backup of drm-keys on Z5 necessary, when switching to lineage OS?

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    Hi there,

    after owning my z5 for nearly 2 years now, I really want to get back to cyanogen / lineage os. I loved CM on my old Galaxy S4!
    I read in several posts and forums that, when unlocking my bootloader without backing up the drm keys of my z5 device, the quality of the photos / camera will get worse, ' cause the sony algorithm for image processing won't work anymore without those keys.
    When I open up the bootloader (wihtout prior downgrade to Adroid 5 for backing up my drm keys), in order to get root access, install a custom recovery like twrp and flash lineage os, wouldn't be those drm-keys be useless either way? Or do I have a misunderstanding in anyway? Because when flashing lineage OS , I suppose the sony algorithms for picture enhancement won't be used anyway, because of the different OS (lineage instead of "Sony-Android") ?

    Second question:
    Does anyone have experience with a rooted xperia z5, without drm-keys (no prior backup) ? Is the picture quality really so much worse? Especially when using cyanogenmod or lineage OS or any other aosp?

    thx for your input :)
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    I have a Z5, (E6653). I have indeed rooted it and installed CM 13 I think it was. Some time ago. I was unaware of the issue of the DRM keys at the time I unlocked the bootloader. I've since installed Marshmallow and Nougat instead now and honestly I don't see any issue with the picture/camera/photo's at all. They seem to be fine. My wife has the Z5 Compact and that's never been changed from the factory installed system. I can't say the pics are better on hers at all.

    The downside I did find with CM was you have to use 'open camera' . I think on CM the camera didn't work too well it at all. Anyway I did end up putting Open Camera, (damn it might have been 'camera_next ' sorry memory is vague now). Anyway that was about the best way to get a reasonable camera operating. I do remember thinking that the camera was not operating as well as it did with the sony original software.
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    To add to the above I've done some checking:

    Yes it's changed.
    If I go into settings/display/image enhancement it shows three choices OFF - X reality - Super Vid.
    On my wifes one the same however the picture it displays to show you the changes has a split pic on my wifes phone, (the one that's all 'original' software incl the DRM keys), and when you choose one or other of "OFF - X reality - Super Vid" the pic on the right hand side changes to reflect your choice.

    On MY phone which has been rooted and the bootloader unlocked etc etc there is NO split picture just a single pic. The choices are the same there but they do NOTHING.
    So in conclusion that's the difference. AS I said above however when VIEWING the pics on either phone I can't tell the difference with my wifes phone set at X-reality the displayed pics etc look the same.