 years if it continues like this. I wanna buy an Xperia – but not when Xperia is not even trying to be Xperia…this is so gross. Ugh…how sad

  • Déjà D’être

    Oh gosh yes – this was the concept design which I so absolutely wanted to be real.

  • Déjà D’être

    I 100% agree with you there, but I really don’t think that this design change ,which will make it look more like a generic phone like any other brand, will help their brand image in an area dominated by Samsung and Apple. The 18:9 screen was a necessary change – that’s for sure, but the fingerprint on the back and the curved back was not necessary at all…it seems comfortable for sure – but I don’t think that comfort would bring in more customers to chase the competition. If it does – good for them, but damn do I miss the old Z line now.

  • Déjà D’être

    I’m staying for sure but I ain’t buying. Xperia Z5 will still be the best for me – I have faith in that their next phone or flagship will be better designed but we’ll see for sure.

  • Aiden Pearce

    So S9 retained 3.5 mm jack, better fp placement, the camera is incredible with variable aperture.
    priced at $719.99.(only downside is that crappy touchwiz OS)
    don’t know where Sony will go in competition.

  • GraphiteEdge

    I wish they kept the lanyard port- I hate using cases and have used wrist straps with every phone up to the z2 I currently own. Never been dropped!

  • Aiden Pearce

    that’s what i thought, but lately Sony is not doing well even in 40K+ segment. They are generations behind in adopting new trend and designs(not talking about headphone jack removal and iNotch).
    i bought and exchanged 3 Z3s because each one of them had light bleeding issues, still i didn’t return the handset and used it for very long time. Later it died and service center demanded 22k to fix it. so i let it be.
    i also had some issues wit Z5 Dual. but being loyal user i kept using it. After they released X with SD630 and wanted premium price i thought its time to pack bags and leave Sony team. And till now i didnot find any Sony phone for me. I also did not like dual sim in Z5, i personally prefer single sim devices which doesn’t exist in India anymore except for Apple which i would not chose(even they are launching dual sim this year.)
    So options are left are chinese brands, currently i have my eyes on OP6, lets hope they don’t screw it up with 3.5mm and iNotch.

  • Santos

    same omnibalance, and looks ugly

  • Santos

    noboday wanted omnibalance anymore

  • Santos

    we dont have power button in fps because Murica

  • Santos

    mmmm nope, there are many phones with the camera in the middle like Sony Ericsson Vivaz

  • Santos

    People are afraid of change, especially if Sony has used the omnibalance design since Xperia Z

  • Eduardo Otero

    I know they won’t but it would be a killer feature

  • ziegler

    As a Sony enthusiast, I’m sad. But I’m not going to support these half-assed phones.

    The market will favor those who are willing to work hard and listen to the consumers’ demands. Eventually, Sony Mobile will vanish in the air along with its cash-grabbing attempts.

    Sony is a billions-worth conglomerate with its presence all over mainstream media. They have the resources and influence to have an impact in the market. They’re just being lazy and stubborn.

    That’s why I respect HMD. Look at what they achieved in one year, being a mere startup bringing an old brand back from the dead. Sold more phones in one year (+70M) than Sony in three years combined (58.2M).

  • vardarac

    For real, part of what drew me to Xperia in the first place was people who liked the phones because of their features, not because the manufacturer can do no wrong.

  • vardarac

    This looks like an HTC, an iPhone, and an S8 had a baby. Not terrible, but missing features that drew me toward the Xperia line in the first place.

  • NinJy

    Globally agree, but difficult to accept the removing of jack when you daily use the awesome Sony 7506.

  • hamboy

    Seems odd they would remove the headphone jack when they sell so many earphones.

  • Naime Shirou

    Don’t complain. I still love it. Its getting better. Not getting ugly. As sony fan. I will support Sony until it never exist haha.

  • Harry Drake

    How much did Sony pay you for that comment?

  • skrug
  • So0o

    Display still lcd or oled?

  • Battal

    Relax this is not Nazism :)

  • Santos

    i dont see the plastic

  • Santos

    have you seen the camera samples?? every photo is full of noise and oversharpened

  • Santos

    why they should compete with Samsung and Apple?? Im a Sony user in first place cuz they arent like Samsung and Apple.

  • paul_cus

    In for the blue phone.

