Meeting Sony Ericsson next week - what questions do you have?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xperia Blog, Jan 2, 2011.

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    We have a sneaky feeling that Sony Ericsson will announce at least one new Xperia smartphone at CES in Las Vegas next week. Our suspicions stem from the fact that we have been invited to attend a press meeting on Thursday 6th January. Here's an excerpt from the email we received:

    Given this opportunity, we wanted to throw this out to our readers and ask what were the most pressing questions you have that we can ask on your behalf? We will then collate all the questions before Thursday and try our best to get through them. So don't hold back and post your questions below.
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  2. The Outsider

    The Outsider New Member

    Will the X10 family going to have an update to, at least, Android 2.2?
  3. distributor

    distributor New Member

    1. Why Xperia X2 is so slowly and freeze all the time , even after MR2 . Why SE dont support X2 owners ?
    2. When will SE kick Aaron Duke ?
  4. Hott Dogg

    Hott Dogg New Member

    1. Every phone model lifetime is 1 year with firmware updates + 1 year service
  5. zappor

    zappor New Member

    Any new screen technologies if new phones are announced?
  6. Kapil Viren Ahuja

    Kapil Viren Ahuja New Member

    1. Will X10 get an upgrade to Froyo or Gingerbread and by when
    2. Will X10 get multi touch?

    Or is it time to move to other devices and wait for new ones from SE?
  7. Hott Dogg

    Hott Dogg New Member

    2. You should really read news on There was announcement from SE that X10 will get multitouch support in Q1 2011
  8. bigbonly2u

    bigbonly2u New Member

    Will There be a DUAL CORE Phone in 1st half??
  9. Ihor Parashynets

    Ihor Parashynets New Member

    It's not a fully supported muti-touch. It's called a "pinch zoom" and will work in browsers, Google Maps and some another apps - so it's just a sub-implementation of multi-touch.
  10. Ihor Parashynets

    Ihor Parashynets New Member

    Will Xperia X12 (ANZU) have MSM7230 chipset from Qualcomm or another one?
  11. Stan S.

    Stan S. New Member

    The only question that matters is when are they going to announce the next update for the existing X10's and will it be 2.3. SE must commit to update existing customers just like LG, Samsung, Dell, HTC, etc. Follow up should be, will they give an full credit to customers who paid $$ for X10's to update to a newer phone model just like Apple did for 2G to 3G customers.

    The second question that matters is if they are going to fix the SEMC USB drivers to work with XP SP3 to support that vast majority of PC's in the world and stop telling customers to upgrade to Win7.
  12. Urbana_

    Urbana_ New Member

    Will the X8 family going to have an update to, at least, Android 2.2?

    The hope may under the reflection, 2.2 probably the procedure installs in SD Cary
  13. rpedroso

    rpedroso New Member

    Will the X10 get Remote Play for access to PS3?
    Will the X10 get DLNA?
    Will the X10 get Flash?
    PlayNow for the US?
    Netflix, When?
    Location Free on the X10?
    Does the X10 support 32GB Micro SD Card? Which Manufacturer
    Movie Artwork for video files
    Mediascape needs to work in Landscape mode
    8MP Camera in 16:9 aspect ratio

    SE really needs to get with what Apple is doing for thier iPhone and how it all connects with all of their hardware and software products. They need to work with Sony to make this happen with PS3, Location Free, HES V1000 (Home Entertainmant Server), Internet TV (Google), Media Go etc... SE & Sony have such a powerful brand but they are so far behind with what is going on with connectivity. Please get them to listen to their loyal Costomers. Looking forward to hearing from you guys on the meeting.
  14. Stan S.

    Stan S. New Member

    It already does since 1.6 I have a 32gb Kingston with 5K songs on it, all kinds of backups, etc. 2G free. Since the fastest real cards from 'name' mfgr are only class 4, they are sort of sluggish at times, but once the phone's buffer for artists or songs, etc fills, it scrolls very well.
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  15. AssafK

    AssafK New Member

    Why Nokia make better Cameraphones?
    Will we get in new devise better cameras?
  16. Kelly Jinga

    Kelly Jinga New Member

    is there any andriod walkman from SE?
  17. Kelly Jinga

    Kelly Jinga New Member

    is Se anounciing any andriod walkman phone?
  18. Kelly Jinga

    Kelly Jinga New Member

    why did SE dumped symbian foundation, they should at least throw in one or two phones there
  19. Kin Oroshi

    Kin Oroshi New Member

    Please please ask them this:
    1. Why the newest update for X10 (2.0.2.A.0.24) can't be rooted anymore? Did they actually permanently prevent us for rooting or its just temporary?
    2. What android version will be the limit for X10? Froyo? Gingerbread?
    3. Can they give us the 'multi touch' update date?

    Thank you.
  20. stavrosd2006

    stavrosd2006 New Member

    in this page: previously it was written that se supports phones for two years after date of manufacture in general, make people think that it includes software as this wording is gone. does it mean they will stop supporting old xperia in order to promote new one?