Accidentally deleted Home Launcher

Discussion in 'Xperia X10' started by Phil, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Phil

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    Hi guys,
    I own a rooted SE Xperia X10i. I have frozen the stock home launcher using ROM Manager and installed Go Launcher V2.65. Yesterday I downloaded and saved Go Launcher V2.77 from the PC and installed it. Thereafter I uninstalled V2.65 as I thought it was not required any more. I also deleted the app from my phone. Now I cannot access my home screen. Its blank. I can pull down the dropdown and it shows me the "Advanced Task Killer" app and the "2x Battery" app icons. Please help me out guys. How can I get back my home screen???? On long pressing the "home" button I get "manage Applications", "Advanced Task Killer", "2X Battery" adn "Maps". Please help..
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    It should be possible to install a new launcher by first downloading the .apk and then push it to the phone through the latest FlashTool

    Read up on/downlad FlashTool here:

    Then download a launcher suitable for your version of ROM/Android from the Xperia X10 Themes and Apps:

    Just search for "launcher" or "home"...

    If that doesn't work, I really recommend you to install any kind of Recovery-utility (Xrecovery most likely for 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 versions of Android, CWM-recovery for CM7, CM9) and do a manual factory-wipe/reset and then install another ROM onto your phone. But remember to do the proper research first! You may also have to unlock your bootloader before installing some ROM's.