How long is your Arc's Battery life?

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Kireal, May 11, 2011.

  1. Kireal

    Kireal New Member

    Hi all,
    How long is your Arc's Battery life? My is about 15 hours, has any one battery saver or etc. which really works?
  2. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    I was getting about the same until very recently where I'm now getting around 20-25 hours. Not sure why - I have all of the same apps installed. I'm struggling to understand the sudden improvement...
  3. Kireal

    Kireal New Member

    hmm, i wanna too 20 or 25 hrs :) or more
  4. LiveSquare

    LiveSquare Member

    I can only get about 8 to 12 hours max. Couple of days ago I got exactly 24 hours (No change in usage!). When measured using "Battery Monitor Widget" the battery usage is about 20mA to 40mA constantly even though I don't use the phone (overnight).

    My previous phone X10, when idle was using only 2mA to 5mA.

    I don't know when they are going to fix this!!
  5. Kireal

    Kireal New Member

    How about programs like battery saver? i have downloaded Juice defender, now need to use some days to know is it works.
  6. LiveSquare

    LiveSquare Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not a fan of using the tecnique to off the 3G connection in order to save battery. I used that before with my X10 and it stopped me getting Twitter updates, FB updates and even some of the synced emails.

    I strongly feel that there is a bug in the software (for this battery at least) and SE will fix it soon. This happened with X10 when they first launch the battery usage was so bad, they fixed it with a software update.
  7. Dave Bellamy

    Dave Bellamy New Member

    I have noticed that battery life is truly appalling on my unit. I got less than a day on standby before the battery was in the red. If I was actually using it to make calls it probably wouldn't last a half a day. I had the WiFi running on my home network, and checking emails every 30mins. Is this normal for the phone or is this an aberration?
    Is there some battery optimization that I have not done or should I alter the WiFi settings to disconnect when it is not being used?
    Any advice would be gratefully received as currently this handset it not really viable as my main phone.
  8. Marc

    Marc Member

    if your phone is new , you need to wait a few cycles for it to last longer, mine used to last like 12 hrs or less. but after a a week or 2 , i get more than a day already , not that i have the new firmware 2.3.3 , i definitely noticed battery improvements.

    so just keep using it , it will get better
  9. Con

    Con New Member

    Hi i am too much disappointed with Experia arc. Plenty of things not working correctly.
    1)When i try to sign in with my google account on my xperia arc, it says...cant establish a reliable data connection to the server . I have tried downloading settings many times but it does not helps, tried with different sim cardss that work on other phones, but that does not helps me sign up for android market on this phone.Although i can browse web.
    2)when i speak, my voice sometimes is very unclear to the person at the other end.--Very annoying indeed.
    3)while clicking pictures/recording, sometimes i get a screen full of grey pixels and in a hanged state.i have to reboot to get it back to the normal state.
    4)I am not sure if Im the only one who feels battery drains out way too quickly(And Im not using internet.)
    i was really enthusiastic on buying Experia arc(its been hardly a month), but these things are really killing the joy.
    Dont know what to do now.Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Marc

    Marc Member

    @con i think you need to get your unit replaced or something. i never experienced all those things you enumerated.
  11. Con

    Con New Member

    Yeah i have been thinking this too, not sure where to start from, i do not want to make infinite loops to service centers ( and i hardly have any time on working days :( )
  12. Marc

    Marc Member

    @con , i dont think you will get that unlucky to receive TWO "broken" new xperia arcs.

    honestly im just as excited as you are when i saw the arc , and it is really a good phone.
  13. Con

    Con New Member

    Yeah Im hopeful i wont be "that" unlucky, but given i get this unit replaced somehow :(
  14. Peder Lisberg

    Peder Lisberg New Member

    Okay!??...Cant believe that noone has found the manual to extend the batterilife on the Arc....
    1. Turn off your phone
    2. Connect cable and charger to the phone and connect it to electricity
    3. do not unplug the phone...and/or turn it on during charging fase
    4. do NOT unplug the phone when the green indicator on the side telss you that the phone is fully charged....but check the indicator on the screen...when THAT tells you that the phone is fully have about 20/22 hours on the battery from the on!
  15. bombay

    bombay Member

    evening, in the my first week of having the arc i was getting a charge to last two days, since then it will last 30 hours max, nothing really has change since the first week, everything was set up on the furst day
  16. volodymyrqa

    volodymyrqa New Member

    i play a lot, so 10 hours max
  17. Marc

    Marc Member

    i play alot too and data plan on most of the time for the game and kik messenger , 6 hrs lol
  18. Rob Caldecott

    Rob Caldecott New Member

    Currently on 83% after 7 hours but as I'm at work I haven't been using it much. This would equate to approx. 35 hours. I disable Facebook/Twitter updates but I do let Timescape update automatically, plus I have 2 SE weather widgets, Google News widget (set to update every 6 hours), an Aix weather widget and Smooth Calendar. When I leave the house I disable WiFi and I only turn the GPS on if I actually need it. I have the screen set to 40% brightness.

    However, if I'm playing games, surfing, etc. I'll get about 16 hours. I charge nightly so as long as it lasts more than 12 hours then I'm happy.

    I've tried both Juice Defender and Battery Defender and they really do help BUT they do have bugs and can slow your device down when turning on the screen while they enable WiFi/data. I found Battery Defender less buggy but in the end I removed it. The biggest drain of power is the screen and short of using really low brightness there's not much these battery-saving apps can do.
  19. billbond4

    billbond4 New Member

    biggest thing i do, is just turn on the wifi when i need it, I found that during the night when im zzzzzzing when the wifi was on, some applications would go online
    (even though I have 3g disabled and in the advanced wifi sleep policy, to when screen turns off.)
    But i would get 2 days out of the phone by doing that.
  20. WebbyHRT

    WebbyHRT New Member

    25-30 hours on CM7.2 with Facebook, Twitter, G+, XDA Premium, Tapatalk, News and weather and ebay all running in the background