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    Hi! My Xperia Arc S has died of death and I've no idea how. I left it to charge overnight and found it dead in the morning . Will not switch on. I haven't tried flashing it or anything - I'm happy with a standard android device. I bought a new battery to see if it was a battery problem with no further joy. There has been no liquid damage. No LED's light up. Tried using PC companion but keeps asking me to connect a device so phone unrecognised. Tried using SEUS but no option for the Arc S therein, besides phone is unrecognised by PC, which is running Windows 8.1. Tried using a different USB cable as well as different USB ports. Still nothing. I heard it's possible to repair a dead phone using SEUS, so how do I get around the fact that SEUS doesn't have the repair option for the Arc S in the list of phones it shows onscreen? And is there any other way this phone can be salvaged? Honestly - I have not physically damaged it by either shock or water and I have not tried flashing the phone. Many thanks for any help and advice. Simon :)