Xperia R1 and R1 Plus get Android Oreo

by XB on 9th March 2018

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We know very little about Sony Mobile’s Xperia R1 and R1 Plus devices, which launched late last year. Both handsets were released exclusively into the Indian market, but software does not appear to be managed on Sony’s usual servers, as we’ve never been able to obtain the firmware files like we can for all other Xperia devices.

Sony has let users know that both the Xperia R1 and R1 Plus are now seeing Android Oreo roll. We don’t have any other information to go on, apart from the notices on social media, so if you do have one of these devices, it would be great if you could share some screenshots below – including the latest build number and Android security patch. Either way, it would be good to hear of your overall impressions of the device so far.

Thanks PramodKumawat19 and Vishnu!

  • Sameer Sheikh

    Sony should also release the oreo update for Xperia XA1 PLUS now.

  • Moisés

    Could have been sold out of India..
    Too bad it is not..

  • Melvin22

    What about Xperia XA1??

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Lol most of Galaxy Note 8 users are still waiting!

  • Moisés

    Almost half march… I thought 8.1 would be out already.
    Last year 7.1.1 came to Z5 in february.

  • Actman

    At least plenty of goodies are waiting to hit their devices. Look at Samsung’s change log for the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Oreo update! Be it a useful one or not! Why not ask Sony to release an official change log for Oreo too?

  • Thirukumaran

    When will xa1 plus updated to oreo we are still waiting…..

  • dragonsneeze

    Do these have Android One? I’ve read that they don’t have and can’t install Sony apps.

  • Sameer Sheikh

    It’s too late they should release it in the end of February but they still didn’t. Also no information about when it’ll be out for xa1 plus

  • Emilio Martinez

    how about for xperia xa1 ultra? this R1 device is a low end device with a snapdragon 430, they should have done the XA1 family before it.

  • Moisés

    No stock android there..

    Just know the cam app is different, reminds of the old app ( android 4.2)

  • dragonsneeze

    Would be sweet to have a global Android One version.

  • Sridu

    Pls guide me between xperia xz1 vs xperia xa2 ultra. Planning to import it to India. Aware that one is budget range and another is flagship but now both come in same price range. Thanks

  • Gregory See

    Nokia already has 8.1. I have to say I’m very surprised to find such an excellent swift update from them!

  • skrug

    Buy the one you can afford, if it’s not too much of a difference get XZ1

  • Z5 family , Z4 Tablet and Z3+/Z4 received 7.1.1 update on June,28 2017 , not February 2017…. February 2017 if i remembered , it was the relaunched of Trifecta Z5 , Z4T and Z3+ Android 7.0 update after it was paused due problems .

  • Well , i could pointed out MediaTek for charging their sources code to OEM if they want to update their phones to another OS , which is beyond illegal as Google has said as Snapdragon hasn’t do that at all , and could made Sony put it on later date . Judging by stratification of Xperia family , XA1 family are super-mid-ranger and have MediaTek Helio P20 , while R1 and R1+ are low-entry and have S430 . However , with devices has differences components from different suppliers (MTK vs SD) , and we already know it , which obviously , (Oreo) update on R1 duo is faster than XA1 series .

  • Roberval Silva

    anything !

  • Roberval Silva

    it will be?

  • R1 it’s newer device.


    Xz1 anytime bro. Flagship is always flagship

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Wait so you think adding few goodies takes around 4 months? But why are we even talking this. An update is update, you can’t delay it for those so called Goodies.

  • Actman

    Good things come to those who wait. What’s the point of having a speedier update while you can’t even get a simple newer wallpaper and a renovated clock widget which Xperia can provided in the first place? And sadly it filled with bugs too!

  • hansip

    well yeah, you paid probably 500 US$ more for it why do you expect less? but then again you’re paying for essentially a bloat mess so there you go..

  • hansip

    tough choice. i did choose between XZ1 vs XA2 just a week prior. XA2U is too big and heavy for my liking though. in the end i get the XZ1, because my curiosity got me, all those ToF sensor.. and my conclusion would be:
    1. XZ1 is very fast on reboot/saving images due to UFS storage
    2. XZ1 can stutter too, so don’t think buying flagship is a guarantee. It’s more of what app you use inside.
    3. Battery life of XZ1 is pretty good for its size, definitely can get you full day. Can you imagine a 630 and 3500mah battery of XA2 ultra can do?

    so in the end it’s about your preference on style and screen size. both will do you good. the extra camera feature on XZ1 is nice, but if you don’t use camera app much, i don’t think going XZ1 just for the camera is a wise move.

  • Actman

    Are you kidding me? So you are emphasizing that Xperia devices are somehow cheaper that Sammy’s? Get your facts right buddy! How much Xperia X Performance cost when it was first launched? Is it cheaper than those Galaxies? When Sammy delivers update, for some reason new goodies will be channelled to their devices automatically. For Xperia users, it is impossible for us to enjoy even with a newer wallpaper!

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