What do you think of Sony’s new ‘Ambient Flow’ design language?

by XB on 1st March 2018

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Sony Mobile introduced a new design language for its flagship devices called ‘ambient flow’, earlier this week at MWC. There’s no denying that the launch of the Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact has created some divisive opinions.

On the positive side, people like the adoption of smaller bezels and 18:9 display. On the negative side, the design appears to offer no differentiation versus other phones in the market. We have our own views which we will post in due course, but we wanted to pose the question to our readers. Now that you’ve had time to reflect, what do you make of Sony’s new direction in smartphone design? Like it or hate it, we’d love to hear your views below.

If you need a refresher of Sony’s smartphone design history, the video below shows the design evolution of the Xperia series since the early part of this decade, starting with the NXT design of the Xperia S, culminating with the Loop Surface design of the Xperia XZ models.

  • Wolf0491

    I think the design looks fine I just will miss the jack and fingerprint placement. Not a deal breaker though…

  • Absolutely terrible

  • vild trapper

    Hate new design! I love my xz premium.

  • I like it. And Sony had the design already in mind as we saw in the SP leaks. I think in this design we can still see a Sony phone, with the Xperia X design and a device that’s more comfortable to handle. I just wish the belly was some mm smaller. And I’m concerned how s phone with this language of design will be with the adoption of dual lense.

  • Tobias

    I don’t know before seeing the phone irl. But I wish they sticked with the current design language (z-xz1) and the fingerprint sensor at the side and just made the bezels smaller and the screen bigger. Could make the phone 1-2mm thicker for a bigger battery

  • Fryderyk AugustIV

    Sony did omnibalance right. They shouldn’t change something that was good.

  • There’s sense in that names… Just research…. They don’t trough combinations and match the ones who sound better

  • Rene Pedroso

    The design is exactly as Sony stated, it has nothing to do with Bezels and 18:9 display??? The design is more about comfort in the hand (curvature of the back) as well as how the environment / light reacts to it. Most of the reviews I have watched love Sony’s new ”Ambient Flow”. I will be upgrading ”as usual” my XZ1 to the XZ2 (Deep Green).

  • It wasn’t by the eyes of 2017 and 2018. Brands need to follow some trends to survive. And if this brings more money to spend on marketing and research, I’m happy. The join between design and technology

  • Xokolatoli

    The design is just subjective, and Sony always get diferents opinions about they designs. A lot loved omnibalance, but so many others hate it. Now with ambient flow opinions are the same. In my case, I just loved it and it will be my next phone, specially for the back design and the 4K hdr camera

  • DBS

    I think HTC wants their liquid design back and whomever at Sony had the idea of moving the fingerprint scanner to the back and adopting this design should be fired.

    Shouldn’t take too long after these phones flop massively as they deserve.

  • The One

    The front bezels look like the Z3 Compact from 2014. Why did the screen have to change aspect ratios to do what this 4 year old device did?

  • Ederson Baumbach .*.

    My first impression was very bad, but after seeing more photos and videos, my opinion has changed a bit for the better, especially if it is to compare with other devices.

    The Xperia XZ2 until it’s cool seen from the front, but for those who are admiring the brand, like me, it gets that feeling that could have gotten much better.

    In my point of view…

    -Larger screen (5.7 “and 5.0”) inside the same “standard size” of the line;
    -Better aspect ratio (from 16:9 to 18:9);
    -Decreased edges (top and bottom);
    -Relatively curved rear, providing better handling (at least in theory).

    -No 3.5mm headphone jack;
    -FPS moved from the side to the back;
    -The design of the speaker from the top would look more beautiful and discreet if it were like the speaker of the bottom;
    -The Sony symbol would look better on the top (if the sound output was like the bottom);
    The arrangement of the camera and sensors in the rear did not look pretty, especially in the Compact model (it looks like a mid-end);

    I hope the supposed “XZ PRO” surprises me!

  • rakuen

    Well, i just comparing omnibalance and loop between my old xperia M4A and XZs
    The big advantage of omnibalance is, its trully protect the front glass, allowing the front glass of Xperia M4A almost half thin than XZs which is vulnerable on the side

    That why older omnibalance xperia were so thin

    And this design, a very vulnerable back and front, making the glass thicker, and curvature makes the thickness less usefull

    Iove the loop, and four side loop will be better, something like omnibalance loop

    I love when phone can stay flat on desk

  • Jhericx

    At first before by just looking at photos of the phone design, i wasnt impressed because i still prefer the design of the xperia XZ Premium except the huge bezels.
    BUT now that ive seen videos explaining the concept of the new design, i dont have a problem at. I like it now. One thing though, the head phone jack, they should keep it.

  • Naime Shirou

    I love it!! Design is to make it feel good in hand. But the glass make it look like a little bit like HTC. It mean Sony is not trying to copy. Its just a coincidence!! I remember my xperia XZ. Playing game in landscape for half and hour. My hand start to feel pain because of sharp corners. Still. I love that phone. Then i bought Xz premium. Its beautiful but it more sharper then XZ. I still love it. And this XZ2. Wow. I love it. Its beautiful and simple.

    Sorry for bad english haha

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    Yeah, the idea of incorporating the fingerprint sensor was already a good idea. But only if they improved more on it on the Z5, on the Z5 even if your hands are a little moist (Sorry), the phone will not unlock the phone.

  • Dexter Moregan

    I love it at the first time. It looks nice and modern.

    I don’t know why people hate it so much.

  • Ederson Baumbach .*.

    Why has my comment been deleted ??

  • That HTC device was released after or before Sony Pictures leaks?

  • Eduardo Otero

    It’s not bad at all. The real problem is that haters gonna hate. They first complained for a change and bezelless desing now that Sony did it they complain because it doesn’t look like a Sony phone but we had seen it on Z3 and it was beautiful. They hate the side fingerprint sensor now it is rear they say it was better before but it was a must because of the US potential users who got a phone without useful fingerprint sensor. The curve rear helps to hold better the phone. The aspect ratio on screen wasn’t necessary but it is the tendency. The headphone jack is a need that Samsung has made them believe specially because the most of the people has not files in High Resolution so Bluetooth is enough, besides that use the USB C instead of 3.5 jack will bring bettter sound but they will not believe that until Samsung decide to. And yeah this not overly yet the perfect killer phone we are waiting for but I think Sony is on the right way.

  • Completely agree. They are stating a new foundation for future devices. They even spend more time on software and adding some features not available in the stock Android

  • DBS

    Way before.
    The U11 was released in May 2017.
    The U11+ and U11 Life were announced in November 2017 (when Sony was releasing the XZ1 line).

  • Yes… But Sony hack was in 2014.. The ideia was already created

  • DBS

    “They hate the side fingerprint sensor”

    I NEVER saw a single person complain about the side-mounted fingerprint scanner.
    You might want to tone down your fanboyism when trying to come up with excuses for this horrible design.

  • DBS

    Oh spare me. Sony didn’t come up with this design or idea in 2014. And even if they did – which I’m sure they didn’t – it just makes everything even worse because they went backwards on design instead of forward.
    Although it would explain, I admit, how it is possible to release such a shitty design in 2018 considering all the phones being released (and I’m not talking only about the Galaxies but also the likes of the Essential phone etc).

  • I can say that about 60% of people who review the phone and even people I know, don’t like the placement. They preferred on the front or the back at the device. And the fact that it wasn’t activated on the US market made the situation even worst. So the fps is quite a sensible question.

  • Options are always subject. I’m quite sure that there are other brands that can suite your preferences. And I’m saying this because I don’t believe they will change the design. Did you watch the press? It was the first time the audience aplaude an Xperia device reveal.

  • DBS

    Present those reviews. I never saw ONE saying the side-mounted was bad and front or back would be better.
    So I await the links.
    Oh and American reviewers whining about it being disabled doesn’t count. Because even them didn’t complain about the placement, just about the fact that Sony continued to disable the fingerprint scanners.

  • When I got to my computer, I’ll give it to you. And that’s not true. You can easily find on the Pros and Cons area of the reviews the fingerprint issue. Since Z5

  • Moisés

    Compact is a bit better.
    The issue with XZ2 is where things are placed.
    FPS is too low. In the middle of the phone.

    It should be like XA2U.

  • DBS

    I watched American reviewers clapping because the fingerprint would be enabled in the US.
    I also watched the reaction of anger and disgust of the rest of their users (non-American customers that is) to these phones. In fact, never have I seen so many people openly bashing a Sony phone design and saying they’d be moving to something else. I’m pretty sure the terrible sales numbers will attest to that.

    I’m not concerned with this design. I bought an XZ1C to use as a dedicated music player (to replace my Z3C) and that’s it. I would never ever consider using the XZ1C as a daily driver as long as the camera lacks OIS, the screen isn’t AMOLED and the phone lacked wireless charging.
    But one thing I can say: if using the XZ1C wouldn’t be considered, using a XZ2C is completely out of the question. I would NEVER ever pay for a phone this ugly AND with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

    However, I do believe you are wrong. Sony WILL change their design with the XZ3 at IFA. The backlash over this one is so much that they’ll have to go back to the drawing board. I wouldn’t be surprised, in fact, if that was the reason why they postponed the XZ2 Premium.

  • DBS

    Again, I wait for those “reviews”. ’cause I’ve never seen one where the placement was questioned.

  • Moisés

    I think screen should remain 16:9.

    XZ1 has 5.2″ + 14.8cm.
    XZ1C has 4.6″ + 13cm.

    I would use a bit bigger screen, then trim a bit the bezels. Just like they did to XA2.

    Example : XZ2 with 5.5″ + 15cm and XZ2C with 4.8″ with 13.3cm. Vertical sensor bar beside camera.

  • Since you bought a phone just for music… Sorry, but you made your opinion quite invalid. If you don’t spend that time of actually using the device as a daily driver how can you criticised something that you don’t event touch to see if the design have some kind of meaning?

  • DBS

    Sorry? “opinion invalid”? Do you even have the phone yourself? Probably not.

    That said, I use it everyday ’cause I listen to music every day. My opinion is as valid (if not more) than yours. Also, have you even questioned WHY I don’t use it as a daily driver?
    I’ll answer that for you: because the phone is NOT good. It lacks the things I consider essential in a daily driver: a good camera, wireless charging and an AMOLED screen.
    And I can tell you that if the fingerprint scanner wasn’t on the side I would have NEVER even bought it and I would have just gotten a new Z3 instead. Because the way I use the phone, I need the unlocking to be accessible, not easily hidden by a desk or a car mount.

  • Nuno

    Design is very nice, definitely a Sony. The only set back that I find on the XZ2 is the lack of the 3.5mm headphone jack, I believe that Sony offered a great value with the noise cancelling technology and the high resolution sound out of the old 3.5mm port.

  • Bennder

    This phone is good, only problem is camera sensor. Not quality of it than size. Before when camera was above lcd screen it was ok, but now when is behind and with adding camera lens it make phone too tick. And Sony actually announced new dual sensor that is solution to this problem. So this phone is mix of old/new tech and it was releaseded just to fill space before Sony can adopt that new sensor to their next phone.

  • MikeU

    I like the design; it is graceful and elegant. The reaction
    of those people about whom I have read in the mobile phone industry has been mainly
    positive based on Sony’s previous design was viewed at frankly unfashionable.
    Understandably, some of Xperia’s most loyal supporters are unhappy, because the
    old design was part of the identity of Xperia, which is also part of the identity
    of the loyal Xperia owner. However, and ultimately, these loyal fans are
    insufficient worldwide to enable Sony Mobile’s viability. Sony must attempt to
    attract NEW, nonloyal, first time Xperia owners, which would indicate the Xperia
    brand is growing. Go Xperia go!

  • DBS

    1 – What the hell is “MobileSyrup”? Some obscure tech blog?

