An unintended consequence of Sony’s new Ambient Flow design

by XB on 12th March 2018

in Hands On, Xperia XZ series

One of the great things about Sony’s existing smartphone design, with its straight lines and blocky shape, is that when laid on a table you could interact with the phone with no issues. With Sony’s new Ambient Flow design, the handset is more ergonomic so is more comfortable in the hand, but the curved rear design means the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact are likely to be a pain when quickly checking notifications/messages on a table. See the gif below to check out the spin on the handset with just a few small touches. At least it’ll be incredibly handy when playing spin the bottle!

Via YouTube.

  • Morzy

    Glad the XZ1 line are amazing.

  • Lajos Márk Kovács



  • #Fail

  • Bring oled so we can have the Always on Display feature

  • Naime Shirou

    Im okay with it. Look fun. But annoying also hahah

  • Well… this opens a whole new line for games… tangible games that is :) Good to play during work when you are bored, you know, spinning your phone doing things in a old way like the good old days.

  • Moisés

    Case must solve this…

  • Moisés

    LCD can have too.. They just need to wanna give.

  • Yahya AlJamal

    Sony fucked up with this flagship, though what should do is quit obvious

  • shumayal

    So now we know what wears out the fast.. Goodbye paint

  • RockStar2005

    YES!! Always On Display on LG V30 ROCKS! So I’d LOVE to see it on Xperia!!!!!!!

  • Jaissal S

    The thing about the XZ1 is that I want a change from the design of my Z5. XZ1 is too similar. The bezels on the XZ1 are no good. I will get used to the new design of the XZ2. I’m sure. Could have been more affordable though.

  • méz geri

    Hey its a fidget spinner!

  • KarFar

    Youtubers like Tech Trinkets and other similar phone comparison channels are going to have a hard time with this device lol

  • Antero Masonen

    I don’t know why Xperiablog hates XZ2 you didn’t XZ1 althought it was disapointment since there was No hardware updates.

  • Completely agree XZ1 was such a stupid phone. There was nothing absolutely new. Only the android oreo out of the box.

  • Antero Masonen

    No design cahnge also. Xperiablog has Lost the will for New designs. Think about how much Sony integrates to XZ2. Also technologies like dualshock, bravia, alphacameras and PlayStation. Why dont you make.believe Xperiablog?

  • XperiaBlog

    We don’t hate the Xperia XZ2, but what tangible improvements does the XZ2 offer over the XZ1? Here’s what we see:

    A generic design, an unwanted 18:9 display, no headphone jack, worse fingerprint sensor placement, weaker FF camera, same rear camera

    Tell us why we’re wrong.

  • nfs2010

    Used at least 20 Xperias since X10, still had to pass on XZ/XZS/XZ1. I did get an XZP as it falls into a different category. The design changes across XZ lines were so minimal compared to Z->Z5 series. And somehow XZ1 came with more bezels that the older ones! It should have been the other way around. If you ask for my honest answer, XZ1 was ‘the’ most boring one so far.

  • Barricade

    Uhm, you’re not wrong per se, it’s just all things you mentioned (apart from the fingerprint scanner and maybe secondary camera) are either subjective, or flat out wrong.

    I for one quite like the design, I prefer 18:9 over 16:9 a lot, fingerprint sensor placement is fine. MP aren’t everything either when it comes to cameras, so we’ll have to wait and see how the secondary camera performes compared to previous flagships. Also, same rear camera, but with improved processing and features, so not entirely the same.

    Tell me where I’m wrong.

  • Barricade

    The biggest problem with an always on display on LCDs is battery life. The entire screen lights up to showcase little content. Unlike with OLED displays, where the pixels light up individually.

  • Moisés

    XZ1 x XZs

    SD835 x 820
    10 nm x 14nm
    Adreno 540 x 430
    UFS 2.1 x emmc 5.1
    64GB single sim x 32GB single sim
    HDR screen x SDR screen
    Metal unibody x metal body/plastic frame
    Rear nfc x front nfc
    XZ1 has better audio with louder speakers

    XZs was not any necessary ….

  • Barricade

    Yes, this. Biggest problem is the price, the handset itself is more than fine. But I hope they’ll bundle a headphone with it to offset the cost (and it should be a nice counter for not having a headphone jack)

  • Moisés

    The main issues with the front camera are :

    5MP does not support 4K, 13MP can have it if Sony wants to.
    F2.2 will be awful for indoor use, mainly at night. Same camera of Z3+. No software can do miracle if sensor is 1/3 of the size of previous camera.

