can't unhook phone + camera slow start

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by vdurieu, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. vdurieu

    vdurieu New Member

    I have 2 problems
    - most of the time I can't unhook phone, the green button can't move
    - the camera is slow to start

    version 4.0.4 - sony arc
    any idea ?
    thanks for help
  2. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    What kind of RAM usage do you have? How many apps do you have installed?
  3. vdurieu

    vdurieu New Member


    thanks for idea, I free up space and now the camera starts within the second
    seems to hook-up better too. I will check if its happens again