    2 – That poll of readers: what was their nationality? What was the amount of contact they ever had with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner?

    3 – If you had shown this, you would have made a better argument (https://www.androidauthority.com/fingerprint-sensor-placement-poll-699462/) and still, it’s a mostly American-readership. Which means they’ll vote for the thing they’re most accustomed to.

    4 – You don’t need to resort to online polls to gather the information that Sony customers – people who actually experienced side-mounted fingerprint scanners – prefer it where it was. You just need to read their feedback being sent en mass to Sony.

  • DBS

    Wait…what? É que não percebi nada do que escreveste. Queres tentar em Português? ;)

  • kaostheory

    They should have put a notch in then.

  • MikeU

    Buying a mutifunctional device for just one use is a waste. Sony and other manufacturers make music-only devices.

  • DBS

    Well…it’s my money ;)
    Besides, Sony’s Walkman are either too clunky, too overpriced, or lack microSD expansion or run either an outdated version of Android or worse, a custom OS.
    By using one of their Compacts I have all the advantages of:
    1 – The size and portability
    2 – Having a modern OS that can actually easily connect to a ton of bluetooth devices (from my car to my home speakers to by earbuds)
    3 – Having the advantages of the Play Store where I can get far better music player apps as well as access to Google Play Music and Spotify.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Great front with no ugly notch and slim enenou bezels. Attention to ergonomics is good. It’s HTCish but I’m getting used to it.

    Just the missing headphone jack. Hard to swallow. This is coming from someone that uses Bluetooth audio half the time.

  • MikeU

    Yes, I notice new devices with notches released at MWC 2018. Sony probably didn’t believe the notch would have utility in thw Xperia so they omitted it.

  • To me, with this new design, Sony is not making a flagship look on their devices…they look more like a mid ranger in general. It reminds me to the X/XP/XA family, and the back, obviously makes me say it’s an HTC or even a Lumia what we’re talking about. Placement of the camera seems way too low, and the position of the FP scanner is just WRONG! (seems made only to please North American users).
    They shoul’ve try harder to make it look like a 2018 flagship keeping the loop design (which I consider is very natural, practical, and beautiful), just reducing and keeping symmetry on the bezels and speakers and perhaps changing aspect ratio of the screen. Of course, also keeping the signature point untouched, which is the power button/FPsensor on the side.

  • ZoubIWah

    You know we think it sux on average. The colors are great though.
    To be honest, while i dont like the design, i’d still get the phone if they didnt mess up with other things.

    Right now, im going to get an xz1, a s8 or a s9 (not sure yet) and i’ll look at this again with the xz2 premium *even if the design doesnt change*. If the dual camera of the xz2 premium delivers what sony says this could be a game changer and I’d forego the meh design, and lack of jack (and ill carry a crappy adapter.. dont count on me on using battery powered headphones – i think its super annoying in real life)

  • ZoubIWah

    the side mounted fp sensor is awesome.. they stopped because usa, bad press and patents.. but its definitely better.

  • MikeU

    Why not the iPhone 6S if you are looking for a compact?

  • ZoubIWah

    none of these people tried the side mounted fp. they dont know that side mounted means on the power button either. this is not a good one at all.
    if you look at people who reviewed the sony side fp sensor (when its enabled that is) they all absolutely love it.

  • ZoubIWah

    also thicker phones are actually more pleasant in the hand even thus its bigger in the pocket..

  • DBS

    I could answer with “iOS” and that would be enough.
    But also: I don’t use iTunes nor do I ever want to use it. Or Apple music.
    By the way, I have an iPhone SE. If I was OK using iOS, the thing wouldn’t be gathering dust on a shelf lol

  • ZoubIWah

    on the xz2 the image processing is basically done by qcom to my understanding.. im very very curious to see real samples of it. it might still be bad, but, i’ve hopes.

  • ZoubIWah

    love the z3 design. i still have one, that i just keep because i think its a great looking phone, even thus i no longer use it. this is one of their better phones of the last few years. even the “bad” camera was pretty decent at the time compared to the other flagships

  • Juan Carlos

    I like it!! and most reviewers are praising the new ‘Ambient Flow’ design language.
    I think that the XZ2 and compact version must look better in real life than in pictures, this new design it’s starting to grow on me.

  • Ali Mir

    I am ok with it. It’s not the best but maybe reasonable to some extent.
    However, it was designed by three to four different individuals separately before pasting it together.
    Designer 1: designed the upper front chin (this person never had any communication with Designer 2).
    Designer 2: designed the lower front chin. (never got a chance to see what Designer 1 is doing)
    Designer 3: designed the back (Apparently, someone with tiny extra sensitive hands)
    Designer 4: designed the side (the worst person in any team in the history of mankind, a spy from some other OEM, who wants Sony’s phone to be the thickest flagship ever. Also, an Apple / Chinese / Korean phone fan deep down his/her evil heart and definitely in love with dongles and no respect to Sony’s previously released wired audio devices.)
    So, please fire designer 4 and we can all live in peace! :)

  • tazcubed

    Nonplussed by the design – it basically fades into the crowd. That said, if it’s more comfortable to hold I’m all for it. Glad that they didn’t include the stupid Apple notch – it’s pointless. If Sony wants to be more adventurous, I’m sure they could have found a way. Still can’t get over the crappy 5MP front camera – what the heck are they thinking?! Sony has things to fix before the Premium/Pro version comes out. One thing I do actually think is smart is to put the logo on the bottom. If someone is talking on the phone it’s possible to see it.

  • Akand


  • Akand

    Front is okay. But the placements on the back are horribly stupidly designed. Unbelievable. How a company with great views on practical usability, out of the fancy trends can ever design this kind misplacements. Even XA2 has better placements (well, if they must mount FPS on back)
    I know, not Apple nor any other android manufacturer has more right than Sony to remove 3.5 jack. Sony is most rightful to remove 3.5 jack as they have a lot of Hi-Res Bluetooth headsets. But still it’s a stupid idea to remove ,as they have wired headsets line-up as well.
    Overall both of XZ2 are stupidly designed.
    Sale should decline even worsley… :-(

  • Alessio Torres

    It’s nice to finally see regular size bezels on these phones but as far as design goes it’s nothing special very basic as they have been for the last 6 years but I’m hoping this is a start to something better now let’s hope the actual designs catch up to the marketing and the fit and finish off these phones. I’ve never had a Sony phone die on me that didn’t take any any unusual abuse.

  • Vijaykumar

    I like the front look. Back my be comfortable in the hand but don’t like the look. Finger print sensor should have been on the power button but not a big deal. Over all I can’t say anything until I see the phone in person.

  • shumayal

    It’s a generic smartphone design now. HTC? Lenovo?

  • shumayal

    Agreed. It’s HTC no

  • Glyptho

    As a fan, at first sight of the fade 3D render of XZ2 it was a shock. I was used to the boxy industrial look and finish and like it. Then color shots appeared. It was much better, espacially in that Deep Green. The face of the device grew on me and I think that the round corner will be more ergonomic in hands and in pockets then the chamfered tube corner. I then saw review with people turning/flipping the phone around and tough that it did’nt look as thick as the render. I also like the way that light reflection bends like an S. It’s still around 3mm thicker than other phone, but for me I don’t think it will be an issue. I’ll have to feel it. So for now I’m ok with the ambient flow design. I think it’s a good/ok first step of a new direction/generation.
    What I understand is that with the boxy industrial design, that they pushed very far, it wasn’t anymore enough profitable. So they had to try something new. If the majority didn’t like the boxy look, they had to go the opposite to reach new customers. So that’s what there doing. But I think that they could have ease to swallow that pill if they had keep the headphone jack, put the same speaker on each side(Z5 style pls), and the round power button.
    Beside this design, it is still sony, so good battery life and a smooth experience should still be there.
    I’m in, release the Shiny!

  • Kal-El

    A well spoken subjective comment written using your brain instead of listening to your heart.

  • paul_cus

    I like it, personally. It’s not as wild as earlier designs like the Xperia S, but it’s also not the same design that’s been pumped out for almost five years now. Ambient Flow is a nice look. Still looks like Xperia.

  • VRR

    You sure you aren’t Timel with a fake account?

  • Juan Carlos


  • mado

    I think xperia e series had that design language

  • RIP Design… I never expected this from a flagship…..

  • Vijaykumar

    I am also thinking the same. All he does is hate Sony phones. I have seen him doing the same in many other tech websites.

  • Jacky

    I like the shape, but not the camera and finger print reader’s positions!

  • Warren Chang

    it seems borrow quite bit from older 2013 xperia ZR, therefore not necessary HTC 11


    personally, i like the plain and simplistic xperia XZ/XZs/XZ1 with ALKALEIDO alloy based designs ( i use XZs )

    what would be good, if they used more innovation, maybe use a thin oled 2nd display the top of the phone and reintroduce the 3.5mm headphone jack, the second design would good for notifications when the phone is your shirt pocket

  • Warren Chang

    it’s also noted that this current design was prototyped in 2015 as sony design concepts

    it’s ‘human + plate’ design which i presume all 2018 xperia phones will use

    on the other hand, ‘ tube’ design was used for most of 2017 phones (XZs, XZ1, XZ premium)


  • Aiden Pearce

    its sh***t

  • DBS

    If that’s you “thinking”, you need another brain.

  • DBS

    No, I’m not Timel. I’ve been following the site for a few years. And the folks in charge of XperiaBlog know who I am.

    I don’t have to spare you from reading things you might not like. That’s how life works. I don’t have to turn into a fanboy just to please you ;)

  • Vijaykumar

    My brain is better than yours, which is filled with full of hate.

  • DBS

    Apparently also filled with unnecessary prepositions.

    Here’s the deal, and I’ll repeat what I said above: I don’t have to pander to your tastes or opinions. Deal with it. I don’t like the design, I’ll say I don’t like it.
    You don’t like people criticising? Though luck. Get used to it. In your life you’ll have to deal with opinions different than yours. You either grow up and learn to accept them or you stay a spoiled child and whine every time someone says something you don’t like. Your choice.

  • Vijaykumar

    Yes.You are right . Constructive criticism is good. But I don’t see that in your comments.

  • DBS

    You’re probably not paying attention.
    I also don’t like repeating myself. I’ve said more than once removing the fingerprint from the side and putting it on the back is a stupid idea. What else do you want me to say?
    As for the design, it’s an HTC rip-off. What do you want me to say? That I’ll offer myself to design the phones for Sony for free?
    That they should go back to a design that wasn’t working when it came to bezels?
    When you’re asking about someone’s taste, you can’t really expect people to offer detailed justifications.

  • DBS

    The one on the XZ1C works pretty flawlessly. It never failed me so far.

  • kabiluddin

    I also happy that they finally move to some modern trend like 18:9 BUT I’m very very disappointed that their bazels are still big compared to other phones. The Side bazel of XZ2 and XZ2C are totally disgusting big.

    For example S7 edge achieved 76% STB ration with 16:9 aspect ratio back in 2016 but Sony is only able to achieve 76% STB ration with 18:9 aspect ration in 2018. This is very disappointing. They need to achieve at least 81% STB ration with their next phone.

    Also the Devices in question are toooooooo fat without having a fat battery.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Prefer Arc and NXT design more than this.

    I don’t mean this design is bad but I just don’t like the FPS position =…=

  • Ju Li Hen

    I’ve been a Sony fan before smartphones even existed, and I hate that newish so-called design language. The early Xperia designs were edgy, then they went for something minimal, classy while retaining their identity. Now the XZ2 definitely doesn’t look unique at all.

    The front looks like we’re back to the Z5 (actually Sony still can’t make up its mind about speaker design so they included both styles on this one, looks terrible).
    The back looks like they glued a HTC back on the phone. If they really wanted a bump in the back for ergonomics (that’s fine by me), they should have made a polished version of the L2 back.
    The round corners are generic and make it look like a toy, like most other phones. The back fingerprint sensor is as generic as could be and it’s not practical.