  • Sugir Paskaran

    This is probably not about this article BUT it has to said, Samsung realesed the S9/S9+ and the camera sensor with 960fps ADAPTED From SONY wasn’t mentioned in ANY videos (Review) that i’ve watched?!?

  • Aiden Pearce

    looked ok enough, the final retail product would do better(never personally owned any Galaxy and have no plans). But if Sony wants to get in the market, Galaxies are tough competitor.
    Any who,
    Would wait till the final retail product is compared with PIxel 2 and iPhone X.
    To be honest Sony is nowhere near. They produce best sensors for other companies but cannot implement algorithm.
    Also you can’t deny the ability to change aperture from F/1.5 to F/2.4 is awesome.

  • Aiden Pearce

    everything apple pro did mention SONY. but others didn’t mention, not even MKBHD mentioned SONY.

  • Ryan

    i still love that amazing frosted glass back on the z5

  • Bennder

    Michael Fisher did on his chanal MrMobile, nice review.

  • anewprofile

    1) the design is terrible. i liked the older design and they were the only ones proposing it. it made for more reliable phones, better speakers, easier to hold without hitting the screen, stands on its own… also its ugly. my previous sony phones always wow’d everyone even the ones that would always buy a galaxy, because they looked so refined in person

    2) the fingerprint readers on the back instead of side button. there’s a reason the s8 and s9 and iphones have an iris scanners with the scanner on the back. because it sux. nuff said.

    3) no audio jack. dongles are annoying as well and battery powered audio as well. ive used these a lot over the years and i went back to the simple jack – couldnt be happier..

    4) the xz2 compact wont even charge wirelessly anyway..

  • anewprofile

    id buy that.

  • DarkOrange Kurome


  • raju

    Sony devlopd technology others omes (brands) using

  • Juan Carlos

    Sony is trying to do something new and I like the new design, I’ll wait for the real thing! Go go go Sony! Looking forward to getting the XZ2.

  • Daemon

    Spoiler: Year 2022. Sony follows Apple’s tendency and removes bluetooth, camera and memory of its new flagship.

    You: I m Sony.Forever.


  • Jr

    what happened on the back T_T.

  • Aiden Pearce

    I wish Sony comes up with something like this. They can surely pull it off.
    its a concept phone from VIVO called APEX.

    Hands on:

  • Aiden Pearce

    Xperia ZL, one of favorite Sony, i used to own. I still love that eclipse notification LED.

  • Joonwoo Park

    Does Sony decide to embed swollen batteries?

  • WhyWai

    OMG… this is awful…
    No more Omni-Balance, no 3.5mm jack & that thick bezek just refuse to go….

  • Jdsv

    And I agree with you there. I honestly hope they fail so bad with this attempt they run away from it.

  • Tann

    ?? Affraid of change?
    Ummm, no. People have certain level of reasoning limits. And that headphone jack nonpresence here, just reached mine.
    I dont like 18:9, but I can live with it,
    I dont like back fp scan, but I can live with it,
    I dont like oled on mobile, but I could consider it,
    I really, really dont like jack less, and I just refuse to accept it.

  • Tann

    I seriously, seriously see a Htc syndrome in near future…

    Htc offered oled screens to survive,
    offered 18: 9 to survive,
    Offered one of best top cameras(at least by dxo) to survive,
    Offered new design to survive.
    Offered back fp scanner to survive.
    Offered 4000 maH battery to survive.
    But also offered the removal of the headphone jack….

    And it didnt survive.
    Google bought it up in the end.

    Notice the pattern?

  • Vincentius Phang

    does this new phone STB ratio looked better than XA2 Ultra for you?

  • Tann

    But I aint going Samsung no matter what. I despise the company.
    But yeah, I dont see reason anymore to buy Xperia over any other OEM phone out there, that keeps the jack along the way.
    I ll be using my Xperia as long as I can.
    But when it comes to need to buy sth new, I wont consider Xperia flagship, at least if they stay designed like this XZ2, without jack and all.

  • johala02

    Im after all positive. Had Sony in the past but get bored with the new devices that had same look year after year. So I changed brand.
    After a long time Sony are now on the radar again. If they can keep a good price compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9+ I might go back to Sony this time.