  • dragonsneeze

    When Sony didn’t release a QHD phone everybody thought that was because it’s not a standard. 2:1 Displays are mostly design elements, doesn’t offer tangible improvements. FPS placement of old could be the only thing even the haters had to agree on, that it was the best placement. New ff cam is 1/5″ vs 1/3″ and 0.2 f stop difference. Improved processing could have made the 13mp one the best selife cam a flagship offers. Even XA had a 1/4″ sensor.

    Design is fine-ish but it just is not Sony enough.

  • Barricade

    People want 4K on their front camera? :p my current secondary camera is an 8MP f/2.4 (so this one could actually outperform it), I think I’ll manage.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    AOD for OLEDs is also a battery hog.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    The glass is protecting the paint. It won’t be wearing out too easily.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Reduced Bezels
    Better Speakers
    Better Slo-Mo
    Better Processor
    New Design
    Upscales Media
    Excellent Photo Quality
    Better Battery
    Great Performance
    Excellent Build Quality

    Just post some positives about the device as well as the negatives.

  • Jacky

    I feel like the flagships that come out every second half of the year have better designs and less “flaws”. Z5 vs Z3+ (higher cpu temps), XZ vs X performance (smaller screen, no 4k recording) + , XZ1 vs XZs (SD 820 instead of 835). Maybe the upcoming flagship after the xz2 has the features that we need!

  • Barricade

    Actually, I think people could actually prefer OP5T’s and Pixel 2 (XL)’s fingerprint scanner, since it’s not limited to right handed use (you can still use it with your left hand, but I think you’ll get the point). O for one am right-handed and think the placement was super convenient, but I’m not bothered by the new placement either.

    You’re right about the selfie camera though, I think I made a mistake by comparing it with my current selfie cam instead of the one on the XZ1. My bad.

    I have a lot of nitpicky thing I want changed on the design, but Xperiablog literally has nothing good to say about this phone.

    “What tangible improvements does it offer over the XZ1?” Geez, I don’t know, 4K HDR and 1080p960fps are pretty awesome, as are wireless charging, the improved front facing stereo speakers and the Dynamic Vibration System, even if it’s only for notifications.

    I also love how the glass back looks, the compact not so much. I like 18:9 better for browsing the web and social media, which is what I mostly use my phone for. But again, most of these are subjective.

  • Barricade

    Pixel 2 XL has an AOD on an OLED and a very good battery life.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Generic design – It is what we’ll get when we pressure Sony too much. They could’ve made the OmniBalance even better, ONLY IF you let them continue their journey.

    18:9 screen – IMO it is OK for smartphones. It only means multitasking will be seamless, as the screen splits into two equal windows.

    No headphone jack – Internal hardwares are so big to even pack that thing. At least Sony provides an adapter in the box.

    Fingerprint Scanner location – If they keep it in the power button, then it won’t work in certain regions of the world. It is fine, though. At least it still has it.

    FF Camera – Bezels shrunk down by a lot of margin. Again the earpiece and other hardware components are so large. How can you fit a 1/2.3″ camera, twice as large speakers as the XZ1, 480mah more battery than the XZ1, Vibration Motor twice as large as others, and some add-ons like Qi Wireless Charging, in a body as slim as the XZ1.

    Rear camera – Sony has improved on the software things this year and in fact, it actually defeats the Galaxy S9 in low light

  • nfs2010

    Second half flagships will definitely be better, but they also tend to come with outdated specs

    1. Z3 (801AC instead of 805)
    2. XZ vs XP (both should have been released at the same time with XP being the compact one – lol)
    3. XZ1 vs XZS (XZS should have come with 835 and been called ‘XZ1’ instead)

  • indianmeister

    Ill wait for xz3 just to see whats next haha, not changing my xz1 for xz2

  • Raphael

    This is a last ditch soulless mobile phone made under tremendous pressure from a CFO turned into CEO. Sony Mobile’s engeneers are crafting their resumes, not the XZ3.

  • nfs2010

    Hey XB, See which one fares better against the competition – Now we need a XZ3 featuring the best of XZ2 & XA2U in one package.

