Competition: Win an Xperia™ arc S and LiveDock™ multimedia station with Xperia™ Blog and Sony...

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by XB, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. rawr_ryan

    rawr_ryan New Member


    dam i hope i win i need some lucky around here
  2. N01tra

    N01tra New Member

    Lets give it a go!
  3. zerogreat

    zerogreat New Member

    i hope to win :)
  4. sarvesh_ak

    sarvesh_ak New Member

    I am a daily visitor of your XB
    I participate in almost each competition
    This time I am a serious contendor, I want it very badly.
    Please do a favour for me....
  5. Rubén L.

    Rubén L. New Member

    Hope I can win this! :D
  6. Orazio

    Orazio New Member

    I'd love to win the new Xperia Arc S, i have an old nokia :(
  7. Leu Victor

    Leu Victor New Member


    yuhuhuuuu...XPERIA Arc S is mine...:))))
  8. Samuel Serafim

    Samuel Serafim New Member

  9. Dan Saunders

    Dan Saunders New Member

    @danjsaunders or
  10. Subculture

    Subculture New Member

    I <3 XPERIA BLOG :cool:



    I have another forum account with facebook but it keeps logging me out as soon as I log in :D
  11. Thieu Nguyen

    Thieu Nguyen New Member

  12. Leu Victor

    Leu Victor New Member

    we can share it...:))))...i got the phone and u got the dock...:)))...good luck...;)
  13. Greg M

    Greg M New Member

    @gmacek. Would love to win this, even with the announcement of the new XPERIA devices.
  14. Jonathan Jacob

    Jonathan Jacob New Member

  15. Romaarn

    Romaarn New Member

    who's the winner?
  16. MartinB

    MartinB New Member

  17. Zimyl

    Zimyl New Member

  18. David

    David New Member

  19. EmilNygaard

    EmilNygaard New Member

    My girlfriend stole my Arc - so I'm hoping to win this one!
  20. Freddy

    Freddy New Member

    I love Xperia Arc S :) , is the last phone Sony Ericsson. I like the great features, also for the historical value. I miss Sony Ericsson, yours beautiful and elegant phones, without doubt the Xperia Arc-S is a phone that I would like to collect it.
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Not open for further replies.