SMS messages received in wrong place!?!

Discussion in 'Xperia X10' started by Keith Emmerick, Dec 8, 2012.

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    I am in trouble with the wife because I am not receiving her text messages correctly. I receive text messages normally in the 'Messaging' inbox from everybody except my wife. Her messages are received but they can only be viewed if i go into 'Phonebook' and open her contact and click the 'Messaging' button and then I can view her messages. Even though I receive the message it does not make the message received tone so unless I go into her contact in the Phonebook I cant tell if I receive a message from her. This has got me in trouble a few times I can tell you.
    I have deleted her number and put it back in again under a different name but I still have the same problem. Please give advice before I get a divorce.