Sprint & The Unlocked Sony's Xperia Z Ultra......

Discussion in 'Xperia Z Ultra' started by JasonJYoung, Oct 8, 2014.

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    Hi, I have searched hi & low for over a month attempting to locate user feedback with the Xperia Z Ultra on Sprints Network. I have the phone in my shopping cart but extremely hesitant to order it until a few reviews come in from user experiences.

    I've been with Sprint for 10 years and hate to leave. This is my #1 phone choice mainly due to size and brand. I understand certain features will not work on the Sprint Network. I mainly need internet capabilities and cell coverage for text and the rare phone call. Does anyone think I'll be ok or heard of user experiences on the Sprint Network?

    Sony reps tell me everything will work on Sprint. BUT, I get mixed answers from Sprint reps in store and with the customer service/tech Sprint reps. I really appreciate any help/advise anyone could offer.