  • Atılay
  • Khalid Abdi

    there is no 4K phone
    what the hell SONY is doing

  • Aiden Pearce

    the presentation was boring and uninteresting. The phone? can’t say we already knew more than enough so little to expect. Sadly this model is no go. Even Nokia got more attention than Sony this MWC.

  • Daemon

    “OnePlus have weird touch issues”

    Owned a OP2 and a OP3T for a long period of time and I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Chris Anderson

    specs and very shiny rear for those who want further detail:

  • Ana Helušić

    And it is official, RIP Sony! Typing from my Vaio S :((((

  • iia3ezu

    Looked at the official specs…

    11.1mm thick (!) , weighs 198g, and a measly 3180mAh battery. No 3.5mm audio jack.

    Pros: A supposedly excellent camera (need in-depth reviews from unbiased sources), stereo front facing speakers and wireless charging.

    Sorry, but the absence of an audio jack, the small battery, the weight and thickness are dealbreakers. I would gladly sacrifice front stereo speakers and wireless charging to keep the audio jack, make the phone slimmer and lighter, and have a 3500mAh battery.

    You should never sacrifice the basics to put in ‘luxury’ features.

    Prediction: Sony Mobile results will get worse, but unlike HTC, Sony Inc’s other businesses will compensate for it.

  • Alan Harake

    This phone has been really confusing to me. Being a xperia user since the Xperia arc and Xperia play this phone really reminds me a lot of the pre Xperia z phones . It’s so dam beautiful I love it. Only thing that’s bugging me is no headphone jack. To be honest Bluetooth has come a looooong way. To be brutally honest this is the only phone I’ve ever considered buying without a headphone jack. It’s so beautiful. The speaker grilles on the Xperia x, xz, xzs, and xz1 are the reason why I’m still on a z5. But this xz2 is just beautiful.

  • Alan Harake

    Ive owned xperia arc, xperia play, xperia s, Xperia t, Xperia z, Xperia z1, z2, z3, z5. And people always be complaining about the DUMBEST shit ever. No track id? Wtf somebody used that? Use Shazam like wtf. The UI has only gotten better. Play memories? Did anybody use that? People getting bored of the design? Wtf it’s always been unique and beautiful. Bezels? Sometimes they have been big but wow people make a redicilous fuss about it. I didn’t give af. Headphone jack? I think at this time it’s really just worth it to use a external dac or a Bluetooth device. They’ve come a long way than just aux. Everyone who’s owned a Xperia will undoubtedly say it’s the best phone ever. Everyone who’s seen my xperia (I’m from California) had no clue Sony made phones and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. So quit your bitching and enjoy this beautiful phone. Sony still be doing things like Sony does. The best!

  • Syarif Hidayat

    sony is trying to transform to xiaomi… same isn’t it? LOL

  • Ostap Koloda

    Stupid move, Sony. Stupid. Also > I don’t like the appearance. It looks like f….ng China Meizu, or whatever similar s….t

  • Quentin Grs
  • jonathan

    i’ve owned xperias since the original z, this and the x are the only two xperias that don’t appeal to me in design, i did like the x performance though due to the brushed back.

  • Geralt

    Jelly type touch issue on OP5 bad touch latency on all the OP devices

  • Sugir Paskaran

    yes this is correct and my bad i did not watched all of the youtube reviews!

  • Sugir Paskaran

    My bad i wasn’t wachting all reviews…. :/

  • Sugir Paskaran

    Thank you being honesthwith me, i tought i was alone to that claim – _- (i did not watched apple pro’s review only mkbhd)

  • Lucas Henrique

    I am terribly disappointed. That finger print sensor needs to be on the side, it’s the most comfortable position, and one of the main reasons that I buy sony. The back is very ugly. This is what happens when you try to fix what’s not broken. You only needed to reduce the bezels. You don’t need to scrap the design at the back.
    The last XPERIA beautiful will be the XZ PREMIUM. Sony is dead //=

  • jonoave

    Exactly. I have several sony earphones, Walkman and even a portable Sony amp. These days I listen music directly to the Walkman, or through the amp. And the only connection is through the jack.

    I don’t listen with my Xperia Z3 often, only occasionally if I don’t have my Walkman/play a vidoe/make a call. Thus I don’t feel like getting a separate BT earphone that I rarely use and need to charge from time to time, when I already have many wired earphones.

  • HAWX

    Fuck yeah Sony to hell on the grave. Extreme fanboism at It’s best.

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