Sony Please Release Official Android v2.3.7

Discussion in 'Xperia arc and Xperia arc S' started by Roozbeh, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Roozbeh

    Roozbeh New Member

    Hello friends.
    i dont know where i can request from Sony,try to release Another Android v2.3.xx.
    please help me friends.;)
    We Know:
    - ICS 4 dont run well in Phone Xperia Arc S and Other Xperia Phones (because of Low 400MB Ram).
    - Sony must support & Release Android Versions BESIDE android ICS 4.

    because i think my Xperia Arc S must Support yet from Sony for Updates or Upgrades or Bugs.

    Friends Please try Release another Official Android OS for Xperia 2011 Phones & Fix bugs and get some Themes and Options in Notification and other sections. Please.

  2. Kirk07

    Kirk07 New Member

    thats good we should have an option to remain at gingerbread with its latest. 2.3.7. ice cream is buggy. for xperia arc/arc s
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  3. Roozbeh

    Roozbeh New Member

    thanks friend. So SonyMobile Know our Request?
  4. Charl

    Charl Member

    Personally I think they should keep developing ICS until it's working really well, we shouldn't go backwards.