Sony’s 2019 flagship expected to use 21:9 display

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    [​IMG]We’ve already seen speculation that Sony is looking to use a 21:9 display ratio for some of its 2019 smartphones. Sony may move from the 2:1 displays in its 2018 flagship devices, to an even taller, skinnier 21:9 display for the 2019 flagships.

    Twitter leaker @Universeice says he has managed to get hold of a tempered screen of what he dubs as the Xperia XZ4. He says it will be around 15.2cm in length – so as tall as the Xperia XZ2 – but skinnier. He also produced a short video showing what watching video content on such a widescreen display will be like. You can check it out below. Are you interested in a phone with these kind of dimensions? Let us know in the comments below.

    Exclusive: I received the tempered film of the Sony Xperia XZ4.This phone is too long. After measuring, the length of the XZ4 screen is 15.2cm, which is similar to the length of the iPhone Xs Max.

    — Ice universe (@UniverseIce) January 5, 2019


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