how to stop my gallery shows pictures of my facebook, blogs, etc.

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  1. alvaro

    alvaro New Member

    Hi my phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S and my picture and video gallery shows pictures og my blogs, facebook profiles, videos, etc and i want to know how to spot that and shows ony the pictures i took from my phone!!!!
  2. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith New Member

    Your Xperia Arc has many sync options. You can enable or disable these anytime.

    Go into 'settings' then 'Accounts & sync'. In this area you should see facebook as an option. Once you select this you can deselect the 'Sync Albums in Gallery'. This will fix this issue.

    Note: It is worth looking at what other things are syncing while in this area (e.g. I have Facebok, 2 email accounts and watsapp all syncing in this area)
  3. alvaro

    alvaro New Member

    thanks for the info.
  4. Charl

    Charl Member

    Actually, you might need to disable Facebook-Integration in Settings --> Sony Ericsson --> Facebook for Xperia --> Facebook integration
    Only this removed facebook from my gallery.
  5. Dreamnine

    Dreamnine New Member

    I have a gallery issue and I may as well add to this thread.

    I got the phone last Thursday; on Saturday I took around 40 photographs, and they were all in the gallery and viewable until Monday when they mysteriously all disappeared..I couldn't find them anywhere on the phone and I thought that somehow I'd mistakenly deleted them when I was clearing out the browser and Google Play caches..

    Then today (Wednesday) they've all turned up again?

    I'm not sure whether they are automatically backed up to Google and this is why they have re-appeared, or that I did, in fact, delete them int he first place.
  6. Charl

    Charl Member

    Perhaps someone else did, just saying
  7. sinkster

    sinkster New Member

    Use a file explorer and add a file called .nomedia to any folder you don't want showing in the gallery. Though, it does mean 'no media' so any file(picture,music,video,etc. will not be detected by apps.
  8. Charl

    Charl Member

    Thanks sinkster :)