ARC; No update to ICS yet?

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Ian Truter, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Ian Truter

    Ian Truter New Member

    I have a Xperia Arc with the batch number: 1246-9498
    I've been following the sony update forum page:

    They have released a massive amount of updates for the arc, but they seem to have stopped before releasing the update for my batch number; which means that I cannot update my device to ICS.

    The only reason I purchased this phone last year when it came out instead of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is because the sony store assured me that the ICS update will be available for this phone in December that year, when it was released. However, taking into consideration that the ICS release was delayed they set a date for Feb. That too was still acceptable, but then they announced that we will only be receiving the updates in end May, June; I was VERY disappointed in my device and its creators. Now, with all the updates apparently released and nothing available for my phone... yea...

    Lets just say I'm in a position where I can influence a couple of people and my negativity towards the brand is not doing anyone any favors. I'm currently pointing them all in the Samsung and HTC direction, since they actually deliver on their promises AND the care about customer satisfaction. I'm due to upgrade in a couple of months. Guess what I'm getting? :)

    I know you guys are not a Sony company, but you seem to have more pull and you get information that I just can't. Please inform me about what the heck is going on?
  2. Robert Yuna

    Robert Yuna New Member

    Excuse me but it is now August 2. Sony Xperia made a big noise about how it would provide the ICS update to my ARC phone come June. June. Nothing for my 1246-1838 phone as yet. When one writes to Sony, one gets a canned message about how you're trying your very best to provide the update as soon as possible.

    This may all be true but it seriously erodes Sony's reputation for believability. It would be bad enough if this were the first time. But I bought an X10 about 2 years ago. The Rogers salesman assured me that the 2.1 update would be coming "any day now." Of course, I sat there with the 1.6 version of the OS for the phone until December. Is this what's happening again? Sony's reputation is this: Excellent hardware, always late software and abysmal customer service/technical support.

    You may not want to read this but it is the reality for many of your customers, worldwide.
    And you wonder why Sony is not in the top 10 of handset makers?

    Robert Yuna
  3. Ian Truter

    Ian Truter New Member

    Yea Look. I'm done trying to get a response from Sony. It seems that they just want to sell products and do not care the least whether we are happy or not. We are just not important.
    My contract upgrade is due next month. I'm going for the Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Emailed Samsung a week back, pretending to be a customer having some technical issues with my device and they RESPONDED within 48hours; not with some short, vague answer, but with a step by step guide on how to fix the problem on my device and a direct contact number if I get stuck.

    Can't wait to finally get rid of sony.