"Foreign" Xperia Arc S & North American 3G compatibility

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Cristian Tane, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Cristian Tane

    Cristian Tane New Member

    Hey guys
    I really want the new Xperia Arc S, but neither Sony nor the North American carriers seem to know when it's gonna be released over here, so I was looking at buying one from the UK.
    The problem is with 3G: UK phones only list 900/2100 as 3G frequencies, and most (all?) North American carriers do not use these frequencies.
    However, I asked around on some other forums, and opinions seem to be divided. I actually read somewhere that these phones should work on certain carriers (like Mobilicity in Canada). Other people say they don't work at all.
    But this table right here clearly mentions 2100 as a frequency for 3G in USA and Canada.

    Is there anyone that actually tried a British / Asian Xperia Arc S in North America? Is 3G working? Are there any carriers (Canadian, in my case) that actually use 900/2100 frequency?

  2. sinkster

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    Think I saw your post in xda. Checked with my (ex)brother-in-law in Toronto, his family cross the pond several times a year. He uses a feature phone(samsung something)and has no issues with swapping rogers/vodafone uk sims, though he doesn't use the mobile internet that much, basically just fb and light browsing. Dunno if that's any real help.