My Ultra Z Nightmare

Discussion in 'Xperia Z Ultra' started by jm99, Feb 19, 2015.

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    So I bought an Ultra Z about 4 months ago. I have hardly had any use of it since then as it has been in and out of repair.
    Since I got it the sound cut out regularly, during phone calls, whilst playing music or watching movies - whether through the internal or external speaker, headphones or bluetooth, the sound failed regularly and I had to reboot several times to get the sound back. Also sometimes during phone calls I experienced really loud painful feedback, and my caller could hear it too it was so loud.
    Basically I could not trust it to make phone calls as half the time I could not hear the caller. Also sometimes when people phoned me the phone buzzed crazily and would not stop buzzing or let me answer the call.
    So I sent it in for repair - 3 times!
    The first two times the repair centre said they had replaced parts and sent it back to me but the problems remained the same - it was like they had not even tested it to see if the issue had gone.
    The final time I sent it in they have said they can't repair it under the warranty and have offered to sell me a new one (for more than it cost originally) or send back the faulty one and charge me for sending it back!!!!!!
    This is such awful dreadful service. Sell me a piece of junk, fail to fix it twice then offer to sell me a new piece of junk. What a waste of my time and money, shame on you Sony.
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    Must've been a lemon...