    I would ashamed of holding that phone in front of my friends.

    I loved the Loop Surface design, it was actually unique these days.
    To be honest, the XA2 line looks more premium than those generic phones. How come the flagships have side bezels while the mid-rangers don’t?
    The top and bottom bezels look decent compared to what Sony has done lately but they’re still thick compared to other 18:9 phones.

    Sony never gave us OIS. I stayed.
    Sony never gave us RAW. I stayed.
    Sony never delivered in terms of low-light photography. I stayed.
    For the designs, the build quality, the nearly stock Android experience and because I believed this company was finally going to make the right choices.
    I was wrong.

    I’m not sure whether I should get a XZ1 next or get over the fingerprint issue and get a Galaxy S9. Even the promo video for the S9 is more enticing then the XZ2 video…

  • johala02

    I was not sure what to think first. But after some days I like the new design. So I put a pre-order at the Xperia XZ2.
    After all I think if Sony had continue with the old design, very few people would have bought them. The sales of Sony phones have going down rapidly since 2013/2014. Its not a opinion just look at the statistic.
    For first time in years I think Sony have some devices that can compete with Samsung flagships in a equal level. So overall I am positive.

  • Vijaykumar

    HTC rip-off ? I don’t agree with you. May be the back looks like htc u11 , but front is totally different. Besides Sony had the phones in the past with the with the same back design.

  • Ju Li Hen

    That ‘human+plate’ design was terrible from the start. If anything, they should have gone for the Y design with an ergonomic back.

  • Ju Li Hen

    Yeah, like we’ve never seen that front design before. It looks just like the Xperia Z era with rounder corners maybe, which makes phones look like toys.

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    They improved the sensor, Z5 was the first gen of the sensor. My XZ1 also works fine

  • johala02

    I dont mind it are little fat. I suppose you can made it more slim But then you instead get a huge camera bump like in iPhone X or Nokia 7 Plus.

  • Ju Li Hen

    I know, right?
    The 3 main complaints I’ve ever heard about Sony phones are bezels, photo quality and price. Doubt any of those will change significantly with the XZ2.

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    To be honest, all reviews I’ve watched say that this design looks like an HTC U11 clone, and I agree with them.

  • Bad…

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well where would you hide the front facing speakers without a little bezel on the front of the phone?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I actually like the new design, reminds me of Sony Ericsson Xperia neo which was my first Android phone. Only thing I’m not happy with is the removal of the 3.5 mm jack. Since I have so many devices with 3.5mm jack it is s true deal-breaker for me I don’t want to carry an adapter or buy a new Bluetooth headset for 300 euro…. And I love how people still complain on the front bezels, I think they are perfect not to big not to small. And they kept front facing speakers which is awesome. My next phone will be a Sony but maybe not for like 3 years from now because of the removal of 3.5 mm jack :p Hope they listen to their customers and bring it back just like they did with micro SD card support after Xperia s :)

  • Geralt

    There’s no denying that this step is in the right direction. Most people craved for design changes and most others loved the existing one. Sony has carefully tried to cater both the parties and I would consider it success. Sony’s new design is highly appreciable, but I hope they’ll keep on adding better and better design enhancements in the coming years. Even though it’s a complete departure from what they did from 2013-2017 to early 18, but there is no downside to it whatsoever.

    And if you think it makes Sony looks like other mainstream brands and has lost it’s identity. Sir you need an eye check up.

    I m Sony.Forever :)

  • MikeU

    To be frank, that Sony will restore the headphone jack is unlikely. All my future headphones will be USB-C headphones.

  • mountain

    Well, they did 75,6 St in 2013. But I think they did not sell well.

  • Fawaz

    I feel like this is slice of old flat CRT TV.

  • iia3ezu

    11.1mm thick for XZ2 and 12.1mm thick for XZ2 Compact.

    And no additional battery capacity to compensate for the additional thickness.

    Let’s call it ‘Ambient Fat’ instead.

    This is 2018, no smartphone should be thicker than 9mm, or at the very least, exceed 10mm thick.

    On the positive side, people like the adoption of smaller bezels and 18:9 display.

    Not sure where you got that information from, insinuating that everyone likes 18:9. The people who like/dislike the 18:9 display ratio is split 50-50. It’s not just Sony phones.

    Get ready for poor sales and dismal financial results for Sony’s mobile division again. The omission of the headphone jack is a dealbreaker for many users out there. Unless the XZ2 can take much better photos/videos than the iPhone X and Pixel 2 to compensate for it, no one is going to care.

  • Samantha Alexandra Vélez Salin

    Same thing as always, with less plastic and i suppose more aluminum. Just a bezel and some curves but it doesnt change the Chocolate candy bar form factor

  • Luis

    I’m on the same boat as you my friend.

    Really disappointed with this “Mirai” design and general features. For the first time EVER, I’m really thinking about trading my Xperia XZ for the Galaxy S9. And I’m a Xperia die-hard fan.

  • MikeU

    The omission has not hurt iPhone sales, for example. Nokia, Motorola, Google, HTC, all have dropped the headphone jack (notice a trend?). Let us hope for the better.

  • Phil Gym

    I find it extremely ugly and dated. Especially I don’t like XZ2’s shiny back and XZ2C’s round back. XZ2’s WAY TOO shiny back reminds me of a cosmetic box for extravagand women. Sony Mobile design team is wrong

  • Phil Gym

    Samsung S9 looks way much better and to-date. I wish I was Samsung fan boy..smh

  • Hugh Whitefeld

    Rip off HTC U11

  • MikeU

    I have read this (“HTC ripoff”) a few times until I looked at Xperia’s old designs (E Series in particular).

  • MikeU

    HTC 11 is more memorable than some of Xperia’s older designs (E Series in particular).

  • Harry

    I like the looks. But having used similar curved backs in the past from sony I always felt the extra thickness was not worth it. In regular use a slimmer and flat back is equally comfortable. 9-10mm max with curved back would have been fine… And though I see most people don’t like the back or camera fingerprint placement, I love that, it looks very similar to Neo V which I always felt looked best from back with it cameda placement and curvature. Also the fingerprint sensor location is where it should be, in fact I wonder why didn’t any other manufacturer used this location as this is the easiest to reach with fingerprint sensors at the back. I used few phones last year and had to turn the phone to look where the sensor was. So I really prefer the place where sony has put it. I would still prefer if they put it back in the side though. They can put a seperate power button if there is any patent issue.

  • Harry

    Agreed, there are so many examples fron Sony Ericsson which have this look. It’s just the timing that HTC had similar look recently which is making people think sony copied HTC…

  • HAWX

    Not good. Make the top speaker like the one at the bottom oe vice versa. The long time emphesized symetry since 2013 has thrown out in 1 day. With this speaker shape, it’s impossible to give the same sound.And about the back? When I first saw the phone on youtube I thought WoW, htc got U Ultra succecor..

  • Alvin

    I thought you’re not joking! Lol

    I think the thickness is okay, just the back looks weird.

  • Tann

    Plain and simple. It suc#s!
    It is not ugly per se, but definitely not on prior practical and nice, ease of use Sony design theme.
    Unusable on a flat surface, even less than other look alike phones like htc, even when holding in hand fp scanner is unnaturally too low, and of course, biggest con of no headphone jack.

    18:9 I can understand as it is a stupid trend that “has” to be followed obviously, but 16:9 wouldnt affect sales one bit less.
    Speaker grills now uneven, not looking as good.

    Specs and feature wise it is excellent, but design wise….
    Only good thing done here is less bezel.
    I am not getting this, will be waiting sth Sony designed to be worth my money.
    If all future Xperias keep this design, over next 2 years, I ll be saying goodbye to Sony devices.
    Just my honest view here.

  • Tann

    Ahhah, you absolutely got this right! :)

  • Tann

    That was obviously Sonys point here, but, they will loose so many fan customers over this, and yet, if not heavily marketed this time, will not gain enough new customers to compensate.
    Nobody asked for certain changes here, neither fans, nor hipster trend following “Bieber fan” reviewers….talking about omission of the headphone jack.
    Also fp scanner could have easily been done the other way but still sided, to apply to mericans fp issue, and not by shifting it to the back and ditching iconic design.

    I am really concerned about Sony slowly going the downward Htc route with this.
    I hope I am totally wrong tho. But I just see it coming.

  • Bukenya Charles Lusansa

    As an xzp owner, I am disgusted by Sony’s new design language. Omnibalance was elegant, they only needed to improve STB to compete. Also why did they have to kill the jack. Sorry Sony your are dead to me now.

  • К. Григорьев

    I can’t say I do not like it. The new design is good, but it doesn’t have that personality of Xperia smartphones. The back of the smartphone looks like most other smartphones. I always really liked the idea with the fingerprint scanner in the power button. I think it’s a terrible decision to transfer it to the back side of the smartphone.

  • Tann

    Who cares who dropped what?
    Htc is bust, bought by Google,
    Pixel phones selling even less tham Xperias, Motorola is chinese now also, sales are still a slumber,
    Nokia sells more just because its china cheap, not because people love its jack less wonders.

    See the pattern here?

    And iphones? Also reporting lower sales than last year, just bumped the prices up heavily, so it is not noticable on profit reports.
    Apple fans would by iShit, and claim it extraordinary, even if it came with diarrhea instead.

    Mark my words, ommiting headphone jack/interface is the biggest mistake Sony Mobile did in recent years.

  • Frando 99

    its beautiful i really like it!

  • Yasir Fawad

    It’s vivaz pro design if you reremembe?

  • MikeU

    According to IDC, mobile phone sales declined worldwide in 2017, perhaps due to improved quality and consumers retaining their devices over a longer period. Improvements in battery life, power, and speed are bases for future growth, as well as increasing market share in the developing world, IDC reports.

    Anyhow, the premise of this post is irrespective of the loss of the headphone jack, customers (the youth in particular) will adjust to different means to hear their beloved sounds. All my future headphones will be USB-C headphones.

  • Martin Plicka

    I don’t like it. The phone back design is like … I’ve seen that somewhere. I think they made new “lost among other brands designs” model. Plus, the new compact is bigger in all dimensions, also heavier. I hope (for Sony) that they will get more customers than they will probably lost by this change. As soon as I have some money to spare, I will get XZ1 Compact before it runs out of stock and wait for some future models.

  • SonyXZP_user

    Sony, why are you marketing the evolution of the Xperia Design? Because of this, we are getting to love XZ2 already… But still nah, ah! I will wait for your XZ2 Premium. :P

  • Koi
  • nikola1970

    I think it looks decent on the front, even though bazel is still present, but the back looks awful! HTC copy. UGLY! Looks like 2014. phone.

  • NinJy

    The design is not bad itself, it feels just already seen everywhere.
    And of course the reader on the back is a pain, but understandable for US (f*) market…

    XZP design with smaller bezels like these should have been really beautiful and not mainstream as this.

  • Farid Cooper

    Missed opportunity to bring back the distinctive Xperia Z-Z3 style power button!

  • Skipper

    First of all, I’m not a fan of 18:9. At all.
    Second, all the charm of a Sony product is gone. Simply, those two, are plain ugly. Like a Chinese ripoff.
    Third, I’m a Sony fan. I had all Sony flagships. Brand new.
    Forth, no way, i will replace my XZ1C with one of this.
    This is just one example about user expectations.
    How hard it is?

  • Konstantin

    Unfortunately, it’s one more htc any or other noname china-phones. I haven’t seen it live, but i guess i won’t like that either. Btw, why didnt the video start with xperia arc? :)

  • Rene Pedroso

    My comment wasn’t about what the XZ2 looked like. To be honest all phones look alike in some way or another. My comment simply stated most reviews loved it.

  • Bulitz

    I really was expecting a XZP design with less bezels. If the little brother has haptic feedback, I might get 1. It’s a cutie monster.

