New Sony accessories: SmartWatch, Xperia SmartTag and Smart Pro Wireless Headset

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    [​IMG]As well as the leaked details on the Xperia S, we also have details on three new Sony ‘Smart Extras’ accessories. First of all we have the SmartWatch, the successor to the LiveView of which we saw a leaked image earlier today. This will function in the same way as LiveView bringing remote Bluetooth access from your Android phone to the SmartWatch microdisplay.
    The Smart Pro Wireless Headset is a Bluetooth wireless headset that will allow users to also read text messages, view incoming calls, access the calendar alerts and more. With the phone disconnected it will work as an independent MP3 or radio player.
    Lastly there are Xperia SmartTags, using the NFC functionality of the new Xperia phones to change the settings of the handset with a single pass. Once the phone is touched with a SmartTag, it will launch a preconfigured profile inside the phone. For example you may have a SmartTag in your car which will activate a GPS application. Customisation is key here and Sony will allow you to easily customise the tags to make your lives easier.

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    like the idea of smart tags