Low quality video playback? (YouTube app)

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    Hi guys,

    Just got the Ultra as an early Christmas present (had my eye on one for a while and prices are now very good). Only been using it very briefly as still waiting for screen protectors and case to arrive. My initial reactions were very good indeed, but when watching some Let's Plays on YouTube (large part of why I wanted the big screen) I began to notice that the colours didn't quite seem right and there was pretty heavy banding in the gradients. I tried a few videos, and ran some side-by-side tests with my monitor and iPad. Both the monitor and iPad showed virtually no/minimal banding and the correct, much more subtle shades and colours.

    Turning X-Reality for Mobile off did make things better, but the difference in quality is still very apparent. Looks as though I'm watching a video which has been encoded at a very low quality, but clearly that's not the case as my other devices aren't producing the same results.

    Both the included movies (Smufs 2 trailer and the Xperia one) look very good, though I've not put them under the microscope as I have the others.

    EDIT: All three devices tested (Z Ultra, Desktop, iPad) were streaming from the same wifi connection.

    Any thoughts here?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


    (Additionally, what's the deal with the YouTube app only supporting 720p, not 1080p? Makes a massive difference reading text in videos on this screen, of which there is a often fair bit in many Let's Plays. Makes no sense at all to me, hope Google will fix this soon. Option's there on the iPad, but not on an Android device...) - EDIT: This appears to be fixed - Can now select 1080p from YouTube as opposed to just 'HD.' Still seeing bad banding on many videos though.
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