  • Koi
  • H. Daniel Cruz

    Sorry if I didn’t express myself correctly, just that in many places that I normally read that have mentioned it, they mainly said that the XZ2 was comfortable in the hand but the design reminded them to the HTC U11 which for them (and for me) was kind of a disappointment.

  • AllanKafka

    That’s all it would have taken. Probably hard to fit the main camera and the display in that thickness, but I would have accepted a camera hump rather than the new HTC back.

  • Meowster

    Hate it.The front look like from a chinese phone, and the back is too similar to htc u.Now that the elegant and classy design have gone,the same meh camera etc, i see no reasons why people should buy this instead of the s9 or even a OnePlus.

  • deekbee

    These designs are not really great. Sony’s prior generations have been generally most excellent, but these new ones are …. not.

    FPS should be kept on the side, close to the perfect location. Well, either that or Sony maybe should have got the leap in under screen FPS – which has been demoed by a few (much smaller) companies.

    A company with the resources of Sony should be leading, not attempting to (badly) follow.

  • Breeze Ocean


  • Stephen

    It really puzzles me, if they thought that going back to the marvellous Z2 edge speaker design was a good idea with 1 speaker – why didn’t they do it with the OTHER speaker? Mis-matched front facing speakers…? Come on Sony, that’s the kind of car crash design skills I’d expect from Apple. Other than this, now being an extremely happy owner of an XZ Premium, and seeing the battery is shrinking again, no bloody thank you, Sony! My last 2 phones have been a Z3 and then to an XZ. All the endless claims you see about “oh it won’t matter that the battery is smaller, because the Snapdragon 820, plus Oreo, make everything much more efficient. In ACTUAL experience, rather than these people’s quoting off spec sheets and proclaiming their expertise, is that this claim is completely untrue. It is even further backed up by the fact that, on Oreo, at a time when I KNOW my XZ would have been on its knees, my XZ Premium was still on 60%.
    The rear is, as most have said, very unappealing. Bezels are smaller – I never once gave a toss about bezels, on any phone I’ve ever owned. So big deal – that doesn’t cut it at all. It’s nice that they’ve upped the slow-mo video to 1080p now. But all in all, I’m going to sit this one out and look forward either to IFA, or of course 2019.

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    I’m sorry but the more I watch it the more I dislike it, the bottom bezel looks so big compared to the top bezel; Unsymmetrical speakers? Really? Just to match the Unsymmetrical bezels?; The back of the phone screams U11, and the position of the camera and the FS are really bad, SPECIALLY the FS (without even considering that is not on the power button).

    And it’s not related directly with design, but no 3.5 headphone jack, and who thought that a rumble feature for movies and music was a nice idea in a phone???? There’s so much wrong things in this phone for me personally.

    I love Sony so I hope they do well, but I also hope this phone don’t sell well so they try to improve things.

  • SopNaw
  • Akand

    Sony made me already frustrated, angry and aggressive. Please don’t join Sony. How can Sony be so stupid? ??
    I am badly in need of a new phone, but Sony left in trouble. I can’t even think of a phone without Sony UI. But XZ2 duo have so idiotic setup on the back, seeing that I can not but cry.
    XZ1 compact or XA2 only options available to me now.

  • Akand

    Even XA2 is better designed.

  • Talos the Robot

    At least they will have better battery life due to this. People who who complain about thickness and heaviness are usually carrying chargers and power-banks all the time which is very annoying in my opinion.

  • Akand

    That would have been another stupidity from them.

  • Talos the Robot

    Absolutely spot on!!!

  • Talos the Robot

    Sony directive is to attract the US market that is not over-saturated by Chinese manufacturers like Europe and Asia. That’s the main reason! The US market is forcing protectionism against anything Chinese and this is not good for the competition and for consumers in general.

  • ganesh

    i thought this one looks like xperia neo or neo v

  • Talos the Robot

    I have the XZ Premium and i will keep it as long as i can and i will wait for the next design change.

  • Talos the Robot

    What about Xiaomi?

  • ganesh
  • Rene Pedroso

    I have owned every version of the Xperia line and there hasn’t be one that hasn’t been criticized. Sony has been the manufacturer that has been first to bring so many things to the mobile decision. This is why many are always disappointed when they don’t get it right. Everyone ALWAYS loves my Xperia I am sure they will love my XZ2 also.

  • Gxost

    I had SE Neo V, and it looked way better than XZ2. Design of Neo V is unique and completed, and XZ2 seem to have two independent designs of front and back. After stunning Sony smartphones XZ2 is meh.

  • Justin

    I don’t like it. The phone is almost 50% thicker and 25% heavier than the XZ1 but there is no real increase in battery size. Where is all of that coming from? The only thing I’ve seen is the stupid super-vibrator that is hardly going to be selling point differentiator for people.

    With the extra weight and size did they really need to get rid of the audio jack? We were told that manufacturers were going that way because it was affecting the phones’ slimness profiles in the quest for anorexic phones. Sony gave us the worst of both worlds, chunkier phones and no jack.

    I hate the relocation of the FPS from a natural position on the side power button to the back like every other me-too Android phone maker. It’s useless there. I imagine I would have to fumble around a bit just trying to find it before the phone unlocks. All this just to allegedly appease the US market (although nobody at Sony has actually come out and said that’s the reason for the change, do they have a non-compete non-disclosure agreement with someone?).

    This is the beginning of the end of Sony as a mobile phone maker. They are going to lose thousands of fans who liked their previous design language because it was Sony, because it was different, and mostly because it was simple and elegant.

    I’m in the market for a new phone and was waiting for MWC to see what exciting things Sony would bring to the table but this is so underwhelming you have to ask if they actually trying.

    And one of the worst things about the whole debacle is that nobody from the tech journalism world has bothered to take Sony to task on it. All we get are breathless marketing interviews with the usual wankiness about their concepts and what their message is but nobody at Sony has once mentioned its existing customers and what they want, what they’ve asked for. It’s the sign of a complacent and out of touch firm going determinedly down the gurgler.

  • Call It What You Want

    lol you just made my day!

  • Gxost

    Previous Sony phone designs were stunning. This new “Ambient Flow” is average, non-unique and not completed. Front and back are too different as if they were designed by different people. XZ2 is too thick which is not ok for smartphone with large screen. Also assymetric speakers and camerasensor spots make feeling as if it’s a cheap chinese device than japaneese flagship.

  • Tann

    I kinnda like the sensor spots….them look futuristic.
    If camera would only be above them and not under, and fp scanner in place of camera….it would look superb indeed.

  • Gxost

    Camera/sensor spots are ok. What is not ok is their assymetry. They look negligently.

  • Murat Mızrak

    we do not want the model change. we just wanted the model with a narrower edge. you go back to the old xperia neo model. Make a thickness of 11 mm. Put a loudspeaker line on top. It’s like class 3 phones.

  • Jithendra Suram

    What do you think of Sony’s new ‘Ambient Flow’ design language?
    Do you think you created a fantastic language..??
    In a simple sentence to say about your new product..As you had shut down your Laptop productions(Vaio)..The Xperia days also coming near for you where you will shutdown it soon..
    Mark my words…
    You deeply hurted your beloved customers and will never gonna come back…

  • ganesh

    even i had the same.it was an excellent phone.i agree with the fact that neo v looks way better.But it is not a copy from HTC.There are so many comments says that it is a rip off .

    I bet those guys are kids who only look for tech shit and buy absolutely nothing.

  • AllanKafka

    I think Gxost is referring to the front camera and sensors, which are indeed asymmetrically positioned wrt the vertical symmetry axis of the phone.

  • Tann

    Only thing left to do, for us Xperia fans dissapointed with these designs.
    I checked other OEMs, nothing satisfies me, always too many compromises to swallow.
    I cant go backwards from “all in one” package front stereo, quality ips lcd, dedicated headphone hi res sound interface and sound enhancements, ip 68 rating, qnovo battery protection, and fastest n fluent unclogged android UI of Sony.
    I just…cant force myself to compromise on these.

  • ganesh

    which phone are you using?i am bit curious .

  • CheapMonk

    I’m in a hurry to buy a XZ1 Compact !

  • AllanKafka

    New design language is generic. Top speaker slit is bad, bottom is good. Please choose just one next time. FP moved to the back but side bezels are still there. In the end probably I should be glad that it doesn’t have a notch.
    The black XZ2 is particularly bad for me because it totally looks to me like a 200 EUR Huawei.

  • Tann

    Well, at least they didnt follow “the notch”
    Ahhah, I love this guy, be sure to watch:

  • Ju Li Hen

    Just because the back of E series isn’t flat doesn’t mean the back of the XZ2 is the same. I checked several times, it’s much closer to the HTC design than it is to any Xperia older design.

  • Ju Li Hen

    Maybe you need to check photos of the 3 devices next to each other and you’ll see the XZ2 is very different from the Neo V.

  • Ju Li Hen

    I would buy that phone… if it was real, but of course Sony messed up *again*.

  • Antero Masonen

    Hell yeah sexy af!! Totally buying! Rounded corners like in my Z5

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    XA2 best bang for the buck

  • Niels d. G.

    I don’t get people’s gripe about phones still having a little bezel. At least this way you won’t have to deal with unwanted screen touches and you can still hold the phone securely in landscape mode without covering any part of the display. also gaming is much easier with some top and bottom bezel, because without bezel, your thumbs will be in a cramped inward position while gaming. Also, better front facing speakers.

  • Кирилл Колотилин

    Flawed and poor remnant as if filled with a thick layer of varnish on top. Next to the old design so all the Chinese crap and after seeing this, nobody cares how it fits the hand and what’s inside… There was a magnificent and stylish design on anything not similar and recognizable. It was only necessary to reduce the frame and not touch the incredibly convenient location of the fingerprint sensor on the side!

  • Niels d. G.

    Add 0.5 mm of thickness and you will have a larger battery capacity and no camera hump!

  • Кирилл Колотилин

    Flawed and poor remnant as if filled with a thick layer of varnish on top. Next to the old design so all the Chinese crap and after seeing this, nobody cares how it fits the hand and what’s inside… There was a magnificent and stylish design on anything not similar and recognizable. It was only necessary to reduce the frame and not touch the incredibly convenient location of the fingerprint sensor on the side!

  • skrug

    Considering that 99% of the phone released/sold has a back or front scanner, and most never tried or had a chance to try side mounted scanner, it’s no wonder the pool result is like that.

  • Кирилл Колотилин

    This is not evolution but degradation and squalor! There used to be a style. Now the cheap …

  • Khalid Abdi

    Yes, they even talked about it not doing it due it sabotages the content

  • Khalid Abdi

    It is good and beautiful. I think people should accept it and see a Sony design rather than judging it, besides Sony needs to Succeed and needs our support as their fans whether it was good or bad.
    For those who is saying it’s boring design, HTC look alike blah blah, Move On!!!!
    At least, they’re better than the ones who are making notches.

  • dragonsneeze

    Here are Sony’s design inspirations for Ambient Flow. And you guys thought it looked like HTC. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/97927a87e88938f28b459913a2316f061d63a19f0ead42abd558b3f926b120ca.png

  • BosM

    It is not the topic, but i have little problem with z5. When i watch youtube videos at 720p and 60fps, or 1080p60fps youtube app freez the picture but audio continue to play (not always), and i must close app … It is so annoying, it happens almost evry day, somebody know fix (and dont tell me buy new phone, :) )

  • vijay R.A

    I think sony made a huge step forward by adopting this new design. As a sony fan one must encourage them which will make them grow in the field of design, and negating their theory will not work. This is just the start that tells us sony is still in the battle and ne er gives up, so the next mid ranger or flagship will have a new design as well. I’m with the Sony’s side. This design looks good and anyway we will be covering the back with a case.. Then this mob will look awesome.. One thing is Side mounted fingerprint is good but why they changed that? Who is with me?

