How can I uninstall factory's apps?

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Nasos, May 8, 2012.

  1. Nasos

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    Hi, I have xperia arc s -fisrt time android for me- and I encounter a problem with internal storage. It is not enough to install all the apps I need. I know about SD cards, and I have already move there since day one, any app is design to do so. Although, there are many usefull apps need to be stay on internal memory to be functional. I found I have a dozen of apps which are installed from before (propably from the factory). I cannot uninstall them. How could I? (on purpose to use my free memory on more important apps)
  2. Charl

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    don't see how iinternal storage is a problem, I have over 100 MB free... Also I don't really know what those factory installed apps are, will you please give an example of one of these apps? If you mean apps like wisepilot or google talk, then I'm afraid you cant uninstall them :S This is kind odd I think, why do they not let us uninstall unwanted apps? However I think you fan unistall them if you roor yoit phone but personally I dont think its worth it because you lose warranty and tu risk breaking your phone. Maybe you can uniinstall these apps by removing their folders with a third party app such as Astro.
  3. Nasos

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    Hello Charl and thank you for your answer. Right now I have also about 100 MB available memory. About the apps, because it was designed for France it has apps like AlloCine, Pages Jaunes, UEFA and more like Deezer, Sony Video Unlimited, OfficeSuite (18.07 MB) and more. My problem start when I had less 30 MB and I was trying to download updates. It gives me an error message with the reason of low internal memory. 30 MB available should be enough for an update, although gave back this issue. I wanted to have Chrome for Android, but it is about 50 MB and so I end up to Boat Browser which is SD moveable. It looks quite annoying to me because before I was an iPhone user and I never had the problem before to "choose" my apps based on size and/or SD availability... You can see my point. Now, I tried File Expert and to locate these preinstall apps' files but I couldn't came up with anything - actually I couldn't find them even physical even by searching process. Before ICS I wanted to root my phone because it was lagging a lot, but now with the new android is working better (but not flowly). Root is a complex process? Do I risk the performance a lot? I cannot then follow the official updates from Sony and Google?
    Thank you in any case Charl.
  4. Charl

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    Okay, I understand. The question is then, weather you should Root your phone or not. Before you root however, try uninstalling updates for all the programs you don't use, maybe it will give you enough space.

    I don't have any experience of rooting but as far as I know it does not affect the performance of your phone. Also it's not a dangerous process of you do it correctly, but either way you will lose warranty. If your phone stops working in the future you will not get it repaired :/

  5. bombay

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    if you root your phone you can unroot anytime you want, unfortunalty i cant root my arc, past experience with rooted phones are good,
    get rid of all the bloat wear that we dont need or want
  6. Nasos

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    I send it to Sony for service (because the lagging). when it come back I will inspect it carefully. After that I will tell you what goinng on and if still have problem I will, maybe, think the root solution. For now lets do the official steps :)