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Discussion in 'Xperia C' started by IlsevW, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. IlsevW

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    I have an issue every time I try to download updates or a new app. Every time the device keeps telling me that I do not have enough internal room to move ahead with the dowload. I just don't get it. All my apps and foto's and music etc are save on my SD card. So only the apps that come with the phone and that can not be transferred on to the SD card are on the phone itself. I regutaly empty the cache memory etc.

    I can not find a very good and solid way to transfer my contacts to my laptop so i find it very scary to set the phone back to the factory-settings to see if that might do the trick.

    Does anyone recognize this isue and what can I do about it.
    And what is the best way to save all my data so i can do a proper reset of the phone?
  2. kemoliy

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    if you can you'd better format your sd card then try again

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  3. IlsevW

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    SD card is not the problem. All apps are stored there. It is the INTERNAL memory that is the problem.

  4. ahmedmohelsayed

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    I have the same problem,
    kindly need help