  • vijay R.A

    Update the app.. Restart your device..

  • Khalid Abdi

    BTW the phone doesn’t look that when you look in the videos

  • FÖ2

    I think the main reason Sony changed their design is the issue with the side fps patent in the US. And I believe Sony fans should understand this issue. Moving the fps to the rear of the phone meant they had to change the design altogether. Moreover, 18:9 aspect ratio has become the new trend. And weather we like it or not, if you decide to leave Sony, you are still going to end up with what Sony has just done, on another brand. If u go with Samsung or LG or One plus, you still end up with 18:9 aspect ratio, rear fps, except for Samsung where u get the 3.5mm jack.

  • dragonsneeze

    Look that? (Bad?) Some angles look Ok. There’s no denying its bulkiness no matter how comfortable it is. Sony said a huge F.U. to its own base with this design. See their official video like rates. I’ll be really surprised if these sell a lot.
    PS. Am I the only one who sees a clamshell phone in “Design Evolution” video around 1.13?

  • Khalid Abdi

    Yet again it looks good and this is the first prototype in the design so give it a chance and go take a look when the phone arrives because I’m sure that it won’t look or feel the way you thought

  • dko3tgk

    I don’t like it. I just wanted an improved Z5.
    16:9 screen (18:9 is an excuse to keep the phone big and claim to shrink bezels)
    Tiny bezels (closer to 80% screen ratio)
    Side fingerprint sensor. (just keep firmware deactivating in US)
    Headphone jack (were any Sony fans asking for it to be removed?)
    Dual SIM AND SD slot (why didnt Sony keep this past Z5?)

    Thats really about it. I agree we lost all the Sony unique features along the way. And just have an ugly frankenstein of Samsung and Chinese models. Sony used to be classy. Now its nothing special.
    I might get a Huawei P10 dual or Nokia 8/9 or Galaxy S9 for my next phone. Sony needs to remember the ZL size, Z3 features, and Z5 style for me to come back. This new design has made a loyal Sony owner completely turned off.

  • BosM

    Thanks for answer but, I did all of that, even factory reset my phone..

  • vijay R.A

    Then u Will get the security update for meltdown and spectre cpu vulnerabilities.. Wait for it

  • Insane014

    They can call it however they want it but the truth is it’s “me-too design” with better fit and finish.
    XZ2 grew in size, XZ2 Compact grew in size due to idiotic 2:1 ratio but if you take a look at it closely XZ2 scales down the content on the screen compared to XZ1, just like every other 2:1. So not only you just got 100mm taller device you also got smaller elements on screen.

  • MyLive

    First video showing xperia S, 6 year old phone which still looks stunning to me with its cosmic flow LWP.. I don’t know if I will feel the same way when looking at XZ2 6 years from now.. XZ2 design is not bad, only just too common..

  • vigneshprince

    first, i dont like the design especially the back, second no finger print moved to back. other than this i have nothing against it.

  • Insane014

    It’s amount of glass they use that has increased XZ2 weight. With 72mm width its the only device together with Galaxy S9 that is comfortable for one hand usage.
    It doesn’t excuse it from it’s blandness and lack of design.

  • Alex Norris

    I found Designer 5 ! He wanted that we use XZ2 like Spinner ) https://youtu.be/8GFiAUYbdIA?t=82

  • AllanKafka

    I noticed that as well, but I think you can still easily set the “Display size” in Settings -> Display in order to optimize it for your use.

  • CheapMonk

    Annnnnd they were not talking to each other !

  • roeshak

    To be honest, although nothing to jump up and down about, it’s at least more current and a much needed refresh. Better current and generic than unique but stale but that’s just my opinion. Others I’m sure will disagree

  • roeshak

    It’s the simple truth but not one which will sink into the minds of the Sony mobile die hards. You cannot stay viable on just the support of your loyal core unless you’re Apple who have limited competition.
    Sony attempted to stay loyal to the die hards but it’s a numbers game and the numbers don’t lie. They were effectively, just as Sony Ericsson before them, dying out slowly.
    Sony just doesn’t have enough die hards to survive so an attempt to broaden the appeal of their devices had to be made.
    For me the design is a welcome refresh but that camera module is still so dated. An f2.0 non ois lens in 2018? Come on! That is hardware from 2014. Drastic improvement needed there too. The key selling points of smartphones today are design display and camera. One down or brownish but two to go. Display isn’t such a big deal but a switch to oled is necessary. Camera is where they lag lag lag behind the top competition.

  • hansip

    My only complain is the side bezels really.. when flagship is not sexier than the midrange like XA2, i don’t think that’s the right way..

  • Goran

    Pure disappointment. Swollen htc U12

  • Goran

    You like swollen htc U12? Well, soon we will see Sony mobile revenue and we’ll know what ppl really think of this thickest ever phone with no place for 3.5.

  • Jahan Khan Ward-Rashid

    Too little too late. Having been a sony loyal fan for 2 decades, i have lost faith in them. In the past i have tried to stick to Sony throughout my house and personally. Ie sony smartwatch, tablet, phone, tvs, laptop, desktop, headphones, playstation etc. No watch or tablet from Sony in the past couple of years. They insist on massive megapixel lenses on their smartphones when the competitio uses sonys lower megapixel lenses and take better shots. The massive bezels annoyed me, the bezels are still too big on the latest model. They needed to stick to a couple more product categories to stay relevant. They have tried to do what Apple did (or Steve Jobs) for that matter and it has backfired. They havent had a homerun portable product. Now im rocking a galaxy note 8, a tab s3 and a surface book. I probably wont look back unless Sony get back into the tablet, smartwatch and windows laptop markets.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    There are 4 things bothering me!
    1. Lack of 3.5mm jack. Serious deal breaker for me!
    2. Rear fingerprint reader. I know that this is due to HP patents, but again it is something routine in the market. Side FP reader was sort of signature Sony thing.
    3. Thick profile yet small battery. We know that Xperias are great in battery aspects but then given the amount of space available, Sony could have gone with bigger capacity.
    4. Few stupid whiners!. People whined about Sony making huge bezel phones with same design language, but when they came with a new design,still these morons are complaining .

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    It’s gorgeous

  • mol mol

    sorry, ugly, very samsung’ish

  • dragonsneeze

    Oh I will do that but I don’t have any hope.

  • krishna

    Not upto sony’s standard.. ..in design no one beat sony but after seeing this.. now I doubt….

  • Khalid Abdi

    OK but have the hope and wait for the XZ2 Premium

  • ganesh

    still similar back design right?

  • Alessio Torres

    If your an athletic person giant bezels don’t work well in the pocket especially if you’re walking too short.

  • Alessio Torres

    Sony comes up with fancy names for very basic designs Omni balance was nothing and it’s the same with this new design language whatever it’s called it’s just baloney. They’re design should be called its basic like we don’t even care to try language a far cry from the Xperia arc with all its curves.

  • Sampahio Damaceno
  • Alessio Torres

    If they want to attract new customers with design then they need to try a little harder these phones are okay and maybe helped online with a nice shiny finish and sometimes simple is nice and it’s refreshing to see some bezels that are not so huge and overpowering but they definitely do not deserve a pat on the back for this design they needed to hire someone new in that department hopefully this is a start to something new.

  • Bulitz

    Accordingly, this is coming in August, the Xperia note.

  • Alessio Torres

    It’s a good entry level design but if they want to compete they need to come up with something better for a flagship phone.

  • dragonsneeze

    :) all right.

  • mUSICA

    frankly i like it

  • PoweredBySony
  • Ju Li Hen

    Now that I’ve seen the actual phone on Youtube videos, I dislike it even more. Just looks so cheap.

  • CheapMonk
  • hussain sabun

    I totally agree with you, some people useless support something which is of no use. Bezel free looks fancy, just.

  • I like the new XZ2 design, its beautiful on the pictures, and it will be even more when you got one in your hands.

    I personally would like to have Z5 design with the 18:9 aspect ratio, and frosted glass back, my God why Sony rejected this. Or XZ1 design. It doesnt matter, I like both.

    What I don´t like is Sony should go with the 1440p resolution, and kept 3.5mm headphone jack, and even, dual camera setup.

    Now don´t tell me no one needs dual camera, I agree, I mean, I don´t need that, but most of the people out there will want dual camera setup because bokeh effect.

    And man, no OIS, I just want to hear from Sony why we don´t get OIS.

  • Ju Li Hen

    If you look from afar and squint maybe.

  • Craig

    Don’t like it at all – due mostly the bigger footprint of the compact and the rounded back. I prefer the Omnibalance design and smaller size of the old compacts. I’ve purchased almost all of the compact phones, but won’t be purchasing any with this design.

  • Emilio Martinez

    After a few days I have to say that they MOSTLY got it right, except:
    A) they should have had similar upper and lower speaker design (similar to the xperia xz1 or xa1)
    B) The iconic circular power button should have stayed
    C) since the fingerprint reader is not on the side anymore, they should have done the borderless edge to edge screen similar to the Xa phones, and this would have made it a much more attractive phone.
    D) maybe round the battery down to 3000mAh so that they could have shaved off a milimiter or two
    E) headphone jack :( you shall be missed.

  • algiuz

    For all glass phone, I wanna see drop test, because I don’t really consider myself clumsy person, but my xz fall to the ground quite few times last year. Survived them all tho.

  • Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    I really love it..

  • kappa

    I would have rather had an ergonomic back like the xperia S than a god damn camera hump.

  • kappa

    I fail to understand how there was no space for the headphone jack, if it is this thick.

  • Richard Brutski

    No, it should be placed on the side. The back mounted sensor is cancer


    I don’t like moving the finger sensor to the back and the Please of the camera the new design is too old and didn’t give any credit to Sony on creativity on it and we all waiting for new design with no pezls in the screen and smartphone with camera working good and dual camera this is disappointing

  • azzido

    Ugliest Xperia ever and so far ugliest smartphone 2018.
    Looks like cheap chinese crap…

  • Moisés

    Ugliest is E4.. Way worse.

  • azzido

    what if it will provide less money (most likely to happen when looking at these flops and reading other reactions)?

  • Moisés

    Apple, not HP..

    It began with an old deal with a carrier. They could not sell phones with FPS in USA.
    Razer and Nexbit Robin use side FPS

  • Moisés

    Almost 500mAh more than XZ1.
    Both screens are 424ppi.

  • azzido

    awaiting the sales figures just to tell you how wrong ou are :)
    and will do this with pleassure :D

  • azzido

    this is start of the end.
    Nail to the coffin :D

  • azzido

    what attempt is it with ugliest design ever made for a smartphone with downgrade, feature removal or max 2017 specs ???

    What herbs are causing your comments?

  • azzido

    Yes, it looks extremely bad.
    I bet they hired Fiat Multipla designer to produce this ugliest Xperia ever.

    And we asked for Arc design but they come out with this flop.
    Still can’t believe how dumb they are by doing this… Hope sales will be extremely low to kick their asses.

    Also, I hope many people will lose the job in sony mobile, anyone who supported this project should be faired immediately.

  • azzido

    I think that lack of leaks of their “new design” will cost them a lot.

    If it leaked at early stage they would know NOT to do this.
    But they are so stubborn with their leak policy as they are with producing poor mobile cameras without OIS…

    FAT ugly princess with mediocre battery and still camera hump no matter 11mm.
    OMG still can’t believe it…

    How fat was Z3 or Z5? These didn’t have this stupid camera hump.
    18:9 is gimmick, I agree some may like and some dislike it.
    Some bezels are needed for good camera and speakers.