  • johala02

    I suppose Sony must do some changes even if it will upset some old customers. The statistics dont lie. The sales of Sony phones have going downhill from the peak during 2013/2014.
    So I think Xperia XZ2 is a step in the right direction. I think they must follow some trends that the mainstream users prefeer nowadays like 18:9 displays.
    If they would remain as stubborn as before and launched a similar device again as Xperia XZ1 with huge bezels I think their mobile division would not survive much longer.

  • dragonsneeze

    I think most of the older Sony fans feel betrayed kinda. Anyways. I came to know that I bring the content that I’m interested in to the middle of the screen especially when browsing (including social media) so taller displays means only design to me. :)

  • AllanKafka

    This is called throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
    It wasn’t their design language that was stale.
    They could have just adapted their signature, timeless design to the new 18:9 proportions and shaved off some bezels in the process, keeping it distinctively Sony, but without the legacy/outdated feeling caused by the old screen proportions and excessive bezels.
    But why do something like this when you can alienate your existing and dwindling customer base while trying to attract new customers with a design that’s objectively inferior to Samsung’s and reminds of HTC or Huawei devices?

  • DanielGearSolid

    I wish they kept omnibalance and just went bezeless

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Who ever is writing this in the name of xperiablog , looks like a hater child crying in the corner , man u didnt even get ur hands on that dam*phone and already make some false judgment .
    Firstly : xz2 has a better camera than xz1 with new features (1.8 + 4k hdr + super slow motion 1080 )
    2- better speakers
    3- probably better battery life
    4- bezels less which is much better than previous design
    5-better performance
    6- did u just said worse f.sensor placement ? I have xz5 and lg g6 and i can tell u that g6 f.s placement is much more better and comfortable to use
    Wake up its 2018

  • Ederson Baumbach .*.
  • Ederson Baumbach .*.
  • Juan Carlos

    WOW! how old are you? are you a Samsung FAN or what? I’m so disappointed with your answer!

    And I’m gonna tell you, you are so WRONG!

    1. The design it’s different and I think that is a step forward, the desing will improve with each iteration. Nobody was buying OMNIBALANCE design, NOBODY!

    2. Unwanted 18:9 screen? I want a taller screen, Android it’s about notifications and swiping down and up, so a 18:9 screen it is perfect for this purpose.

    3. No headphone jack? use your wireless headphones and stop crying like a baby.

    4. At least the FPS is working NOW and I’m ok with the placement.

    5. Did you try the Frontal Camera? stop complaining, do a review of the phone and then you can give your opinion.

    6. Same rear camera? 4K HDR recording? 1080@ 960 FPS? pictures look way better than XZ1, so again did you try the camera?

    Finally you look like an idiot, you are not able to do an objective statement about the phone!! now let’s see the good things:

    1. Better performance (Snapdragon 845), this will one of the firts phones to launh with this new processor.

    2. New 18:9 Full HD+ HDR display.

    3. Powerful stereo speakers + Dynamic Vibration System.

    4. World’s first 4K HDR Movie recording in a smartphone.

    5. Bluetooth LDAC, so you can enjoy High Resolution Audio with your wireless headphones!

    6. Bigger Battery than XZ1!

    7. I like the new design! reminds me Sony Xperia X with less bezels.

  • Juan Carlos

    XZ2 x XZ1

    SD845 x SD835
    2nd Gen 10nm LPP x 10nm first gen
    Adreno 630 x 540
    64 GB 4/6 GB RAM x 64 GB 4 GB RAM
    HDR display BT.2020 compliant x no BT.2020 compliant
    5 MP Front Camera (f/2.2, 1/5″) x 13 MP (f/2.0, 1/3″)
    3D glass look x metal loop surface
    XZ2 has way better speakers
    Dynamic Vibration System x no Dynamic Vibration System
    4K HDR Movie recording x only 4K Movie recording
    Full HD at 960fps x HD at 960fps
    Fast Wireless Charging x No Fast Wireless Charging
    microSDXC support (up to 400GB) x microSDXC support (up to 256GB)
    3180 mAh battery x 2700 mAh battery
    76.1% screen-to-body ratio x ~68.6% screen-to-body ratio

    XZ1 was not necessary…

  • Kal-El

    Massive design flaw!

  • Dineth Perera

    tbh XZ1 looks like a decade old design compared to the competition in here!! but, if people do prefer it like XB is saying, it should be proved by sales figures!!

