My Short Review of the Arc

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Valin, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Valin

    Valin New Member

    Got myself a shiny new silver set last week, and I just thought I'd post up my impressions of the phone, 8 days on:

    - Looks: Sexy as hell. No other phone's aesthetics come close!
    - Screen: Bright, and does its job well.
    - Battery Life: Hell-ish. My experience with the battery is a far cry from that of Paul Smith's, over at SE-NSE (, with it lasting 9 hours or less, with less usage than Paul's
    - Camera: Speedy snapping and processing. Night shots are far better than expected!
    - Call volume: much clearer and louder than the X10
    - Music/Speakers: Again, the quality is better than the X10
    - Responsiveness: some minor lag when your home screens are loaded with widgets, but not too big an issue
    - Other Comments: Not sure why, but it takes very long for the phone to reach the Home Screen when you power up the phone? 3-4 minutes!

    Overall, I'd give the phone a 8.5/10. Hopefully the battery is just taking its own sweet time to be "optimised" after several chargings or something...
  2. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    Nice review. We've also noticed a very long boot time when the phone is powered down. On the X10 this only happened when you updated firmware. On the Arc it happens all the time!

    The battery issue should settle down once you've been through a few recharge cycles. You'll need to do your bit in turning down some of the settings though (turning off wi-fi when not needed, tone down brightness etc).
  3. Valin

    Valin New Member

    Thanks Tej! I seriously can't understand why the long boot time should exist, wonder if it happens on other Gingerbread phones.
    Yep I do whatever I can to extend the batt life, including turning off data traffic whenever I'm not doing any active surfing, using only medium brightness, turning off auto-sync, task killing apps every now and then, etc.
    I forgot to mention in my review my annoyance at the lack of a cover for the USB port, compared to the X10. It mars the otherwise perfect look of the phone!
    Just saw the latest Xperia Blog post. I too notice a lack of digital zoom, not just for taking pics, but videos as well.
    Some things on my wishlist for an update:
    Calendar: have a search function, and allow me to set the number of days/months/years worth of appointments to appear on my phone.
    Be able to change the overall colour scheme from the default dark blue.
  4. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    Lol, that's been on the wishlist of the X10 right from the start. They still haven't changed it for the Xperia arc. Maybe we'll be able to customise this by the time the next flagship comes around... :D
  5. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider New Member

    Hi Guys. I currently own x10 and w995. I just wanted ask a question about the in-call volume and general volume level of the xperia arc. I am looking forward to buy this phone, but serious concern for me is the volume. I mean the x10 in-call volume is so slow that i can never make a call when i go outdoors which is the exact opposite of the w995. So can you guys tell me whats the in-call volume and volume level of arc??? Is it better than xperia x10 ?? Better than w995?? I would really appreciate your reply.
  6. Xperia Blog

    Xperia Blog Administrator Staff Member

    I've been using a Xperia arc for the past couple of weeks and the in-ear volume is a vast improvement over the X10. The arc also has a noise cancelling mic on the back that helps too!
  7. Valin

    Valin New Member

    I concur with Tej, no more issues about being unable to hear anyone anymore :)
    Owned both X10 and W995 in the past, so I can personally say it's better than those 2.
  8. daedalos83

    daedalos83 New Member

    thanks for the review.
    I'm interested in buying the xperia arc o the xperia neo.
    Think the HDMI-out for gallery, browser and video is a really great feature which other handsets (HTC...) don't have.
    Could someone tell me how is the HDMI-out (interface on screen, remote control functions) for the MUSIC PLAYER? I looked it up on youtube ecc. but could not find anything.