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Discussion in 'Xperia V' started by Gabrieljbl, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Gabrieljbl

    Gabrieljbl New Member

    Does the Xperia V LTE version (LT25i) will be bound to any carrier in the USA? or will be sold globally Sim-free? Because in my country there is no LTE band Frequency! so I would like to know if I can buy this LTE version and still use it with HSPA+ frequency without problems. Thank you! and excuse me for my bad english!
  2. Knight-20

    Knight-20 New Member

    I want to ask the same question. I hope that someone knows :(
  3. jameswxt

    jameswxt New Member

    Hi all, from what i know, Xperia V is not bound to any carriers as of now. It is sold globally as sim free. I suggest you check with your phone carriers.
  4. Pradip Kumar

    Pradip Kumar New Member

    I have used Xperia V
    in India with various operators...........