No Screen Recorder Works on my xperia C

Discussion in 'Xperia C' started by BenNgNg, Jul 15, 2014.

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    Guy I'm using my xperia C (I have my phone rooted (SU) ) to have some Screen recordings on my game so that I can upload to Youtube, but after I have tried several screen recorder apps, (eg SCR, recordable, screencast) all of them are very laggy(poor fps even though it said it is working on 20 fps) and have colour problems (red<->blue, but purple is okay) in some of the cases (SCR) the viedo is like this:
    they were like tilted coloured barcodes??!!!
    Woudl guys(people who use xperia C and have a nice screen recorder ) plz help me solve or suggest a good app