Competition: Win an Xperia™ arc S and LiveDock™ multimedia station with Xperia™ Blog and Sony...

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by XB, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Sally

    Sally New Member

  2. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

  3. Thanatos

    Thanatos New Member

    Thanks for the competition....I would love to get the Arc S :D

  4. kbinns

    kbinns New Member

  5. kbinns

    kbinns New Member it wrong there. Heres my blog...i think!
  6. kbinns

    kbinns New Member

    just thought of another.....i love a nice arcS
  7. Maziar Kh

    Maziar Kh New Member

  8. fionarobertson84

    fionarobertson84 New Member

    Fab comp, fab prize!
  9. Laura Barrett

    Laura Barrett New Member

  10. NB1

    NB1 New Member

    @clauski1 Followed and tweeted
  11. vijay kumar angani

    vijay kumar angani New Member

    thanks to xperia blog for giving updates on my favourite brand sony and sony ericsson
  12. Sirferdie dela Cruz

    Sirferdie dela Cruz New Member

    One more day to go my precious white Arc S! -drool- @eidrefris
  13. ArcSkipper

    ArcSkipper New Member

    Arc S, you're mine!

  14. Gorj

    Gorj New Member

    Twitter: @MrGorj

  15. Jeepnie

    Jeepnie New Member

    I've wanted an Xperia for so long just can't seem to ever get the money.

  16. DJNJ

    DJNJ New Member

  17. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    Okay, thanks for all of the entries folks. We'll now be collating all of the results, before all participants get put into a hat (or and a winner crowned. We will announce the winner tomorrow (Thursday 12 January 2012) through a blog post on the main site and will update the first post of this thread. Good luck!
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