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Discussion in 'Xperia ray' started by rayXperia, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Wel, i finaly got my new Xperia Ray. I love it. O.K - loved it. But some days back i realised that thing about built in music player. It su*ks, big time! I will explain my self: i have lots of albums for example Beyonce albums wich has only one album cover art picture per album, than it's all ok: you play a song and you see one cover for all songs - thats ok - it should be that way. But if you have an album like ''Top 40 singles'' where every song has their own album art it messes up every thing: in player doesn't matter which song you play you will see first song album art in that album... How stupid is that?! That means lady gagas face wil be in every song no matter if it is LMFAO or Rihanna and so on... So i would like to know is there any workaround to prevent this to hapen? As i understand player doesn't read the taged picture on the go. It reads cover art while adding song to list and saves picture in data base. May be some how stoping it from doing that will work. But how?
    But in the same time i dont want to use other player because i like UI of a stock one. I tried winamp but it works with the same problem...
    Any help would be apriciated...
    Oh, and sorry for my english, it ain't my native language...
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    Hey man whats up, I have had this problem with my Xperia Arc and the ray but its not a problem with our phones but a problem with the music, what i did when placing music thats like top 40 is i put each individual song in a folder and then all the music in the top forty folder. Hope this helps, it seems that music covers get messed up with having a lot of music with with different covers in the same folder. Good Luck!
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    you will need to tag pictures to the song it self rather than keeping the pics in the folder(view hidden files and delete), this should solve your problem i think. Use itunes or windows media player to find album art covers.
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    As faris said, every track needs tagging individually with artwork, took me a while to figure this out. I use artwork that is 300 x 300 and tag every track with the artwork I want and I also tag the Album title and album artist, normally with various artists to stop the music player showing unknown artist for everything. .. hopefully this helps and sorry for posting the pic if i'm not supposed to.
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    Try using media monkey.. its much better for these sort of things.. mp3tag seems like lot of work!