Competition: Win an Xperia™ arc S and LiveDock™ multimedia station with Xperia™ Blog and Sony...

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by XB, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. benSolo

    benSolo New Member

    It's so great if I won the Xperia Arc S and LiveDock!!

  2. Albert Octavianus

    Albert Octavianus New Member

    Twitter: @AOctavianus
    Would be great if I win white Arc S and LiveDock!
  3. wellwits

    wellwits New Member

  4. t3zmanian

    t3zmanian New Member

    Another great competition!

    My twitter handle: @_My_R8

  5. paavo schrank

    paavo schrank New Member

    twitter: @paulschrank
  6. Martian!

    Martian! New Member

    Hope I win... :) Twitter handle ==> @29Martian
  7. Claire Toplis

    Claire Toplis New Member

    Waving hello I am very aptly namesd as @needaphone x
  8. Radovan

    Radovan New Member

    Twitter: @miskar_radovan
  9. Raithlin

    Raithlin New Member

    Nice competition. I'm trying to get hold of a LiveDock myself...
  10. Hendry Ardhiansyam

    Hendry Ardhiansyam New Member

    The masterpiece of Sony Ericsson: Xperia™ arc S

    Wish me luck ;) @ardhiansyam
  11. Shivanand Sheth

    Shivanand Sheth New Member

    Awesome contest! Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. j4m3z

    j4m3z New Member

  13. Jeormy

    Jeormy New Member

    It is great when you click this -----> @Jeormy
  14. Caio V.

    Caio V. New Member

  15. kotsos13

    kotsos13 New Member

  16. kbassi

    kbassi New Member

    I already have a Arc S in black. Wouldn't mind changing to white. LiveDock would be a bonus. I've been following Xperiablog since I bought my x10 in summer 2010. Great comp :)
  17. Raihan Ahmed

    Raihan Ahmed New Member

    Twitter: @raihansazal
  18. Daisybeebee

    Daisybeebee New Member

    Fingers crossed :) @daisybeebee
  19. sdk16420

    sdk16420 New Member

    It would be so nice to win this Arc S! :cool:

    Twitter: @fqdeb
  20. ozjason

    ozjason New Member



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