[Game] Tiny Token Empires

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    Year: 2013
    Genre: logic, puzzle, « Match 3 », turn-based strategy game
    Developer: Herocraft
    Language: English
    Average rating: 4,0
    Version: 1.0.2
    Size: 140M
    Publication type: Demo version
    Platform: Android 2.3+
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    Mixing brain-teasers, humour and strategy, Tiny Token Empires puts you in charge of five ancient Empires.
    Manouvre your troops, build forts, and get ready to fight. The twist; you win battles by matching tiles to unleash your troops. With 50 unit types, 5 heroes and 25 generals, there’s tons of replayability.
    With its cute characters, tough enemies and compelling puzzles, you’ll fall in love with this world - just before you conquer it!

    • A world of goofy gods and cute monsters
    • Five nations, five heroes, 25 generals and fifty troop types
    • Three difficulty levels to test the biggest brain
    • Over 15 hours of gaming!


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