MXTP and the bug in "my xperia helper"

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    Hi everyone
    I've read that a lot of people have the same problem than me :
    I have a Sony Xperia C4, and the MyXperia protection got activated.

    now my phone is locked.
    When I try to authenticate it, it just says "my xperia helper has stopped" .
    So i cannot even access the menu to put my google account login/password.

    I can access MyXperia website and I was able to locate the phone, play a sound, but not to unlock it.

    I tried a factory erase and update using the sony pc companion, but I still have the same problem "my xperia helper has stopped" when i push the "authenticate " button ...

    Is there a working solution please?
    please !
    can I flash the boot or do anything to solve this?

    I live in a country where Sony doesn't have any local support....
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    i cant update my software of xperia theys says that not isntalled pls help me wt should i doo plss help
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    you can update it by using PC COMPANION application ..... you should download it to your PC first ...then connect your device to the PC
    and then run the application ..... you can update it to v.6 (( Marshmallo )) now