Am I mad to buy an Arc S ?

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by bumperman, May 22, 2012.

  1. bumperman

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    As above really..........
    Available for around £240 new(OK I'm mean!).
    Good camera, I think.(important for me).
    Looks good.

    Phone shop staff says it's a poor/unreliable phone & recommend Samsung Galaxy S2/HTC etc.
    Problems with plastic case/cracks.
    Looks fragile.

    As a newby here I would welcome any comments/suggestions.

  2. Nasos

    Nasos New Member

    I have an arc s. the camera is really great and with the new android 4.0 you will be for sure ok. problems on plastic/ cracks etc, I never had and never heared from someone. In any case you expect to have a quite fast and shiny mobile and if something go wrong you can always ask for repair. :) For 240 I think is great.
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  3. Charl

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    If I bought a new phone today I would most likely not go for the Arc s, which I by the way own. However in it's price range it's definetly in the top. When it comes to the camera, it's the best 8mpix camera out there for stills, only the iPhone 4s can compeat. However when it comes to video you will not get nearly the same quality and compared to other phones such as the HTC sensation.

    Nice design
    Small for it's screen size
    16:9 aspect ratio - Good for videos
    Great camera
    Great for installing ROMs, kernels and mods
    No cracks! ._.

    Way too cheap plastic and not so well put together.
    Medium performance, I don't recommend upgrading it to ICS 4.0
  4. ArcSBlack

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    You aren't mad. You're a classy person who likes their device to look chic.