xperia-m4-aquaA firmware update recently started to roll for the Xperia M4 Aqua that moved the build number from 26.3.X.0.131 to 26.3.X.1.33. The main noticeable addition is that the Android security patches have been updated from April to July 2016. The update is live across all six variants of the Xperia M4 Aqua and you can find FTF firmware files below. [read more…]


xperia-xz-japanSony Mobile Japan has announced that all three major mobile phone operators (NTT docomo, au by KDDI and SoftBank) will be carrying the Xperia XZ. Each operator will offer the phone in Deep Pink, along with the other three standard colours (Forest Blue, Mineral Black and Platinum). The phone has the same specifications as the global model and is expected to launch in early November. [read more…]


xperia-x-compact-pink_thumbJapan always gets the good stuff. Sony Mobile has announced that NTT docomo will be the exclusive Japanese carrier for the Xperia X Compact (SO-02J). The phone will launch with one major upgrade over the global version – it will be dust and water resistant, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP65/IP68.

The lack of water resistance was one of our key disappointments when the phone first launched. Many pointed to the fact that as the device was only meant to be the ‘compact’ version of the Xperia X, rather than XZ, water resistance was always off the cards. Well it looks like Sony is going through the effort of giving Japanese owners peace of mind with regards to water damage, but it didn’t feel the same was necessary for the rest of us. [read more…]


xperia-updateSony Mobile released a new firmware update for Xperia Concept users last week, moving the build number to MOB31E.Z1.3657. The update fixes a long-standing issue that many Concept owners have had in the past, where the phone would wake unintentionally if double tap to wake was enabled. An example of this is if the phone was in your pocket, constantly waking the display and draining the battery. Now, the proximity sensor will be checked before tap to wake is enabled, which should avoid any unintentional activation. [read more…]


maintenance-update-1-1-a-0-1-thumbSony Mobile has been rolling out a maintenance update to various Sony Xperia devices, with build number 1.1.A.0.1. Unhelpfully, Sony has not detailed what this update actually adds. There are no visible changes following the update. However, a few readers have got in touch, reporting that they are experiencing higher battery drain. If you have downloaded the update let us know you’ve noticed any changes in the comments below. [read more…]


xperia-ear-pre-orderSony Mobile has opened pre-orders for the ‘Xperia Ear’ in Europe. Pre-orders for the in-ear personal assistant will be exclusively available through the Xperia Store, where it is priced at £179 in the UK and €199 across mainland Europe. To sweeten the deal, Sony is throwing in a £45/€50 voucher towards the purchase of your next Xperia phone made via the Xperia Store.

This voucher offer will expire on 13 November 2016, at which point the Xperia Ear will start shipping. The phone voucher can be used until 14 January 2017. To highlight what the Xperia Ear is capable of, Sony has launched a mini-documentary series illustrating how three brand ambassadors integrated the in-ear assistant into their busy lives. You can check out the videos below. [read more…]


xperia-z5-familyA small update has started to roll to the Sony Xperia Z5 range which moves the build number from 32.2.A.0.253 to version 32.2.A.0.305. This remains Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware, but updates the Android security patches to 1 August 2016 (versus 1 April 2016 previously ).

It also introduces the ‘soft charging’ or ‘charging optimization’ feature, which we first saw in Beta firmware earlier in the year. This feature is designed to optimise your battery life. [read more…]


google-pixelSo, by now you’ve all had a chance to process Google’s new direction with its Pixel smartphones, confining the Nexus range to the pages of history. There’s been plenty of coverage of the pros (build quality, hardware and software integration, Google Assistant) and cons (bland design, high price, no SD card, no water resistance). Another big positive is the camera, which DxOMark rates as the very best.

Taking all of this into account, are any of you Xperia fans looking forward to the Google Pixel? Do you feel it offers more over the Xperia offering this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts below. [read more…]


xperia-ear-japan-launch_1Sony Mobile has given the first indications of pricing for its upcoming Xperia Ear ‘personal assistant’, by announcing Japanese launch details. The Xperia Ear (XEA10) is due to launch in Japan on 18 November at a recommended price point of 19,880 Yen (£150, €170, $190) excluding tax.

Sony is billing the Xperia Ear as your very own personal assistant, allowing you to send/receive messages, check your schedule, search and more – all without the need to pick up your smartphone. You simply need to just talk to the Xperia Ear and it will deliver the information straight to your ear. In this respect, Sony appears to be competing against other AI systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. [read more…]


deep-pink-xperia-xz-o2_1We knew that a ‘Deep Pink’ version of the Sony Xperia XZ was being planned, but we had no idea when or where it would make an appearance. Well now O2 has confirmed that it will exclusively sell the Deep Pink Xperia XZ variant in the UK. O2 has this new colour in stock right now.

Most retailers offer the Xperia XZ in three colours which includes Forest Blue, Mineral Black and Platinum. We would expect this new Deep Pink colour to selectively appear across other regions and carriers as time goes on. [read more…]


xperia-xz-fingerprint-usa_4We recently reported on our belief that the USA Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact devices lack of fingerprint sensor was a software limitation only. Well, we can now confirm this to be the case following word from a number of readers. There are some pictures to prove the point below along with a thread from XDA.

It is a simple process, just follow our guide here and flash your handset to a different region. Once you do, you will be able to re-enable the fingerprint sensor. So if any US owners have been put off by no fingerprint sensor, there is an easy fix. [read more…]


New Xperia Home Beta (10.2.A.1.12) sees return of Google Now pane

October 4, 2016

Sony Mobile has introduced a new version of the Xperia Home Beta, which reintroduces the Google Now pane. If you remember, this feature was introduced previously (10.0.A.0.73), before being pulled due to bugs. Sony says that the new version (10.2.A.1.12) of the launcher is one of the “most stable to date”. If you want to […]

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You thought the Xperia XZ was expensive in your region – it costs $1,250 in Brazil

October 3, 2016

Those that have complained how expensive the Xperia XZ (F8331) is in their country, should spare a thought for Sony fans in Brazil. The Xperia XZ has just gone on pre-order over at Sony Brazil and it will cost a whopping BRL 3999.99, which is equivalent to just under $1,250. Sony is throwing in free […]

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Sony Xperia XZ now available in the United States

October 2, 2016

A quick heads-up to let our US readers know that the Sony Xperia XZ is now available to buy. The handset has a recommended price of $699.99 and is available through, although strangely the Forest Blue colour option has gone AWOL. Only the Platinum and Mineral Black options are live. We’re not why Amazon […]

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Xperia XZ Dual manual confirms hybrid SIM tray

September 30, 2016

The user guide for the Sony Xperia XZ and Xperia XZ Dual is now available for all to download (see links below). We are able to confirm that the Xperia XZ Dual will operate a hybrid SIM card slot, as has been seen for all dual-SIM Xperia models launched this year. What this means is […]

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