So why is is so darn silent this days about this phone?

Discussion in 'Xperia V' started by dragontrumpetare, Oct 15, 2013.

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    I am starting to feel neglected all over again. First the Xperia S who never got any new updates to fix bugs and stuff. and now this phone? I mean it is bugs in it, especially in the MMS-feature. When I send pictures, they do actually get smaller than they should. I think its only the Xperia V with thress software wich has this bug. I have not been able since 2010 to send normal MMS within threes net or to other operators, or to recieve. Some how the net think I am using a phone from 2000 or something. Yes this a bug that been accounted for with the Operator threes software in Sweden for almost 3 years. And they found out, that its not the net, but the phones who does this.

    Other ways Xperia V is rather buggless. But there is still troubles with memoryusage and the system who shuts down the launcher, skype and the music quite often. They must be able to fix that. So why so silent. Is Xperia V going to get 4.2 or 4.3 or even 4.4. Its darn to silent.... While the Z-series get update frequently almost every week, the phone from 2012 dont get any at all.