Android P Developer Preview announced by Google – Adds notch support, improved notifications

by XB on 7th March 2018

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Google has released the Android P Developer Preview, giving the first insight into the new features that will arrive in Android’s next major iteration. This is Google’s first developer preview, allowing developers the chance to test this early build, feeding back to Google, before it is released later in the year.

Some of the key new features includes native support for display cutouts (or notches if you prefer) – not a surprise since many Android manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon, a new notification panel with improved messaging, accurate indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT, multi-camera API support, native support for HDR VP9 Profile and the HEIF compression format. You can find out more in the source link below – let the speculation begin on which Xperia devices will see Android P support…

Android P adds notch support

Android P brings a new notification panel and richer notification messaging

Via Android Developer Blog.

  • So we can expect P to be available starting from XZ. According to Sony policy, that says 2 years, right?
    (Let´us forget the Media Tek devices).

  • Moisés

    I think only for devices 2017 -2018.

    XZ had 6.0.1, 7.0, 7.1.1 and 8.0.
    8.1 is the last, if it gets 8.1..

    Z5 did not have 2 years of support.

  • Bulitz

    Essential phone ph-1 started it, the notch. Might as well be supported. It was copied by other phone makers bcoz it has become a “fad.” Andy Rubin is a trend-setter.

  • Bulitz

    Could be. But a feature may not be used.

  • iia3ezu

    Rubin’s so-called notch was ‘notch for notch’s sake’.

    Apple had at least put in some functionality and justification for its existence in iPhone X.

  • iia3ezu

    If you’re lucky: Android P device in Q3/Q4 2018.

    If you’re less lucky: Android P device in Q1 2019.

    Personally, I wouldn’t update to a new version of Android on an older phone… ‘new wine into old wineskin’… potentially lots of problems especially if it isn’t stock Android.

    I wouldn’t even bother with Mediatek devices. They’re trash.

    Even on the Apple iPhone, where it’s a closed system with no fragmentation and custom skins, updating iOS on an older iPhone sometimes lowers its performance or causes problems.

  • Gregory See

    Let’s not forget X Performance(which announced and released along with X), XZ and XZs share a same firmware and build number. If X Performance couldn’t get it(Android P), well I guess XZ and XZs will share a same fate!

  • andyy

    This can end with 2 stories. I can’t imagine XZs not receiving Android P, but Sony has a history of dropping support for entire board family (which XZs shared with X Performance)… If XZs received P, then yeah X Performance will 100% get it too.

    Regular X and X Compact however… I hope the tragedy that happened with SP won’t repeat.

  • Well, if it counts based on OS update, it doesn’t get 2 years of support update as last OS Update of Z5 family and their partners, Z3+ and Z4T (7.1.1) was on June 2017. But if you count with security patches or overall total update, Z5 does reached 2 years of support as last update was security patches at September 1st 2017 and released in October 2017, barely a month after Z5 reached 2 years.

  • Well, while the original XZ and X Performance already in a safe zone of 2 years of OS and security patches update, based on Sony update based policy published a month ago with both sitting at Android 8.0 Oreo from Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow as both currently the latest update, i’m worrying a lot about XZs than those two tho. As XZs was announced in March 2017 and Android 7.1 Nougat but with Snapdragon 820 instead of 835 like XZP and XZ1,, have same firmware build number as X Performance and the original XZ, and S820 is nearly 2 years old and support will be dropped soon by Snapdragon, especially OS update. If Sony dropped XZs in Android 9.0/P update with those 2 siblings, it’ll be a tragedy like Xperia SP back then.

  • Moisés

    XZs is a complicated story. It came with 7.1 already. If it ends up on 8.0 or 8.1 owners will be so mad.

  • Khillo81

    And it seems they’re integrating smart replies into Android P just as I thought. I honestly didn’t think the feature would’ve been ready for P but it seems it will…

  • Moisés

    What ‘s the SP story?

  • Khalid Abdi

    Well its for them not for us (I mean Sony)

  • AllanKafka

    They would create a lot of goodwill if they updated the whole X family to P. It might be favourable for them in the mid term.

  • andyy

    SP was released around the same time as the original Xperia Z with Jelly Bean, but it did not get updated to KitKat like Z. I think Sony dropped its support because the SP was just a midranger, although the hardware was still very capable (at the time)

    Fast forward today I’m thinking it is very likely the XZ & X performance will get updated to P, and X & X Compact the midranger will be left behind.. X already got 2 OS upgrades though, so yeah I’m not too sad.

  • AllanKafka

    Android UI is really stagnating. No complaints about what’s under the hood, but my eyes are getting so tired of this ultra-conservative interface with lousy animations, old-looking fonts, dull colors, white backgrounds, no gesture support without third-party hacks which always feel like hacks.

  • 040

    It’s SO f’ing ridiculous. Ever since the dawn of the pandemic flat/minimal/white/simple design trend I’ve been hoping it would evolve into something more refined over time. But this is a huge setback. For some reason Google feels the need to revert to the horrible design laws dictated by Apple since iOS 7: make EVERYTHING white with blue accents, lose button shapes and drop shadows, and incorporate stupid circles everywhere. I can’t comprehend why this bullshit fad is actually getting worse by the year.

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