  • a.mubher

    You should maintain a certain level of objectivity here. A lot of your points are 100% subjective.

  • Alex Norris
  • hansip

    not really needed imho. Cool but battery eater nonetheless. I’d rather turn it off from the get go.

  • Aiden Pearce

    i bet Sony engineers liked fidget spinners too much!!

  • hansip

    not a stupid phone imo. Outdated design yes, but once you go past the design, the device itself is a much better product over XZ and XZs, only slightly below XZ Premium. Not to mention a great construction so if you want to change screen, just remove the front screen and use new ones. this is due to single frame construction.

  • 3_nity

    You mean, stupid like you?

  • Mohammed Alaskar

    both are rubbish all of them huge fucken bezels with thick bulky shape.

    sony must follow the trends not there small fan base neather there designers Stubborn mindsets.

    with the technology advance all designs will be the same throw all companies wether you accept it or not , lock throw TVs and laptops 10 years ago and now ; they are sameilar in design now and you can’t tell which brand it is until you see the sign
    same is applied on the phones now and upcoming years.

    after XZ2 reveal , am buying XZ premium until Sony make better phone

  • Justin

    Has anyone ever got to the bottom of the FPS issue with the Xperia line? Was it a patent, or a legal agreement? It’s strange that Sony are forced to compromise with a much weaker design due to something that has never been made explicitly public, instead there’s been lots of supposition and suggestion on the reasons for the FPS location issue.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I always pick up my phone when using it so doesn’t bother me, however no 3.5mm jack or just one USB type c port means no deal for me, will hold on to my xz premium for 2-3 years more :p

  • hansip

    i don’t really mind for the back though. It’s unique. the only gripe is the side display bezels for me.

  • hansip

    actually, 18:9 can be good with how current cinema portrays even more wide angle for the screens. The issue should be how can Sony modify those videos to automatically eat those lateral blackbars and fit the video to the screen.

    the Vibration motor is actually my own wish list since the first smartphone was released, seeing how PS can play dual shock, i imagine why phones can’t.

    the other aspects though, i agree there’s no reason whatsoever to deny that XZ1 is better than XZ2.

  • Exactly, the design was ugly and uncomfortable for regular use like this… while previous design the device was perfection , look, easy to use like this…

  • hansip

    feels like Sony didn’t put a lot of effort on the front cam though, the bezel is too small so they employ just a small sensor then, where in fact Samsung can do the same with ever so small bezel.

  • Talos the Robot

    18:9 is good only at 6 inches or bigger displays. At smaller displays it sucks. But now if Sony makes the XZ2 Premium at 6 inches it will be almost as tall as the Z3 tablet from 2014. Some people still prefer wider, not taller screens and Sony doesn’t offer any choice for them.

  • Talos the Robot

    Then Good luck convincing the Apple and Samsung sheep, to switch to Sony. At least Apple & Samsung bribe some reviewers and Youtubers to fool the people, while Sony does’t even know how to sell its phones and that’s the very reason they go downhill.

  • hansip

    Uhm no, for Dual window even on the small one it is better, plus Sony has gone with onboard softkeys, that will eat screen space. Sure it’s getting too high for thumb to reach, but wider display doesn’t really work for portable device unless it’s wide enough to be a landscape display like in tablet.

  • Ziggy

    When Sony fails design, it fails it big time.

  • AlexperiaT

    I suppose that XZ2 only has that annoying spin feature – like Xperia NEO & NEO V, but i hope XZ2 compact (with the design of Xperia ZR) does not have that spin feature…)

  • Tochi Nwodu

    About ldac you are wrong all Sony wireless headphones are shit expect from the extra bass series
    I use nc750 sounds close to extrabass headphones
    The removal of headphone jack is a wrong move

  • 3_nity

    I call this, WTF design!

