Problems synchronizing with facebook, updating facebook etc.

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    I've had a bit of a problem with my phone these past 2 weeks. I changed my facebook password and then went to my xperia arc s to login to facebook with my new password, and everything seemed fine until this notification starts popping up in the upperlefthand corner of my homescreen prompting me to reconnect to facebook. I am connected to facebook and receive notifications of new comments, messages and such however this keeps popping up at least 20 times /day, the exact message reads: Could not synchronize with facebook please reconnect. But when I press the link it gives me so that I can reconnect it it takes me to a webpage which can't be reached. Also the notification symbol on the screen for the message is a facebook logo and it is in colour, something I haven't seen before, all the other notifications are grey.
    At the same time as this problem occured I noticed that I can't share my instagram pictures with facebook anymore and the same thing happens when i try to reconnect instagram with facebook. I tried fixing this by trying to update my facebook app to the newest version but it won't allow me to do so, an error message pops up saying I have insufficient storage available, the update is 14,5MB and I have over 145MB free space on my phone storage. in addition I have 13GB free space on my SD card. I do not understand this...
    I have tried clearing all the data of the facebook app and then logging in again. I have also tried clearing the cache of as many apps as possible...I would have tried uninstalling facebook and reinstall it again but it won't let me do that either. Please help. it is a minor problem but it is oh so annoying!

    Thanks in advance!