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Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by bombay, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. bombay

    bombay Member

    The led thats on the side of the arc.... does anyone have blink installed and does it work?? ave tried it today but in the test the led light didnt work. It did come on when charging and it works when i get a txt.
  2. Marc

    Marc Member

    i dont have blink installed but, on the settings for the apps ,there is always or most of them have option to turn on led , i my led notifications for emal , text , missed calls and low battery
  3. bombay

    bombay Member

    sorry folks havent been here for a while, the joys of working on the rigs!! when i installed blink the test led did not work, but i kept it and it works fine, jsut not in the test
  4. rmj

    rmj New Member

    another good notification app to use is bubblebuzz free on market place gives bubble stle notifications on your homescreen for sms mms email etc works very well on the arc and looks gd can be customised to what colour bubbles how long there displayed and so on
  5. bombay

    bombay Member

    cheers will give it a look
  6. anern

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  7. Madclamper64

    Madclamper64 New Member

    Theres an app for "The Blink"....