[game][free] Puzzle defense: dragons

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    Puzzle defense: dragons
    Platform: Android 2.3 +
    Genre: puzzle, Triple town, tower defense
    Type editions: free-to-play
    Developer: Herocraft
    Size: 34 Mb
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Match them-up meets tower defense!
    Hordes of dragons are coming! Defending the kingdom will be impossible with your normal troops, but if only you could combine them…
    Well, you can! You place your defenders like a traditional tower defense game. However, you can upgrade them by placing three in a line - if you can keep them alive long enough.
    Defend your Kingdom with special abilities, upgrades and game modes galore! Dragons shall not pass!

    - Lots of upgradeable troop classes
    - A thrilling war campaign stretching over thirty levels
    - Unique mix of tower defense and a match-3 puzzler.
    - A wide range of tactics and special abilities.

    Download game for free from Google play
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