Sony Xperia L2 unboxed and hands-on [Video]

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    [​IMG]Sony’s entry-level Xperia L2 has only just been released and we already have our first unboxing video, courtesy of YouTube Xperia super-fan Phone Battles. He takes an oversized meat cleaver to get inside the packaging, which is no different to that used in 2017 Xperia models, to show that the contents are still just as sparse. We get to see the phone compared briefly to last year’s Xperia L1, as well as a quick hands on. If you were thinking of picking up the handset, then you’ll want to check out the video below.


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    My main phone is Xperia Xz1 Compact and my secondary phone is Xperia L1. I use the bigger brother to play few simple games I like to play so I won't waste battery life on the XZ1C. I cannot wait for Xperia L2 go on sale in UK (like widely, available on Contracts etc.) as I will be upgrading my secondary phone to this one. I like that they decided to put 3 gigs or ram and add fingerprint scanner to it. Well done, Sony :)