    They provided downgrade to front camera, 2017 hardware specs for ram and storage.
    2011 back camera with laughable F2.0, removed headphone jack, removed perfect side mounted fingerprint scanner. Created ugliest toyished, chinese shiny crappy design. Still focusing and wasting time on stupidity like 3d creator…

    They want 930 euros for it?
    Ahahahahahah!!! They really made my day :D

    I do not want it for free… This “thing” offends me.
    I do not want to look at it at all…

  • azzido

    Xperia Arc Premium, where are you?

  • azzido

    Me too.

  • azzido

    I agree except stock Android, I hate stock android…
    Rest I completely agree.

    Sony is no longer relevant. They’ve been classy, now they produce crappy chinese outdated toys.

  • azzido

    only 80mAh over Xperia Z3.

    Xperia Z3 = 5.2″
    Xperia XZ2 = 5.7″

    is this a joke? :D

    Dood, go to school educate yourselves, it’s not the pixel density but screen size who is consuming battery. Or simply grow up kid.

  • azzido

    but see how much improvements other brands did for taking pictures:

    F1.4 – F1.5, OIS, dual cameras, RAW, HDR+, tonal range, much better software and alghoritms.

    Sony stil with 2011 cameras and now even with downgrade to front facing camera :) :) :)

  • azzido

    who cares paid reviews?
    I care my opinion and this is worst design 2018 + worst Xperia design ever.

    Literally, it’s designer’s nightare and best example “how you shouldn’t design a smartphone”.

  • azzido

    I hope everyone will force against chinese as this is crap.

  • azzido

    Now S9 looks so classy when compared to ugly XZ2

  • azzido

    I may end up with S9 this time, which looks superior to XZ2 flop, has great camera with F1.5, OIS, RAW, better software and even model with dual cameras.

    Oh by the way, it has headphone jack too :)
    It has only 2 issues: fps on the back and touchwiz.

    Touchwiz issue I will fix day1 by installing a launcher. So it will have only one issue which is fps :)

    XZ2 is all disaster that should never happen.

  • azzido

    How is SurfaceBook?
    Is this SurfaceBook2? I am thinking of buying one.

    Sony is no longer relevant.

  • Mauro79

    The Samsung S7 from 2016 makes better low light pictures than the best Phone from Sony in the Year 2018..

    This is one point.

    The other, the Fingerprint ist not on the side. When Sony works on the Camera quality and put the Fingerprint on the right side, the phone is perfect for the most Sony Friends…..

  • azzido

    I would not say it better.

    I think noone can be stupid this level to claim smaller battery is better or does not matter… This must be sony employees to write such comments here or real dumbs…

  • azzido

    you think this thing can compete with Samsung flagships???

    Are you dumb?

  • azzido

    how long do you work for sony?

  • ChiTownT3x

    Do not like what they have done with the Compact line at all. Increased size, no headphone jack and curious to see how the battery life is with the larger/higher res screen. There and tons of 5″ phones to choose from at a fraction of the price the new Compact is releasing at. What made the Compact special was that it was the last 4.6″ size form factor phone with good specs. Now it’s just another 5″ phone that’s twice as expensive as everyone else.

  • azzido

    I am waiting for it too, the only thing is this time headphone jack can be on the tom, like in XZ Premium ;), and FM Radio and fingerprint on the side, dual cameras with OIS and F1.4, big 4000mAh battery and 4K screen it would be great.

  • azzido

    people wanted new classy design, not new ugliest design ever…

    See the difference?
    |Something new and looking great like Arc at its time or XZ3 compact.

  • azzido

    Album widget!

  • Warren Chang

    Bet you couldn’t guess which phone won the best smart phone of MWC 2018, it’s the Sony xperia XZ2, it’s official, if you don’t believe me Google it yourself

  • Killian Khoo

    On the first look of the phones, it feel not Sony-ish.
    But if you looks at it for quite a few times more, it feel like an evoluation step needed for Sony to take.
    Still not like the looks of the backpanel of XZ2 at this point.
    XZ2 Compact looks is fine looks just like my Xperia ZR.
    I would really like Sony to take a step back and look back at 1st gen Xperia ZL for future model thought. I think those should the step Sony should take to reduce bezel.
    I still think the first gen Z series is still the best looking Xperia in the market.

  • mynameissomeone

    buy the xz1 thats what i did when the xz2 started to leak and i fell in love with it apart from the plastic top and bottom and camerabump the screen also has a weird line pattern making it look lowres, but i still adore it.

  • mynameissomeone

    it’s pretty but not, god i need it pretty, i got the xz1 instead and i fell in love with it, the xz2 just doesn’t appeal to me, when i look at the front i think hmm this looks nice, then i look at the back and go meh, some pictures show the back in a better way less curved, and stereospeakers are always good, if the xz2 used an oled it would be the only oled phone with a flat screen and somewhat boxy shape which would make it more interesting as a phone but not as a sony phone, but i see no point in buying this over the xz1 you just lose the amazing fingeprintscanner location which in my opinion is better than inside the screen and headphone jack for a slightly better cpu and a generic design, not worth it not in my eyes, theres nothing about the xz2 that makes me want it, it looks nice but nothing i really have to have and collect because it’s so beautiful like all other sony phones i practically collected because i could not stay away from the design of them i own a z1 a z2 a z ultra a z3 a z5 premium, i was addicted to them but this one, it just doesn’t appeal to me enough to go out of my way to buy, it did bring my eyes to the xz1 and i fell in love with it, the scratchresistant black metal goes all around the back to the side, i fell in love with that design, i lost interest in sony phones with the xz because of the plastic frame, speakerslits and curved glass corners like a lumia not to mention weird box at the back, but then i found out about the xz1 which fixed most of these issues and i wouldn’t have known about the xz1 if it wasn’t for the xz2 leaks

  • mynameissomeone
  • barom

    It’s alright, still wish we would see some of those Sony Ericssons designs again but I’m guessing those designers got laid off after the merger. The transparent bar on the S, P, U was cool but ever since, I’ve kind of just been “eh” about the look. Nothing that stands out (except for the nice dark blue colors).

  • Lady_AMD

    I hate it. It’s gonna grow on me but I still hate it as of now

    Z5 had the best design

  • DarkOrange Kurome

    it’s a fine design. it actually looks like an updated design of the Xperia X or XA Ultra at the front. the back is something one may need some getting used to, though. sucks that there is no headphone jack and i hope the adapter does not affect sound quality for wired headsets.
    all in all, it’s a good step forward in design. what really matters is performance and reliability imho.


    The fingerprint sensor is in consideration of the Sony users in the US, they cannot enable the fingerprint sensor in the US when it is on the side because of some patent issue, if they change to another placement it will work in the US, and with that it may bring better sales

  • arcu de triumf

    Thanx but no thanx. First 18:9 it’s tooooo looooong (but hey, that’s me). Second, Compact should be 4.6″ (under 5″ anyway) otherwise it’s not Compact anymore. Audi A3 it’s not a compact car if it has the lenght of an A4. Now Sony mobiles are just like the other ones only more expensives. We will see the sales for this year. And beyond that, the world wide mobiles market is already saturated so I’m afraid there’s no more room left for growth.

  • nfs2010

    The bezel job could have been better.

    1. Here is Z3+ (6.9mm thick, > 2900mAh battery) . Its backlight runs past the screen into the bottom bezel. Just find a screen which is as big as the backlight, the screen ratio will be the same or better than XZ2. I’m talking about the easiest way!

    2. Wanna do some real work to keep it symmetrical? Increase the upper backlight/screen, halve the plastic frame behind the metal one and shrink the top board a tiny bit (Moore’s law?), then you have a winner – screen ratio will be >80%. Also to keep the back flat after adding the extra upper screen/backlight, increase the thickness by 1mm and fatten the battery and throw in some filler on top of the lower board !

    3. Still want a bigger diagonal – play the geometry game with a funky aspect ratio

    Just leverage the work you’ve already done years ago!

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b2084077b70a11fa4a3dee64f7a841db21cd2205b7826fe65dd130dc453cefe6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c08ca9fe80c961e919ac0d6ffa3d4f01e8a1cecc8e7aac25900c97485cf7b77e.jpg

  • roeshak

    Go back and read the first sentence I made. It explains your reply lol

  • Conjo

    needs a headphone jack tbh

  • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

    Still too much bezel. Even Chinese phones are going bezel free these days.

  • AllanKafka

    So is the wallpaper static after the animation that plays when you choose it for the first time?

  • FÖ2

    No side fps bcoz of US market. So try redesign it with that in mind.

  • KarFar

    ‘Copying’ taller screen + respectable bezels is 1000x better than going completely ‘bezeless’ with a fucking notch. Even LG my 2nd favorite brand is joining the Chinese copycat club.

  • PoweredBySony

    it is static for me (7.1.1) but on 8.0 it should be live. Will try to make it live for 7.1.1 if i can

  • PoweredBySony

    The guy who did this should work for sony.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    agree, sony turn into generic every generation

  • Tech7

    Actually we loved Xperia for its uniqueness. It was different, and smart since they had their own design.. Oh boy but now….. there is no difference between this and cheap Chinese phones…….

  • SeVeMaS

    I’m a Sony fan since the CMD-X2000 and appreciate all the evolutions long before Apple or Samsung but I didn’t see the problem with the side fingerprint and the jack connection, I will keep my Z5 and XZ1 until Sony releases the fingerprint back on side or under the screen and bring back the jack connection (you know the one Sony criticized Apple from removing it)…

  • mynameissomeone

    i think z ultra had the best framedesign but yeah z5 was beautiful

  • Keyvis Hurtado

    Greetings. I still prefer the design of the Xperia XZ1. Only by reducing the frames to the level of the new phone, I would be perfect.
    This new design reminds me a lot of the Xperia SP.

    Greetings from Colombia.

  • Alex

    Ohhh the Xperia S – what a phone that was.

    As for the XZ2 – no thanks. Sony have lost their way now. I’ve had Sony Xperia phones for as long as I can remember, I’m on my 4th since the original, the Xperia X10, and I think it’s the end of the line for me and Sony phones. This just doesn’t look like a Sony phone to me, plus it’s not a good move to put the fingerprint scanner on the back and lose the 3.5mm jack. The fingerprint scanner on the power button on the side is the most natural way to unlock a phone to me, and I also don’t fancy using some naff adaptor to connect my headphones.

    Sony have fallen into the trap of trying to copy everyone else, something I didn’t think they’d do. Bad move.

  • K P

    I hate 18:9 screens, hate glass backs and now I hate Sony. Our last small phone got bigger? And why, to be trendy?

  • comme des garcons

    the ugliest xperia phones I’ve ever seen RIP

  • me

    I like sony desing team and I think their best design pick was at X series.
    If we want to be fair Sony’s new design is totally HTC’s design line. and I saw Xpeira XZ2 before. It is HTC U11+ but with some improvement. I like it but it is copy. :-D

  • Insane014

    After fiddling with it I can tell you “motion flow” doesn’t work for compact at all. Here is why:
    XZ2 has a wonderful rounding tension on the back that slopes quite naturally, even though it seem like the same thing as HTC and others it’s really a lot more refined. It’s still “me-too” design but it flows in a lot better way. I’m not gonna comment on 2:1 display as it only made XZ2 bigger than already big XZ1, they should have shrank the width below 70mm instead.
    Here is how all of this correlates to XZ2 Compact and how it breaks the design of XZ1 Compact.
    First of all there is rounding on the back, due to small frame size “motion flow” can’t achieve natural rounding and easier tension on the back like big XZ2, instead we have your usual HTC U11+ edge rounding which looks cheap. On top of that it adds the thickness of at least 1 whole millimeter in order to carry the bubbly design at the back. That’s a huge compromise on something that should be a compact design. Back doesn’t nowhere near as good as on XZ2 (not because of lack of the glass) because motion flow is being lost. And then there is malign 2:1 display which really servers no purpose on compact device. They have kept the same width of 65mm but this is what happens with 2:1 screen: extended height of display has not real usage and all elements on screen get scaled down. So not only did you give your user useless headroom in a trade of compact dimensions you also made the content on that screen smaller. Guess what happens when you scale up the contents of 2:1 screen? It fills out the extended height of the screen and the amount of data and content you get on the screen is same as on 16:9 display. They have ended up with two negatives by adopting the malign screen ratio. What they should have done is to pick wider screen that keeps the height below 130mm in check. Compact has comfort to extend to 68mm and still be great for single handed use. Wider display gives you more comfortable keyboard, fewer text lines with normal sized fonts without downscaling and that’s everything compact device needs. The answer should have been the 16:10 display. But check this out this is the best part, with devices staying at 130mm but growing in width to 68mm they would have ended up with enough physical space to give rounding at the back motion flow like natural tension a lot closer to XZ2.