  • gamer324

    The better speakers, the Dynamic Vibration System, a universally preferred fingerprint reader placement that actually works worldwide for a change. And a design that actually stands out.
    Please by all means explain how the loop surface design was anything to be proud of next to Samsung’s or LG’s Dual curved glass metal glass phones.
    Yes they aped Sony, but they did so because Sony fell behind the curve. And you know what? They best Sony at that design, thethey did it better, and managed to REDUCE their camera bumps not grow them out. Last year Apart from iphone only one flagship phone had a hideous camera bump, and it wasn’t the koreans.
    The XZ2 gets everything that is right about Sony. This is the One Sony device that the entire Z line never could quite deliver on. It neither lacks in power, nor uniqueness nor character.
    Go ahead please list down the manufacturers making a symmetry-focused curved phone, that too with a 3d curved tempered glass back.
    While you’re at it, go ahead and list how many manufacturers are baking 4k HDR video recording into their flagships, please by all means explain how completely “generic” a device is when it bucks “the slabs of glass sandwhich” look adopted by literally every manufacturer.
    And dear XB, please remove your head from the sand (although I fear it is stuck up inside a far stinkier place) and realise that EVERYONE wants a tall display, ESPECIALLY on a device with on-screen nav buttons.
    Honestly it’s laughable that you are knocking the XZ2 for using the “same” camera when you were always head over heels for the “same” camera bearing Z1 through to Z3+.
    As for the FF, yeah it’s lower res, but it’s a friggin bleeding edge smartphone, if you’re that narcissistically inclined for selfies alone, buy an Oppo or a Vivo.
    The headphone jack, good riddance, wireless is the way to go anyway. Dongles are dime a dozen now for those that insist on being analog in a digital era. I, on the other hand, look forward to Sony releasing some proper flagship grade high-res usb type c audio gear, with in-line DAC, amp and noise cancellation. All powered from that singular reversible connector.
    Never thought that you would become an Anti, XB, it’s embarrassing how low you guys are going in your attempts to discredit, what is without a doubt, a fresher, hungrier and more ambitious Sony, represented by a phone that is as well thought out as it gets.
    This is not why you’re wrong, you are wrong, for a much simpler reason : it’s because mobile fan sites are not supposed to bitch and moan so much about their own f—— displeasures that it always starts to read as a whiny passive aggressive rant. That, XB, is why you’re wrong.

  • gamer324

    Dude they have an adapter for the affecionados, but the rest of us would prefer to have a universal standard with earphones anyway. The 3.5 mm headphone jack has never exactly been universal because manufacturers never reached a consensus on the pin solder positions, resulting in “iphone”/ “samsung” / “Sony” handsfrees.
    Now at least, it’s just usb type c, and btw Sony does support USB PD (unless it has changed since XZ1 which is doubtful) so those who NEED to charge their device at the same time as using audio out (for whatever reason, let’s face it, none/very few of us move or use our phones too much while charging, especially quick charging them, the heat alone is enough of a deterrent)

  • azzido

    Crappy design,
    crappy to use on a table because it moves…

    OMG what a flop…

  • azzido

    Xperiablog, can you please STOP posting news regarding this failure?
    I still hold my XZ Premium and that’s the reason I am still coming here also interested in any news for XZ Premium2.

    I think we all agree to forgot xz2 disaster.
    Let it rest in peace.

  • azzido

    1080p960fps is a one lince in a code change.
    You are adding one more option in config that is resolution = 1080.
    By this mean resolution will be better but also length of a slow mode is DECREASED BY HALF because buffor will fill 2x faster.

    In fact there is no any hardware improvement, there is no bigger memory stack. Just poor edit in config. Chlip :(
    Same old solution there.

  • azzido

    Reduced bezels of different size
    Crappy ugly belly design and materials on the back that looks like cheap chinese toy instead of elegand premium device
    Weird different speaker holes that looks very bad, seems like someone was unconccious
    Downgrade in FF camera
    Same old main camera with laughable 2011 F2.0, no OIS, no dual camera, no 4K 60fps, just 1 line change in config to enable 1080p for 960fps while reducing length of slow mode by half! (as there is no more stack memory)
    FAT belly, fattest 2018 flagship with battery smaller than mid rangers = WTF?
    2017 specs of RAM and internal storage
    Ridiculous fps on the back
    no headphone jack
    no FM camera
    sony logo on the bottom? What for? To match where sony mobile currently is? The only thing that makes sense in xz2

  • azzido

    sadly, expecting more jobs to be cut after xz2 sales failure.

    If I were dev /qa at sony mobile I would start to search for a new job after seeing xz2…
    Poor devs, they are not responsible for this design / hardware flop :(

  • azzido

    what is the problem to light up only leds that are on top of device and not all of them? Or at least to use full local dimming?

