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  1. brownybrown

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    Hi guys,

    I've heard a couple of people saying that the V isn't coming out in the UK. Can anyone confirm this as I'm torn between the T and the V with slight preference towards the V. Also with the news that EE is being launched by Christmas has this changed Sony's mind?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Xperia Blog

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    The Xperia V isn't coming to the UK (at least not yet anyway). That's the official word from Sony Mobile's PR.
  3. Static

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    The Xperia V will be available in Sweden within a month or two I guess, It should be possible to order it through any of the acclaimed online stores (http://www.dustinhome.se , http://www.inet.se , http://www.webhallen.com)

    It seems the price (remember this is pre-launch prices) will land somewhere around £470....

    Hope this helps.
  4. penubag

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    Does anyone know if it's coming to the USA anytime soon? My old SE C905a died and I have no phone at all currently. I can't wait too long for a phone as I have none. Do you guys think it will come out in the US before next year? Also is the turquoise color only going to be available in japan?

    I'm worried because the US seems to get the lower end of the Sony stick.
  5. Xperia Blog

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    Unlocked? Probably at some point in early 2013. I doubt you'll see this on contract in the US.
  6. penubag

    penubag New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Why do you doubt that this will come on contract in the US?
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  8. sonikku

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    any info on when this phone will be released in UAE/Dubai?
  9. Rzay Rzay

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    The black version is in stock with some nordic retailers now. :)
  10. "K-G"

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    The main problem is that USA dont deliver the chip for the phone. Its caledprotectionism.
  11. penubag

    penubag New Member

    Is this ever coming to the USA? It feels like they forgot about us :(
  12. Margus

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    I got it in Estonia. 549€ is the price. Very good phone and with Kaspersky mobile security runs faster then Samsung S III.
  13. Amit Gaikwad

    Amit Gaikwad New Member

    Is Xperia V , T coming to india ?
  14. Propov

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    I have bought one today in Bulgaria.Not oficial from Sony.Around 400 euro from free retailler.