New 5-inch Sony Xperia hits the FCC with slim bezels

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    [​IMG]A new Sony Xperia device has passed through the FCC with ID number PY7-24118Q. There is little to glean from browsing through the documents, but we do see a more normal location of the FCC ID label, compared to the previous handset rumoured to have no 3.5mm headphone jack.

    The FCC documents do reveal that this new Xperia device has a 5-inch display in as chassis with dimensions of 135 x 65mm. So if this is true, it looks like it will have much slimmer top and bottom bezels compared to previous handsets.

    In fact, one previous handset has already come very close to these dimensions. The device in question is the Xperia UL, Sony Mobile Japan’s exclusive of 2013, which managed a 5-inch FHD display with dimensions of 135 x 71mm. So the new device has the same height as the Xperia UL, but will manage to shave a further 3mm on either side of the display. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

    New Sony Xperia (PY7-24118Q) device dimensions


    Sony Xperia (PY7-24118Q) ID label location


    Sony Japan’s 2013 Xperia UL with 5-inch FHD display and dimensions of 135 x 71mm


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    I hope it will look like Sharp Aquos Mini or very similar to it. I really like the design of this phone and if Sharp would be selling worldwide I would go for this one as my main phone and hum... Maybe XA1 Ultra as my secondary :)

    But Shar does not sell worldwide, so I have chosen to get 2 Xperia handsets instead. :)