  • monoke

    Still using a Z3 here. It’s 7.3mm thick with a 3100 battery. I cannot stand round chubby phones especially with only a slightly bigger battery. It’s a design failure imo.
    I hope this is an off year for Sony and they come with something a lot better next year cuz this is really disappointing.

  • monoke

    This is why I can’t stand round chubby back phones. I use mine on a table a lot and this will drive me nuts!

    Only positive for XZ2 I see is it’ll be great at parties when u and friends can play ‘Spin the bottle’! LMAO!

  • 振萌 徐

    XZ2 is good for me,I have order a green one

  • kurakuradisco

    the indicator of industrial design is successful or not, just look whether it’s become media’s sweetheart or not.
    the iot always moving forward, and we as end user should accept that everything starting to wireless from now on.

    a phone is used by your hand, if it’s feel comfort to use then the company took the good decision for it’s shape.

    all the chinese brand start to apply the notch, that’s is the tru ugliness.

    there’s nothing wrong from the xz2’s design, for me at least

  • AllanKafka

    Thank you very much! :) It would be great!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Its a little Sad that Sony didnt go with the Xperia changes from how the Xperia Did look like. Remember the very first Xperia was a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 with Windows phone OS. And they should had from the very first Xperia. Maybe Xperiablog could do that timelinevideo?

  • kappa

    To ppl. that don’t won’t cables and don’t care too much about high res music ?

  • Moisés

    XZP 5.5″. 3230mAh
    XA1+ 5.5″. 3430mAh
    XA1U 6″ 2700mAh

    XZP has worse battery life than XA1+ and XA1U.
    How is that possible?

  • AllanKafka

    Thank you for your well-thought analysis.

    Just a note wrt UI elements size: since Android 7 it is so easy to change the size of UI elements that I don’t think their size at the default scaling is a meaningful parameter to assess the actual usefulness of the 2:1 screen ratio.

    The only objective parameters are the linear dimensions and area of the display and the PPI density.

    If I am not wrong, a 4.6″ 16:9 display is 2.26″ wide * 4.01″ tall. (57.3 mm * 101.8 mm)

    A 5.0″ 18:9 display is 2.24″ wide * 4.47″ tall. (56.8 mm * 113.6 mm).

    So on the XZ2C you should have roughly 10% more area without sacrificing width, everything else can be taken care just by tweaking two settings.

  • vctrdnl

    Sony have had only off years since the Z2/Z3 days. This new design language is truly horrible, repulsive. It’s sad how eagerly I awaited their new direction. Omnibalance was 10 times better, even with the bezels and sharp corners that were introduced with XZ.

  • stpr

    Unfortunately it also has the FP on the back.
    But at least it still has a headphone jack.

  • CG

    I can’t think designers would come up with this design unless they were forced by bad engineering constraints and stupid marketing ideas, which is probably the case at Sony:

    – add thickness because they don’t have the same technical know-how as Samsung or other brands.
    – try to hide and justify the extra thickness by adding a lumped back and call it ergonomic.
    – create rounded edges and corners …maybe just to try something else ?
    – keep side bezels wider than their own mid range line (XA series) makes no sense.
    – weight that’s 30 grams heavier than previous generation: totally annoying especially for the XZ2 “compact”. Look at the weekly poll result at GSMarena and see that people want 140g and 170g phones, not 170g and 200g !
    – At the end of the design cycle when they realize they end up with such bulky and heavy phones, they probably decides to remove the headphone jack to minimize the damage by shaving 0.5mm in thickness and 5 grams.
    – Not to mention all other small points raised by most of you: top-bottom asymmetry is not asymmetric enough to look like a design choice, front-back don’t belong together, fingerprint on back is worse than side (and worse than front in my opinion).

    For me, in the compact segment (XZ2 compact) there was really a niche market for Sony to improve on their previous line without any real competition on Android. But instead they come up with a phone that’s too big, too fat and too heavy. It can no longer be called compact, it will compete against mid-sizers (pixel, s9, P10, etc.), and it leaves us compact lovers with no modern alternative …which is what annoys me most.

    But who knows maybe this new design will drain some new buyers who didn’t like the straight lines on the previous Xperias ?

  • aseuss

    Won’t matter unless Sony gets behind its products. As mobile analyst Tomi Ahonen (of the Communities Dominate Brands series) said just 3 yrs ago:

    “Sony Xperia. This is the part I really don’t get. WHY is this business not profitable? There were no ‘antennagate’ disasters in production. The phones are very well received, extremely advanced designs at the cutting and often bleeding edge. If you look at the iPhone 6 series, those upgrades to the iPhone were all done by Sony years earlier to the Xperia line. Its a super premium brand across all its products from TVs to videogaming consoles to phones. What is wrong with this picture? If Apple with its iPhone, makes the most enormous profits ever seen in the handset industry, and the Sony Xperia line is just about the nearest thing to an iPhone that runs on Android not just on specs but also best in style, best in brand, best in quality, best in ‘bling’ (compared to anything from HTC or Blackberry or LG or Lumia Samsung’s Galaxy etc) – and iPhone is superbly profitable, why is Xperia not ‘also profitable’?”

    (One could point out that this was three years ago, but Sony was arguably ahead of its Android competitors in terms of build quality and often in terms of features, yet doing just as badly as it is today (now that others have closed the gap.)

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Mehn ain’t nothing wrong with design. Initially I thought I hated but saw videos on YT. Later it turns out I was forcing myself to hate it. Guys… there is absoutely nothing with it(For me though). Besides, we all know sony has a history of large cam sensors and modules. The modules were usually above the screen area… hence the bigger up bezel and down bezel for semetry. Now that big cam module is under the screen that’s why. So it’s actuallya well thought out design… no change for the sake of changing. I they want to give smaller bezels with the same cam sensors, then they can put cams over the screen area, it has to be within the screen but just at the back… hence the deeper curve.

    Headphone jack on the other hand??? Like WTF sony?
    Just can’t continue to force myselsf to hate the design though. XZ2 does have more added to it’s iteration than any other flagships yet.

  • Jr

    going to buy xz premium for that…. they should make it flat and i prefer the side finger print . the best placement for me

  • Jurippe

    I’ve had an Xperia since the S, before moving to the Z, Z3, S7 Edge, then back to the XZ1. The switch was really just to use up expiring loyalty points I had with my carrier, and I was pretty happy to come back to Omnibalance.

    That being said, my only real issue with Ambient Flow really has to do with its hold. I hated how the S7 would be really easy to drop (despite never actually dropping it). It felt like I had to really keep my eye on it or pay attention while using it. I’m actually pretty excited about the fingerprint sensor on the back because it’s the only other place I ever thought it would really work. If anything, having one on the side and back would be ideal. Personally, I’d like to get my hands on an XZ2 before making any decision – it would influence my decision on whether I’d switch to an XZ3 or 4/5 in the future. I’m not sure if having your phone identity shaken a bit should really rattle us. Just wait and see.

  • Antero Masonen

    Exactly If we love really Sony we must support New design. Loop design did not convince non Sony users this might get whole More of attention to xperias

  • Sridu

    Sad to see that Sony has stopped innovating nowadays. Your flagship designs are atleast few seasons old in the market. Very poor decisions.

  • Sridu
  • Sridu

    What we expect from sony. https://youtu.be/ka9urA7h8ug

  • Lithros

    this is no longer recognisable as Sony phone, it resembles HTC now.
    1. Not symmetrical front design, bottom speaker is out of place, see XZ Premium for ideal placement and symmetry.
    2. the fingerprint scanner is in the wrong place, you need to lift the phone to unlock it. I hope the onscreen fingerprint scanner comes quick enough to fix this placement on the back
    3. Camera is where everyone else is placing it nowadays. Centre back.
    4. Where is the headphone jack, I though Sony had an audiophile crowd.
    5. Too shiny back

    The reason Sony stand out was the pure, clean, unique boxy design. Everyone else is doing curves. I admired Sony because they did things their own way, you either love it or hate it. If you dont like it then go somewhere else. I don’t want a copycat on my hands. If i wanted that i would go for another brand. I feel proud when i hold Sony products, and i dont want this to change. This XZ2 is in the wrong direction.

    I am going to the XZ Premium at the end of the month and i hope when i upgrade again (after 2 years) the design will be unique enough to pick Sony again. Otherwise if Razor keeps on making boxy phones i will switch to them

  • TombStone

    I dislike it. I don’t think it’s that bad, but it is just not a Sony anymore. It looks like every other generic Android smartphone currently on the market. Even the placement of the FPS is awkward.
    Sonys OmniBalance or loop surface design is a classic and what I loved about sony phones.
    It’s obvious sony went with this design to appease the tech media who complain about the xperia design.
    Oh well, maybe this design will make Sony phones more popular.

  • Dante the great

    This is from a diehard Sony fanboy. The XZ2 is garbage. Plain and simple.

  • Eridani


  • Nogarder


  • Barricade

    I didn’t like the way they look on the renders at first either. But it started to grow on me.
    Then I watched the first hands-on videos on YouTube and I got to say, the regular XZ2 looks incredible in those, as it will in person I’m sure.

    I’d buy one in a heartbeat if it wasn’t priced at €799, so I’m either waiting for a quick price drop/premium headphone bundled with it, or their XZ2 premium with the dual camera system (although I’m afraid that thing will be €949-€999 if it sports the rumoured 4k+ OLED and a dual camera system).

  • Utsav Shah

    feels a lot like Lumia on the back and the front could be any brand these days.
    God this stupid media these days.

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    I feel like Sony Mobile and I have been moving in different directions for years.
    I loved my ION and Z series devices, but I finally had to retire my Z3TC last year and with no upgrade path, I’m Xperia-less for the first time in 7 years.
    Omnibalance was my favourite design language by far and I feel each design since has been a step away from the uniqueness of Sony and a step toward mainstream mediocrity .

  • MrWalker1000

    Looks like an htc ripoff

  • MrWalker1000

    That’s a big hurdle I think apple is responsible for corruption

  • I’m here waiting for XZ2 Premium, if they bring back old design..

  • iia3ezu

    Sony Xperia XZ2/Compact:

    Back of Lumia/HTC U11.

    Front of generic Chinese phone (e.g. Oppo, Xiaomi).

    Lockscreen and clock of Moto (Motorola).

    I guess cost-cutting measures at Sony Mobile are so drastic now, design cues are plagiarized from other brands. Just slap on a pompous fancy name (‘Ambient Flow’), and those few hardcore Sony fanboys will lap it up!

  • iia3ezu

    Don’t forget the recently culled TrackID… and to add insult to injury, the TrackID app recommended SHAZAM to users during TrackID’s final days.


    Sony Mobile = joke.

  • Bulitz

    No offense meant, but I would like to raise this question :
    Does Sony read this blog?

  • iia3ezu

    Oh well, maybe this design will make Sony phones more popular.

    Trust me, it won’t. People who like the ‘Chinese phone’ design won’t fork out additional money for a Sony product. They can get a Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, ZTE etc.

    People who want the best of the best… Sony phones are automatically disqualified.

