ICS for xperia sola?

Discussion in 'Xperia sola' started by Prashant S, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Prashant S

    Prashant S New Member

    Any news regarding the official roll out of the ICS update for the sola? Also does anyone experince an ocassional flicker on their screen? I have the auto brightness feature turned off. And the lights on the capacitive buttons are a bit erratic?
  2. Puneeth Bedre

    Puneeth Bedre New Member

    probably within the next two months :|
    sony is extrememly slow at this, somehow i prefer them not to upgrade and get it to Jelly Bean directly.
  3. logan234

    logan234 New Member

    They said that ics will be available for sola at Q3 2012.
  4. otep1092

    otep1092 New Member

    Sir I error in update cos I root my phone
    "update error cannot update modifed phone"

    xperia developer plz help me.

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