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  1. Satinder Pal Singh

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    Yesterday I had the opportunity to lay my hands on Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Ha what a phone...No Tablet...Ok Phablet. Waho What a device Sony has come up with, I cannot resist owning one. Its really fast in terms of surfing the net over Wi-Fi, touch is great to feel and operate. The processor is really fast and that's what makes the difference, although its is priced bit on the higher side but still worth buying. Taking call is bit uncomfortable and I feel Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52 or the SBH50 should be standard accessory along with the device. Although the camera lacks flash but that did not lack the picture quality, although I have not tried taking the pictures in dark or night mode. Still this is a device that one should go for. Next please increase the RAM to 3GB. Keep up the great job SONY>>>>>>>:)
  2. luffy54

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    do you think that the Z ultra is better than the lastest galaxy note 3 ?
  3. Satinder Pal Singh

    Satinder Pal Singh New Member

    Just don't go by the size, it is better than Note 3.
  4. Md Basir

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    Recently I encountered a problem with my brand new ultra z. The screen did not display anything and was blank even though the phone was on. The light on the top right hand was still blinking showing its on. Thus I did some research and discovered that I am not the only one who experienced the problem. I immediately went over to Sony service centre and the solution could have been done from the comfort of my home. The staff told me this problem occurs when too many apps are live. So the only way to bring the screen back to live was to press the on/off button concurrently together with the volume rocker. And it immediately sprang back to live. Just to share with fellow ultra z users as this problem is not dressed in any website.
  5. octimus

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    and it's more beautiful than the galaxy note 3
  6. PasiS

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    Hello! I've been using the Ultra for two weeks now and am very satisfied. I've always been a fan of big phones or phablets as they say. I bought the Dell Streak already two years ago as it was the only 5 inch screen device then. Then I moved to the Galaxy Note line. Had the first and second Notes, the in the summer traded for Galaxy Mega 6.3. That was actually the first real phablet and it worked really well. However, the specs and looks of Ultra were too tempting and now I have this beauty in my hand.
    Ultra is super fast (I have the LTE version), super cool and and on top of all that, it is dust and water resistant. I really like the speed and the quality of the display. Only negative things are the mediocre camera and missing led flash, but for me they are not so critical.
    Ultra is much more appealing than Galaxy Note 3 and for me the size is no issue. I can easily carry Ultra in my jeans pockets, no problem at all, and I also use the phone without handsfree.
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  7. simon78

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    I am very satisfied as well. No critics so far. Period. Only being a little sad that Sony Germany is not willing to replace my foil :-(( They want to replace the whole display even they had to admit that you are going to ruin it by using a pencil …. They said: It was never planed to have the foil replaced ….
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    I hate it, I hate this phone more than any other phone in the world. My Ultra Z was riddled with bugs and Sony can't or won't fix it. Don't waste your money.