Facebook does not detect Xperia Arc

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Edward Lee, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee New Member

    I dont know if anyone had ever encounter this, but I went on facebook through web browser on my xperia arc and on the very bottom, it says " download facebook for your S510e " which is kind of weird.
    My xperia arc is the LT15i taiwan version.

    Pleae let me know if you encounter similar issue. Thank you
  2. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    I get the same thing on my arc. If I;m right, the S510e is the model name for the HTC Desire S.

    Maybe, Facebook haven't updated their page for the newer Xperia range. Seems strange given that the Desire S is just as new...
  3. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee New Member

    Thanks for replying. I thought I was the only one with the same problem. Yeah S510e is the Desire S model. Funny thing is the Arc was released here on the 27th while the Desire S released on the 5th of April....
    I tested my friend's Xperia Play, and saw the exact same thing for facebook. Maybe we'll just wait it out and see what happens.