  • Preacher_at

    I had a lot of Sony phones, M600, P1i, Vivaz Pro, XpU, XpV, XpZ3C, now XpXZp.
    Was waiting for MWC presentation, as my girlfriend wants to upgrade from Z3C, so either for me to keep XZp and give new to her or give her my XZp, if there was a successor to XZp.
    Now I saw the new design.
    As we both use the phones laying on the table, the curved design is not useful and fingerprint sensor on the back isn’t either. If Sony put an adapter in the box I wouldn’t care about headphone jack, but I still use this frequently.

    In the end now I decided to keep my XZp as I like it besides camera distortion and bought a Xiaomi A1 for my girlfriend, as Sony now looks like other China phones for triple price and she doesn’t need the CPU power.

    I need to have XZp for another two years until I get sponsored another one by my operator. If Sony keeps the curved back as current, for sure I will go for a major China phone.

  • Tech7

    Most of the points were covered in Xperia X so , no need of a XZ2……
    If you have a XZ1 or a XZ premium, then XZ2 is a downgrade

  • John Woot

    Well is not only about de design. Reading the reviews in several webs the improvements are absolutly overshadowed by the lacks:

    The conclusion is better carry a tripod plus the adapter for jack earbuds.

    – No audio jack.
    – Worse selfie camera without autofocus, downgraded.
    – No camera with OIS with OIS only software tricks but still with artifacts.
    – Chubby, slippery and ugly, a pain to use on the table:
    – No only don’t come with quick charger out of the box being an expensive flagship.
    – The adapters, including the Y one than let charging while listening music, don’t support quick charging too!!! And aren’t standard in their pins:­ks-one-phone-breaks-quick-charging-845119/
    – The position of the fingerprint sensor is too low, the traditional Sony side mounted sensor is more comfortable.

    Each one can form their own opinion. For me, Sony has made a big mistake. But the sales will show who is right or not in few months. This new design language and the lack of several features is not for me.

  • The One

    I feel like I should point out that the old Z and XZ series with the flat glass backs would all slide off any flat, smooth surface without even touching them. Just setting them down was a risk for the phone falling off a table or couch and landing on the floor without you realizing it. I’m not saying either design is better, but it’s not like the old design was without a similar flaw.

  • Davide Faoro

    Can you tell me about the FP scanner location? I mean, why in the us it didn’t work in the past? I’m from Italy, and here it was on the power button, working greatly, so it seems like a step back

  • monoke

    Hey, at least it’ll be great for parties when u want to play Spin the bottle!!

  • The only two things from that list that bother me is the no-audio-jack (Simply stupid, we don’t even have to argue about that) and fingerprint sensor being on the back. The first one will only be a problem when using one of my multiple wired headphones (HiFi geek here), having to find the adapter. The latter one will be a bit cumbersome first, because I’m used to working with phone near me, just clicking the power button (and instantly being logged in due to the sensor in it) without picking up the phone.

    I always use a case with my phones. Never without. That’s why my phones look brand-new even after 2 years of usage in dusty/dirty areas. Wobble on the table isn’t a thing either with a case. (And note that this is a problem with all phones that don’t have a flat back. Just look at Apple’s design fail with camera bump.)

    I personally never use the selfie camera. Maybe I’m too old for this, but I don’t see a point in there. I wouldn’t even care if they ditched front-facing camera completely. A missing OIS is another thing, though. Would be nice to have, but then again, we haven’t had it, and I wasn’t disappointed by the photos I took with my current and past Sony phones.

    An adapter not supporting chick charge is the dumbest con-argument I’ve ever read. Who uses Quick-Charge that often anyway!? It drastically reduces the lifetime of your battery.

    It ultimately comes down to what you expect from a phone, what downsides you can live with and what features are a must for you. I’ve never owned any device that I was completely 100% satisfied with. There were always some minor things that I knew before buying, but accepted, because overall it’s pros outweighed the cons.

  • Don’t forget Qi charging.

  • LazAndKor

    You know that there is a camera distortion fix, right? Go to camera -> Settings -> Fix camera distortion.

  • Preacher_at

    Sure I know, but as I can see on images this doesn’t fix the issue.
    But try to take a picture of three cylindrical glases (beer, juice). The geometry of the center one is correct, the ones left and right look conical and if the top was cut by 15°.
    I can see this effect on my Z3 as well, but not that much as on XZP

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