    The only potential buyers are those who always buy Sony phones (the ‘fanboys’) and who might have been holding on to a Sony phone for a long time and it’s time to upgrade…

    Then you realize there’s no headphone jack (a dealbreaker for many), so expect poor sales.

    I predict the XA2 will outsell the XZ2 by a lot.

  • iia3ezu

    Depends on what you mean by ‘Sony’.

    If you mean Sony Japan HQ, most likely no.

    If you mean Sony Mobile Communications of Lund, Sweden… maybe. This blog is the first place they use to advertise their inane Xperia themes.

  • TombStone

    I agree. For the first time I actually questioned why I should purchase an Xperia. Samsung do this design better. I blame mainly all the Samsung/Apple loving technology media who keep giving Xperia phones poor reviews due to the “dated design”.

    It does not matter now. I bought an XZ Premium and I am so happy knowing I have the last true Xperia flagship. Hands down the best phone I have ever owned.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    For me too, preordered Silver one

  • Jaissal S

    The design has been growing on me. I will need to hold it in person. I am most definitely buying the XZ2. Not really happy with the moved finger print scanner on the rear. Love the one on the side of my Z5! Brings that sleek look. Looks like it’s hard to keep fans happy as people have been complaining about old design, but when they decide to change, they still aren’t happy. I feel that’s it’s a good move. Only time will tell to see how they sell.

  • singh

    most off the innovations like waterproofing / 4k hdr screen, stereo speakers, hi res audio/ 960fps camera/ and many more were 1st introduced by sony then apple and Samsung copied them, did that give Sony better sales? no it didn’t they have always be received negative press regardless of what they do. I have had the z ,z3,z5 and now the xz i love the original design , but iesm also willing to change to this new design, its different, the old design was getting boring, but its still Sony technology inside and will still run like all xperia have in the past. Sony is a businesses and if this new refresh gets better sales then so be it. Lets see the phone in flesh before making judgement , its not just the design that make sony phones special, its also there stock android experience and speed, my old z3 still runs just as good ,how many Samsung perform well after 14 months? very few. I will still buy sony because the overall experience is better then Samsung and apple.

  • singh

    true sick tired of people complaining they moaned so much of the old design. Its still a xperia with new design i like it.

  • Andrew Gritsay

    I do not like design of XZ2 series. Do not like at all.
    And I am telling this as many years fan of Sony Mobile, and owner of Xperia S, T, P, Z1, Z3.
    Next day I had bought XZ1 with good disount and clear understanding that I will NOT pay even 500 USD for rediculous chinese design of XZ2. No way!

  • Tech7

    Do yo mean this will convince other cheap Chinese phone users?
    They are much cheaper and have a good camera… No one will buy this garbage unless they are a diehard Fanboy. BTW I have had Every Xperia Flagship….. But this does not look like a Sony product after all…… Its more like a low end cheap Chinese brand. Of course Sony should have done better than just copying….
    I liked Sony since they Never copied anyone in the past.

  • Khairul Shafiq

    Ugly as hell Omni Balance and Unified design (Xperia X) was the best design

  • dimz

    Well, I bought the SP, so I kinda like it, it reminds me of the former. That said, I’d wish Sony added the swipe up app drawer option to the launcher, as well as headphone jack and OIS.

  • Barricade

    They won’t. I mean, why would they? Ambient Flow is the next thing for Xperia phones, and I’m already quite liking it (although I didn’t at first).

    If they could trim the thickness down to 8.5-9.5mm it would be even better. Symmetrical speakers and bezels would be a plus as well.

  • Nabeel Ahmad

    Looks like some chinese manufacturer cheap design

  • Yeah, look like chines crap.

  • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7727d8660c3473836d0c987d4f0db157dfc0149deee1867c1bdb3039d90aba7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a2abd263e92f19adc358222e6d595ed61f5dc3d04fff50c4c597ab570659e65.jpg

    I expect these are Sony upcoming Xperia XZ2 Premium models… If this comes true, everyone will love it, otherwise step back with sony. Most of Sony lovers/fans are loved it’s design and build quality. If they made like other chinese crap, everyone will forget sony. i have asked many of sony users/fans about new design, no one like newer model. .

  • Barricade

    There is no chance this is their next premium flagship. The fingerprint scanner on the back is here to stay, to make it a viable option in the US. Which sucks ofcourse, but that’s just the way it is.

  • But we love fingerprint on power button.. that design, camera position, power button with fingerprint, square type body etc etc make Sony unique one for me..

  • Barricade

    I know, the fingerprint/power button combination is incredibly convenient. But times change, and as much as I want that back, I doubt it’ll happen (anytime soon).

    But I don’t mind the new design. All it needs is a couple of minor changes and tweaks and they’ll have a winner.

  • What ever, I’m expecting for revert back to old design, I know it’s not gonna happen….

  • CasperTFG

    Will this be the XZ2 Premium or the XZ Pro Premium?

    Sony needs to stop with this naming convention.

  • Jer

    Bye bye sony, moving on now, this is the last straw of not listening to your fans.

    Waiting on reviews for the RED Hydrogen One.

  • Tann

    Simple. Sony just one day decided to stop the marketing machine.
    100 bucks from every sold iphone, or galaxy flag goes into marketing.
    Form every sold Xperia?….about 5 bucks, to make a couple of those yt commercials, and thats about as far as Sonys mobile matketing goes.

  • Tann

    Yaah, the jack….The ONE and ONLY reason I and many other wont be going with this.
    I could pass on back fp scanners, elongated screens…but not on the jack less. Forget it. Aint gonna happen.
    Samsung still has it, Samsungs sales will increase further, Sonys will decrease further…
    Hope Sony gets through its mistake with not many burns, and returns the jack ASAP.

    Just like Samsung did with ommiting SD card slot on S6, and bringing it back in S7.

  • Tann

    Who in his right mind can be happy about no headphone jack?

  • Tann

    What does a headphone jack have to do with USB headphones?
    If its to be USB in the future, bring back a dedicated usb jack instead of a 3.5 mm one

    But generally I dont like or understand usb headphone approach. It doesnt provide better sound, just makes different DAC headphones availability
    DAC has to remain on the headphone, and you have to have one in a phone too for stereo speakers, which is just bad IMO…
    More energy consumption, no benefit in sound quality as 4.4 mm jack actually makes.

  • Antero Masonen

    You get wireless headphones when you pre order

  • Tech7

    Nothing much wrong with the curves but most of us preferred the omnibalance ( looked smarter)

    But fingerprint placement looks ugly now
    And the camera placement makes it horrible as a Chinese brand.

    May be they tweak it to make the next flagship look something better than just a cheap phone.

  • singh

    hows sony lagging? its a new refreshed design and the iphone x poor sales reflect that people dont like the stupid notch at the top off the screen, i personally dont like oled its not bright enough and the colours are over saturated. people are obsessed with thinness and lightness, Sony having more thickness allows for better heat dissipation and allows for components to spaced in properly, also being more heavy reflects the durability

  • Bulitz

    If one Sony decision maker reads our comments in this blog, he can make a representation of how Xperia fans feel about the new design. Hopefully, headphone jack be returned @least.

  • Barricade

    Central camera placement means chinese OEM? the XZ2 looks nothing like a cheap phone imo (mostly because of the great look the curved glass back creaties). The Compact on the other hand, not my thing at all.

  • SamTroll

    Why on earth they are so thick, what is this, are we still in 2009???!!! I’m no even gonna say anything about the ugly new look…

  • Tech7

    Central camera placement together with the curves conbined with the new fingerprint sensor make it look like a Chinese oem, it’s poor design language. Even Samsung makes better designs nowadays

  • kamal marwah marwah

    Ugliest design from sony

  • kamal marwah marwah

    I buy Sony phones for just their looks

  • kamal marwah marwah

    Where is oled display with dual cameras

  • Barricade

    Obviously everyone should like the same things and anybody who doesn’t like the things you like is a twelve-year-old. Guess I’m a twelve year old all of a sudden.

    Not gonna argue with the Samsung part though. The S9+ has the best looking design on any phone, even the back is gorgeous now with the new dual camera module and fingerprint sensor in the right place. Too bad their software isn’t for me.

  • Tech7

    This is not about liking….its about the design.. looks like they have hired cheap designers….. to reduce cost.

    They should stuck with the old design rather than just copying HTC, and other chineese brands. Why cant sony have its own design? ( I cant remember sony copied anyone in the past)

  • Barricade

    They did go back to their old design, like really old. I would’ve liked to see them give the top and bottom a slight curve as well (not as curved as the Neo V per se), but I guess that would go against their plate+human philosophy. It would’ve been something that set them apart though.


  • Tech7

    I agree it resemble the past, even the Xpeira S which I had. Like I said before those had a nice finish and they looked kinda solid (in other words it looks like a Sony), But on the XZ2@@@@ its a unfinished design.
    Actually I will pick the above design over the XZ2’s anyday

  • Tann

    Dont want to use wireless. It sucks, in sound quality and practicallity. Why is it so hard to understand?
    For a decent price, those dont come close to wired options with noise cancelling and all, and I dont have a wall with a socket in my pocket, to refill those every day or two while Im on the go.

  • John Caddell Sparky

    If they would go back to old design, why not NXT series? That transparent is the most unique thing Sony made!

  • 私たちの

    They could have created a special pattern for the back to make it look slender.
    That design is just lazy.
    I get the point of making it more comfortable to hold but it does not have to look like a fatty.

    Just look at the “concentric circles” design at the back of the Asus Zenfone 5. That design does not make the device look pillow fat.

  • Yatheesh

    Nothing New!!
    It just looks like xperia ZL2 to me..

    Even if they include Oled, dual camera or wide aperture lens in upcoming model still they stay behide the line in innovative.

  • Jaissal S

    I am neither happy or upset. It’s just that I prefer using the jack for my MDR-1000X Headphones. I will manage because I want the new phone.

  • dapaintrain

    I don’t love it id prefer the mock render that was going around 6 months prior

  • dapaintrain

    Yeah I like it but wish the side bezels were removed also

  • Adrianus AJ Nadeak

    Ambient Flow is a design language rather than a specific technology like Tri-luminous and X-Reality.

  • Ziggy

    I don’t see 18:9 trend as a positive sign. Sony’s bezels were joke to some, but for me those were fine. I like when there is space on the phone where to put my hands so that all screen is not just active screen. Lots of apps need to be updated by the developers to support 18:9 instead of the normal resolutions so that most likely causes many apps to not perform as those should.

    The curved glass back is not a great design choice, also the phone is now apparently thicker than older phone so that’s a step back. Not that the phone’s need to be super thin, but overall max 5,2″ size is ok for a phone and about the thickness of XZ, XZs and XZ1 is perfect.

    Also fingerprint sensor does not make sense to have on the back cover. It should be where Sony perfectly put it in the previous few generations, on the power button at the side of the phone. It’s cumbersome to have it at the back of the phone where you are blindly trying to reach it.

    Sony turned into Apple wannabe when they went the way of the removal of features, raise the prices route. I will never buy any phone that removes the headphone jack. In Sony’s case it especially strange since they are an audio company and they have successfully done great phones in the past that were water and dustproof while having the 3,5mm plug. Of course they admitted in their own blog that it’s just a bs reason to force people to buy bluetooth headsets since Sony is heavily invested in that market.

  • Aleksandr Petrov

    I think ,that Sony should better use like Xperia z5 Premium design in their future XZ Pro! Flagship should looks individual, solid, stilesh!!! Like z5 Premium or XZPremium!
    -Sony just need to make bigger surface of the screen.
    -OLED 4k screen will be perfect! Stereo speakers !!
    -3,5 mm jack with HI-Res Audio and Noise Canselling earphones support like always!

  • Gary

    I think the Z3+ will be my last Xperia, was hoping the XZ2 would be a continuation of the 1:-/

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