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    I've literally just turned on the new XZ2 from Sony after previously owning the Z, Z2, Z5 Premium and now this one. Firstly I'm not slating the phone too much at this point but the camera needs sorting through updates.

    The screen is so sharp and beautiful it further points out the massive ball they dropped here. Looking at the images it's pretty much identical issues to the Z2 phone on release. They look painted like the post processing is just massively wrong and is smoothing over the details in the image. I'm going to get right in to making some more examples and hopefully Sony will catch wind of this and update us ASAP.

    Would be interested to see other peoples thoughts and findings as the phone is beautiful, fast as lightning and the screen rivals anything out there for sure.

    Links to images
  2. Teddy1980

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    @TheOceanBeneath I had an XZ2 a few weeks ago, which I returned as in the UK on the EE network it did not support Wifi calling (unlocked SIM free version).

    However before sending it back I had a good play with it and put it up against my Pixel XL (2016 version that scored 90 in the DXOmark test).

    I can say without a doubt the camera on the XZ2 was superior by quite a margin, the picture samples you've posted bear no resemblance to the results I got, so I wonder if you had an early Firmware version as I know the pre-launch phones given to reviewers had some glitchy software particularly the Cameras.
    The XZ1 benefited from a significant camera software upgrade about a month or so after its general release (a correction for image distortion was added to the camera menu etc.).

    I'm juat waiting for Amazon to deliver me a new XZ2 as I understand that a Firmware update has enabled WiFi calling so I will post up some photos taken with the XZ2 and the Pixel XL for comparison.
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    doesn't look poor to me...
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    Have the same Problem....i look at my Pictures made by my XZP and i often think they are so beautiful and better then all of the ones made with my XZ2 (normally daylight Photos). Many Artefects and grain If i zoomed in.
    Is the XZP better?

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